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  1. JiML2

    Nurnberg sound

    yo all new update 0.5.16 is cool !! new sounds good aswell, but Nurnberg main turrents sound like is broken, my speakers are rdy to explode xD sound like you fire inside from a can
  2. JiML2

    Help :)

    any1 have problem change ports and sell ships? they dont work for me options stuck...
  3. JiML2

    Game stuck at menu

    fixed.. i was at Saint Petersburg port(btw what is the problem with this port? cant change it again and any port... now i stucked in Yokosuka ...)... i changed to Yokosuka and sold the ship....... what was that? change port no work....
  4. JiML2

    Game stuck at menu

    i tried now again and "Sell " option no work...... pls some help reinstall game or something with the last update 0.5.15 ?
  5. JiML2

    Game stuck at menu

    Yo all my game stuck after update 0.5.15 when i try sell a ship i click "yes" to sell it and nothing happent. i can hear the music and backround effects working. just buttons dont work , i click esc to go back but nothing happents
  6. JiML2

    Ability to dismiss ARP commanders NOW!

    +1 dismiss them or put sell for credits i have 3 of them
  7. JiML2

    FOR borisko91

    is not that bro he just got on me and try to avoid him and he get mad fast.. and i made this post to aprove him that i didnt made on him 18k citadel .nvm .. ppl getting mad very easy and its just a game to have some fun..
  8. JiML2

    FOR borisko91

    Just tell me bro where is the 18K Citadel that i made on you ..tnx [edited]
  9. JiML2

    Yorck ..tips...

    Tnx all for your help guys ,,respect Regards.
  10. JiML2

    Crashes continue from last 3 updates

    same for me 4 times this week... and everytime when battle starts.. just a window that says that game no respond or crashed
  11. JiML2

    Yorck ..tips...

    1 week now since i bought Yorck i stucked to 1,3 M credits.. cant even upgrade it.. any tips or gamestyle? Regards JiML2
  12. JiML2

    Question :)

    tnx guys for your respond
  13. JiML2

    Question :)

    a silly question delete the post after if is not indeed did at the future maybe we can sell ARP ships i have 2 and they are uselles for me.. need credits D is sad cause i make max 40-50k each battle and the repair is more that the half that i get you can troll me ..say anything i will accept it D
  14. JiML2

    Email about welcome gift but no welcome gift?

    all get that email and me not ..sad :/
  15. JiML2

    Strange :D

    same i dont have any mods ..never use them in any game