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  1. Doesn't actually matter IF you are the only human player in a match and you leave (Dead or Alive) The game immediately ends in a draw. You won't go pink, or orange for leaving whilst you are still alive UNLESS there is another human player in that game then its a sportsmanship conduct warning for leaving.
  2. DisorderZ55

    Anyone else in Epic test?

    It hasnt been said but I would anticipate it occuring after the test has ended
  3. DisorderZ55

    Austin / steel or caol?

    As Klopirat says. Its replacing a steel ship so it should be a steel ship. They have functionally announced the Austin will be steel as it is replacing the Somers (Patch 10.1 notes) Starting from Update 0.10.2, X Somers will cease to be available in the Armory for an indefinite period of time. She'll be replaced by another U.S. ship—X Austin.
  4. Unless Im mistaken, you wont be able to rank out without getting all the win rewards. The article shows how many stars are required. Bronze requires 14 wins Silver needs 20 Wins Gold needs 30 wins So, assuming you win every game you will get all the rewards before you rank out As the rewards always required 1-2 wins LESS than you need to rank out
  5. DisorderZ55

    Causing fire damage

    Technically yes, but at the same time, there is less HP available. Reason I tend to use high tier is the larger hp pool and heals means you can get more fire damage out of the game (especially if using the AI's very consistent behavior)
  6. This is my hope. And if I read the article correctly its 47200 tokens required to get everything IF the combat missions plus this get you to the Perma for the Veneto that leaves 36000 tokens to get somehow (likely via dubloon bundles)
  7. DisorderZ55

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.1

    Fairly sure its just 130 battles in total Given there are a few you must have played X battles to access this feature
  8. DisorderZ55

    Wujing - should I care?

    The shop is traditionally updated on Fridays Currently there are a total of 6 Journey to the West containers available (1 from daily shipments and 5 from the Anshan combat mission chain.) Edit They might not appear tomorrow but a bit later into the patch, Given its 10/11 days till the first Journey to the West is available (I think 10 to the Daily shipment one and 11 till the ones from the combat missions) So if they dont appear tomorrow they may appear in a week or 2 instead (28th Jan or 4th Feb )
  9. DisorderZ55

    Give Smolensk a range boost in 0.10.0 plz

    From the more recent Dev Blog (107) Flint is going in unchanged but will be watched (given its smoke its unlikely I feel that any real changes will come) Smolensk is going in unchanged but will be watched (again I feel its unlikely any real changes will be made) Colbert is getting Acceleration/Deceleration buffs Atlanta is getting the original AFT built into her- Going from 11.1km up to 13.3km range when 10.0 is released.
  10. DisorderZ55

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I would love to join the lottery Thanks for running this once again
  11. Its not specifically stated however it (in my interpretation) is heavily implied that the Austin will be for Steel
  12. DisorderZ55

    "Snowflake" Event

    It means that Tier 5 will be 400 Tier 7 will be 750 Tier 6 will be some amount in between, (guess at 500)
  13. DisorderZ55

    New Ships in Armory (0.9.11)

    You wont be able to. Since you own the Flint it will appear in the armoury as already brought (same as any other ship available for multiple currencies) It will presumably have a dubloon value however for any supercontainer/santa container drop
  14. DisorderZ55

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system (DB 104)

    I believe they will still be able to shoot down attack aircraft (Rockets Bombers and Torpedos) Assuming the other CV is incapable of avoiding the zone on the map. Does limit the use significantly
  15. DisorderZ55

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system (DB 104)

    So i'll have to take a proper read when I get chance but immediately to mind comes the following question. The CV skill Ruthless that reduces torpedo protection by a flat 15% How does that interact with ships that have less than 15% protection. Does it stop at 0? or become negative as from a quick glance a number of ships appear to have less than 15% torpedo protection.