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  1. DisorderZ55

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    I think this hits the nail on the head though. What is the Ranked season supposed to be about? IF its meant to be on player skill, then having them need to be dependant on X other players whom they have no control over sort of prevents that. IF its meant to be team based then Clan battles already fits that slot. Whilst I enjoyed playing the sprints a bit. I feel they , like arms race mode are more to try and draw players in to try the mode out than any serious attempt at a competitive battle
  2. DisorderZ55

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    This got me thinking. IF WG were to select say 8 (any number but just as an example) of ships of whatever tier they decide that season of Ranked to be as the only ships available for that mode Essentially a bit like the original Halloween scenario only had the IGOR, BLADE and JACKAL A set of ships exclusively for Ranked battles.(Even if they are just carbon copies of the tech tree ships or premiums it means everyone has access to them and is thus on an even playing field) Adds the option of WG Rotating the selection every X week/s like the clan battles rentals as well should variety be desired.
  3. DisorderZ55

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Congrats to those whom won And a massive thanks to those whom donated/organised this
  4. DisorderZ55

    Last Prinz directive

    You will be able to do so (obviously with a reduced time window to complete it)You will still have to complete at least 6 of the Third Set of Directives to advance to the fourth and final set.The Directives close on Tuesday. 22 Jan. 06:00 CET (UTC+1)So, you have until then to complete all of the Directives As to the credit grinding so far both the directives and azur lane and any other missions for credits have been counting the main figure in the post battle screen (so overall earnings -flags, camos, premium included and before service costs are removed)
  5. DisorderZ55

    Question about directives (The Mighty Prinz Campaign)

    You will be able to do so (obviously with a reduced time window to complete it) You will still have to complete at least 6 of the Third Set of Directives to advance to the fourth and final set. The Directives close on Tuesday. 22 Jan. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) So, you have until then to complete all of the Directives
  6. DisorderZ55

    Please hurry up with the CV rework.

    Cant comment on captain skills but they certainly can have upgraded ships. (not sure if its randomized or if they have a particular set up for coop, I lean towards a particular setup for coop rather than randomized) Easy way to check this is to go into battle in a carrier with options (For me its been the Zuiho and a few games in the Ryujo) The AI Zuiho runs the stock deck 1/1/2 (Fighter, Torps, Bomber Bomber) on one of the upgraded hulls and i believe the planes are stock not upgraded The Ryujo however runs the 1/2/2 loadout and I have never seen it use either of the 1/1/2 or the 3/1/1 loadouts not sure if planes are upgraded or not As to the AI level, again discovered from playing Carriers in coop When you have bot AI on your team (somewhat common at set times of day) they have ai to lowest.
  7. DisorderZ55

    Game Mechanics Suggestions

    I would like to see more operations in general. I mean we have ops specifically for the allies, ( 3 ops that only allied ships can participate) A bit of equal love for the German and Jap trees would be nice. But also just more in general, they grow a bit stale after a while. As to other points well, several players have worded it far better than I.
  8. DisorderZ55

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I wish to join the lottery. Good luck to all, and thanks for running it
  9. Firstly, I see no reason of why the odd tiers have been removed, seems pointless to be removing content especially as some players will no doubt like playing at a particular tier in their Carriers. So pity on any player who liked any of the Tier 5, 7 or 9 Aircraft carriers. The Ranger moving down a tier according to the preview tech tree (The Independance is Tier 6 normally) I'm not much of a carrier player but, I see two outcomes here. Either it is as you predict and being bottom tier carrier (tier 4v6, 6v8 and 8v10) is going to be incredibly painful to make it from one ship to another not to mention very tedious as your needing a huge amount more exp to do that jump. That said it does state that the cost of going T4 to T6 carrier will be less than the equivilant currently On the other side however, the alternative I find more concerning. IF they are going to spend a huge amount of time as bottom tier ships in the bracket then they have ot be able to have impact upon the game as bottom tier ships. Meaning the potential for them to be stupidly powerful to make up for that means that attempting to counter them is a pointless act. Especially as now don't seem to really counter each other with the fighters being a consumable so bringing down planes is going to be more important for general ships to deal with. On top of this, what will happen when the carrier is the top tier ship? What hope will tier 4, or possibly even tier 5 ships have against a tier 6 carrier? Will carriers be balanced in matches? As currently with how the MM works, unless a specific exception is added for carriers (as i suspect they have as have not seen multi carrier games with tier differences of more than 1 (IE, Tier 4 and 5 or 6 and 7 carriers. Havent seen and T4 and T6 or T7 and T9 pairings) As being 2 tiers apart gives the potential for A T4 carrier and a T6 carrier being in the same game. What is the lower tier meant to achieve? Neither possibility is particularly beneficial for the game as both will cause frustration, either for the carriers, or for everyone else. I'm not currently sure what to make of these changes
  10. DisorderZ55

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    Oh that is fully expected already, I mean have to get a super container to start and that has proven difficult enough for me. But its that there is a chance of getting it if I or other clan members cant pull together the resources/exp in time. Being somewhat of a ship collector its knowing that, albeit very slim chances of getting it, it is available to me. Stupidly small chances of getting it are better than no way of getting it.
  11. DisorderZ55

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    Thanks, missed that comment in my initial reading of it all was more expecting that mentioned alongside where it said they were removed, not elsewhere in the article.
  12. It is not fixed. Ammunition still has a cost per shell and torpedo fired. Ship repairs ARE fixed price but ammunition useage is not. Check the post battle results screen to see a break down and you will see that The ship repairs are a fixed price for each tier however you will see the number of shots/torpedos fired and cost in credits for them varies dependant on how much you have used them Direct quote from the wiki with underlining/bold for emphasis This consists of a service cost (dependent on tier and premium status) with additional costs based on ammunition expenditure (dependent on shell/aircraft type and the number used) and premium consumables The cost for repairing damage was fixed in place whether you sink or are undamaged in battle however it still varies based on premium consumables and ammo usage. Just play two games in the same ship and view the after battle reports to see that ammo costs vary game to game in relation to how much you shoot.
  13. DisorderZ55

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    A question from a few of my clan, Whilst we get the want/need to rotate the ships out (musashi/Kron) Will they and the missouri be making a reappearance in the future for Free XP again?
  14. Sadly doesn't seem to be the case. I used the first one, Haven't yet got a second. Seems to be completely random how they are being given out
  15. DisorderZ55

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    From the Main page in the news posts from the cross region clan tests "Due to technical issues from the test clan season, we decided to reduce requirements for rewards. Therefore, players who completed at least 5 battles during the prime time of another region will earn 500 Steel and 15,000 Coal."