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  1. DisorderZ55

    Public Test of Update 0.8.9: Round 2

    They answered this in another thread Commanders, we investigated the situation and are ready to give an answer. There was a mistake in the description of the mission and it was quite difficult to complete it, given of that we decided to fix this combat mission. After the changes happen, the task's progress was reset. We understand that some players already completed these missions until restart and some only started to complete it. Therefore, we have decided to compensate for this situation. With all rewards for Public test we will invoice additional rewards for these players: • players who have completed the combat mission will receive a reward as two additional Italian Cruisers containers, • those who have started to perform will get half of the final award – one additional Italian Cruisers container. Also, you will have an access to an updated task, where you can earn an additional two containers "Italian cruisers". Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconveniences.
  2. DisorderZ55

    PTS - General feedback

    If you partially completed it you will get 1 additional container of the Italian cruisers As said in With all rewards for Public test we will invoice additional rewards for these players: • players who have completed the combat mission will receive a reward as two additional Italian Cruisers containers, • those who have started to perform will get half of the final award – one additional Italian Cruisers container.
  3. DisorderZ55

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    Much the same, was around 1k base xp short and a mere 10k damage left to deal. Still, it was done pretty quickly considering when I started/stopped on the Test Server last night so. Shouldn't take too long to redo just an annoyance mainly. AS ever though, no mention from WG about why the mission is once again different to what was stated, or that it was being reset and changed. Ah well, maybe in future ill not bother with the test server the day it goes up to avoid this mayhem and do it the following day when these issues should be resolved .
  4. DisorderZ55

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    Yeah, thats a nicer mission but, yeah the reset progress is an annoyance
  5. DisorderZ55

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    I wouldn't say they are impossible, certainly harder though. Certainly more than enough carriers about on the PTS atm (im circa 80k of the 150k) and I've not been actively hunting carriers like some people have been Mainly see Klebers or other fast DDs rushing them, or as you say, yoloing TB bombers and Rockets at carriers.
  6. DisorderZ55

    Public Test of Update 0.8.9: Round 2

    Yeah, there are plenty of CVs about at the moment, Trying to clear the mission before they realise :P
  7. DisorderZ55

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    No source per se beyond the Ingame tracking for the Personal Assignment and from trying out the various game modes on the PTS to see what counts and doesnt count. First match I did was a 185k damage Kaga Coop game (none counted towards the Personal Assignment where it tracks your progress) Second game was Random again Kaga only 100k ish (counted damage to Battleships Destroyers and Cruisers , I did no damage to Carriers)- It tracked the Spotting/Base XP/ Damage to Cruiser/DD/BB Subsequent games have done damage to carriers and it tracks those as well. So, safe to presume that these are the intended missions and the website has a poor translation of them (Wouldnt be the first time) Did raise it on the WG stream recently but not sure if they spied it in the chat or not
  8. DisorderZ55

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    The Article on the Website is wrong ( i mentioned in the news post about Round 1 of the PTS) as I also noted that they are rather different requirements the in game mission is correct So to get that Tier 6 premium its 12,000 Base XP 150,000 Damage TO carriers 500,000 Damage TO battleships/Cruisers/Destroyers 120,000 Spotting Damage
  9. DisorderZ55

    Public Test of Update 0.8.9: Round 2

    Erm, the missions stated on the webpage, Missions of the Autumn Season Compete the missions of the Directive by playing in Random or Co-op Battles. Earn 12,000 base XP. Cause 150,000 damage playing aircraft carriers. Ensure that 120,000 damage is dealt due to your spotting of enemy ships. Cause 500,000 damage playing destroyers, cruisers, and battleships. On the Test Server Earn 12000 base XP Cause 150000 damage TO aircraft carriers Cause 500000 damage TO battleships cruisers and destroyers Help your team cause 120000 damage upon your spotting RANDOM AND RANKED BATTLES ONLY Thats a pretty significant difference WG, can we have clarification please
  10. London cannot be a replacement one as its coming as well (at Tier 6 according to the dev blog post) ""As well as the above-mentioned new additions is the tier VI cruiser, London."" Presumably a premium but who knows yet.
  11. DisorderZ55

    RESULTS - Battle of Heligoland Bight

    Recently Texas (July 2019) was compensated with credits when previous ships with similar requirements (Completing a mission chain ) gave Dubloons But thats the only one I can think of
  12. DisorderZ55

    RESULTS - Battle of Heligoland Bight

    Question As its not clear IF you win one of these ships and you already own it What compensation is provided?
  13. DisorderZ55

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    You can its stated in the post about the Birthday, We understand that those who decided to use ships to get research points may lose some rewards from them. That's why in the 0.8.8 rewards will be given automatically for all ships which have a bonus for victory for research points. If during the event you will research and purchase the ships for which you got your reward automatically, you will be able to get it second time. So, by resetting a line you will automatically be credited the rewards for those ships in that line And if you have reground to them by that stage can knock the star/snowflake whatever off it again for a second reward.
  14. There are only 3 mentions of the word Free in the article on the webpage The first 2 are If you aren't ready to invest your Research Points in a new ship, you’ll always have the opportunity to exchange them for bundles with combat signals or Free XP. For example, a bundle with 250,000 Free XP will be available for just 12,500 Research Points. and the last one is Upgrades will be demounted free of charge and transferred to your Inventory, Commanders will be sent to the Reserve without losing their specialization, and all XP earned will be transferred to the first ship of the branch. What is mentioned is if there are GAPS in a line If, for any reason, a branch had gaps with unresearched ships, these ships will not receive a bonus for a victory attained on them. You can research any ships you skipped before resetting the branch in order to earn the maximum number of Research Points. Which is more a nod towards these ship missions from containers for early access to part of a line (like there will probably be several people who start the French DDs are anywhere from Tier 5-9 this coming patch)
  15. DisorderZ55

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    No buffs That was the original idea behind this but after a rather large lashback its been changed to getting research points. These research points can be spent on ships (Colbert for now, then the Ohio will be added later) Free EXP (12500 research for 250k free xp) or various Flags