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  1. DisorderZ55

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I wish to join the lottery. Good luck to all, and thanks for running it
  2. Firstly, I see no reason of why the odd tiers have been removed, seems pointless to be removing content especially as some players will no doubt like playing at a particular tier in their Carriers. So pity on any player who liked any of the Tier 5, 7 or 9 Aircraft carriers. The Ranger moving down a tier according to the preview tech tree (The Independance is Tier 6 normally) I'm not much of a carrier player but, I see two outcomes here. Either it is as you predict and being bottom tier carrier (tier 4v6, 6v8 and 8v10) is going to be incredibly painful to make it from one ship to another not to mention very tedious as your needing a huge amount more exp to do that jump. That said it does state that the cost of going T4 to T6 carrier will be less than the equivilant currently On the other side however, the alternative I find more concerning. IF they are going to spend a huge amount of time as bottom tier ships in the bracket then they have ot be able to have impact upon the game as bottom tier ships. Meaning the potential for them to be stupidly powerful to make up for that means that attempting to counter them is a pointless act. Especially as now don't seem to really counter each other with the fighters being a consumable so bringing down planes is going to be more important for general ships to deal with. On top of this, what will happen when the carrier is the top tier ship? What hope will tier 4, or possibly even tier 5 ships have against a tier 6 carrier? Will carriers be balanced in matches? As currently with how the MM works, unless a specific exception is added for carriers (as i suspect they have as have not seen multi carrier games with tier differences of more than 1 (IE, Tier 4 and 5 or 6 and 7 carriers. Havent seen and T4 and T6 or T7 and T9 pairings) As being 2 tiers apart gives the potential for A T4 carrier and a T6 carrier being in the same game. What is the lower tier meant to achieve? Neither possibility is particularly beneficial for the game as both will cause frustration, either for the carriers, or for everyone else. I'm not currently sure what to make of these changes
  3. DisorderZ55

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    Oh that is fully expected already, I mean have to get a super container to start and that has proven difficult enough for me. But its that there is a chance of getting it if I or other clan members cant pull together the resources/exp in time. Being somewhat of a ship collector its knowing that, albeit very slim chances of getting it, it is available to me. Stupidly small chances of getting it are better than no way of getting it.
  4. DisorderZ55

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    Thanks, missed that comment in my initial reading of it all was more expecting that mentioned alongside where it said they were removed, not elsewhere in the article.
  5. It is not fixed. Ammunition still has a cost per shell and torpedo fired. Ship repairs ARE fixed price but ammunition useage is not. Check the post battle results screen to see a break down and you will see that The ship repairs are a fixed price for each tier however you will see the number of shots/torpedos fired and cost in credits for them varies dependant on how much you have used them Direct quote from the wiki with underlining/bold for emphasis This consists of a service cost (dependent on tier and premium status) with additional costs based on ammunition expenditure (dependent on shell/aircraft type and the number used) and premium consumables The cost for repairing damage was fixed in place whether you sink or are undamaged in battle however it still varies based on premium consumables and ammo usage. Just play two games in the same ship and view the after battle reports to see that ammo costs vary game to game in relation to how much you shoot.
  6. DisorderZ55

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    A question from a few of my clan, Whilst we get the want/need to rotate the ships out (musashi/Kron) Will they and the missouri be making a reappearance in the future for Free XP again?
  7. Sadly doesn't seem to be the case. I used the first one, Haven't yet got a second. Seems to be completely random how they are being given out
  8. DisorderZ55

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    From the Main page in the news posts from the cross region clan tests "Due to technical issues from the test clan season, we decided to reduce requirements for rewards. Therefore, players who completed at least 5 battles during the prime time of another region will earn 500 Steel and 15,000 Coal."
  9. DisorderZ55

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    Only just seen this post after much hunting to attempt to find any updates from WG on whats been going on. Surely @YabbaCoe there must be some way for you (or the devs, or whomever is in control of this) to put out an in-game notification about the Clan battles? Like the little pop ups advertising Clan Battle session end times or the various ads for offers in the premium shop that crop up from time to time, or like those recent thankyou anniversary ones (1/2/3 year ones) It would make it nice and simple for Clans trying to participate to know if there is any point getting people together given that several sessions at ideal times (Weekends) have been cancelled now. Yes, admittedly such issues can not be predicted and what notice can be provided will likely be small. However then not being able to find any information easily into what is going on can be infuriating. Just some way of notifying us in-game would be greatly appreciated. Or at the very least a post on your Game Website where its clear and visible for all ,as soon as that decision to cancel is made. Again we get that such information may be short notice but at least we would know why/what is occurring. Not all of us browse the forums regularly and these posts/updates on the state of this test have been hidden away/hard to find. Really hope you guys can get this working as the few battles we managed to get in (on a day where server stability was definitely an issue) were good fun
  10. DisorderZ55

    Cross-server Clan Battle MM test

    Right for those of you whom haven't spotted it in the other forums (Its under news as a tiny pinned post CvC battles cancelled for this weekend) Commanders! We’ve unfortunately had to cancel the test of the Сlan Battles season "The North" which was scheduled for this weekend, for technical reasons. During previous test iterations we’ve noticed increased server instability, leading to several crashes, related to the cross-realm match-making feature. Before we are able to resume testing and release the feature for our community we need to thoroughly investigate these issues and make sure they do not affect operations. It looks like this might take some time, so we ask for your patience while we iron things out. We’ll inform everyone when we’re ready for further test iterations. Thank you for participating in testing so far! Action Stations!
  11. DisorderZ55

    Cross-server Clan Battle MM test

    Certainly seems to not be occurring today (11th Nov) Option grayed out, Clan Battles has ended when you hover over it. Fairly certain that we were told the sessions were Weds, Sat Sun this week (7th 10th 11th) Any news from any of the WG staff on what on earth is going on? Would have been nice to know in advance as yet another date that have managed to get the clan together for battles only to have the test cancelled with no notification. Whilst it is a test and tbh given all the previous no notice cancellations, I am not surprised, it is irritating especially since no information is provided to us. How hard is it to have an automated message go out to the clans saying "Sorry the test/season is cancelled due to XYZ/Technical difficulties" in game? Especially since the news thread on it is archived before the test is over. Unless Clan Members trawl the forums to find out there is no information as to why its cancelled or when/if there will be sessions to make up for it. But, certainly seems that this cross region isn't functioning as intended given all the technical difficulties its clearly undergoing. Just glad managed to get 11 games in the one session our clan was able to get people together for. Heres hoping to WG getting it fully functional as its been enjoyable to do Clan Battles at this tier
  12. DisorderZ55

    Terror of the Deep: A brief guide

    The timer is 10 minutes and 16 seconds by the time it pops up for me (so guessing 10 minutes 20 seconds at match start). Not sure how much time you had on normal but as a guess it must have been around 13 minutes. Additionally the kill 3 ships within 1 minute doesnt appear until the Scarab/Varg/Leviathon spawns (instead of being able to kill the Zikasa's at the start to claim it) EDIT Seems the Spotting the tower will also fail if Rasputin fully heals before the timer runs out (Just failed that objective with a few seconds left on the clock to spot it only thing i noted was, Rasputins HP was full and there was about 5 seconds left on the timer and it failed) EDIT 2 The Kill 3 ships within 1 minute occurs when the 3rd leviathon spawns (with a coordinated group you can get 2 leviathons from one flank and the varg from the other flank to get this objective immediately, otherwise the 4 leviathons also work) Spotting the tower definately fails if Rasputin Fully heals before the time runs out . 3 games in a row, no damage on Rasputin as he spawns and starts to heal, each one as soon as he fully heals, Spot the tower fails a few seconds later with between 2 and 8 seconds left on the timer for it )
  13. DisorderZ55

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Had this happen a few times whilst doing this Clan Battles testing. Notably those games done AFTER the first server migrate/drop were showing no credits or EXP earned from the Clan Battles. I presume these will still be counted toward the games required for the testing rewards? As if not we have lost out on 6 or so battles worth because of it.
  14. So logged in today about 5 or 6 battles in it booted our clan with a server maintenance message, Got back on and got upto 11 battles before being booted again. Noted several games gave no experience or credits. Am expecting these games to have all counted towards the 10 games played/5 in a different region Any idea when we get credited for these battles. Am guessing its after the testing season has ended
  15. So, what exactly is occuring? As there is Crysantos's post stating its moved to 29th Oct to 4th Nov Yet the ingame client says the clan battles has a session today, tomorrow and sunday (26th-28th) And why is the EU session only 10 minutes? Much like many others here, I'd rather it be delayed and us notified in advance than trying to rush it out and then cancelling at short notice.