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  1. DisorderZ55

    Battle pass missions in CB?

    This was asked on a recent stream. It is unlikely to be changed because of the way that the Clan Battles economy works where it is fixed base xp rewards for win/loss. It may be reviewed in future but its safe to assume that it wont change any time soon, and theres no saying what will happen to the clan battles economy if it does get changed (For better or worse)
  2. It came from one the Anniversary Stream codes (cant remember which one)
  3. DisorderZ55

    Vigenère mission chain: a possible hidden code?

    The super container mission that was briefly live yesterday was the TWITCH DROP mission. It was mistakenly active before the stream and thus WG removed it. It is a completely separate mission chain (That was unlockable yesterday during the 9 hour twitch stream The Vigenere mission was live a few days ago (not sure if it is needed to be activated or was active for everyone)
  4. DisorderZ55

    Supercontainer Contents Project 2021

    To my understanding You get an SC IF you do not own all the ships on the list (visible in the armoury) You can get a ship from that list. IF you already own the ship it would be, it will roll a different one. However. IF you own all the ships on that list, you will never get a ship drop (and thus never get doubloon compensation) With these you wont be able to tell if it has re-rolled a ship you already owned to one you didn't own. But with the Xmas containers it goes from the Xmas design to a normal supercontainer IF it rerolls
  5. Exactly this. Only ship missing So far at least it is also the only chance EU has had to get this ship as well
  6. DisorderZ55

    New maps in the pipeline?

    Apparently after a quick check Last new map was 2020 - Northern Waters 2 from 2019 (Crash Zone Alpha and Greece) 1 in 2018 - Sleeping Giant Ignoring the Octagon/Polygon map from the Big Hunt. We have had a number of graphical updates to prexisting maps but yes, no new maps since 2020
  7. DisorderZ55

    Proposed nerfs for RN CL's

    The flint is a reward/special ship already. It has never been a premium as it has never been available in the Premium Shop. Started out as a reward ship for ranked battles. Then became a special ship when it was available for steel. Now that currency has changed to coal. She is still a special ship
  8. DisorderZ55

    Commander Jenkins

    Yes you get both Captains if you do both missions
  9. DisorderZ55

    New maps in the pipeline?

    Certainly sounded that way sadly
  10. DisorderZ55

    New maps in the pipeline?

    They have been asked multiple times during the live streams each week. The response given has been Currently the devs are working on updating the current maps doing the underwater detailing for the eventual implementation of submarines. Until that is done they are not working on new maps
  11. DisorderZ55

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    No you wont get his DD/CV or CA/CL skills reset Source Dev Blog With the release of 0.10.4, all commanders who have learned "Dead Eye" will have battleship skills reset for free. Skills of other classes won't be reset.
  12. DisorderZ55

    How to get the Småland

    Currently there are no Tier 10s in the supercontainer/Santa crate pool. This may change with several now being unavailable (Smalland, Thunderer, Smolensk, PR)
  13. DisorderZ55

    Why are Co_Op games becoming so cretinously cretinous?

    Doesn't actually matter IF you are the only human player in a match and you leave (Dead or Alive) The game immediately ends in a draw. You won't go pink, or orange for leaving whilst you are still alive UNLESS there is another human player in that game then its a sportsmanship conduct warning for leaving.
  14. DisorderZ55

    Anyone else in Epic test?

    It hasnt been said but I would anticipate it occuring after the test has ended
  15. DisorderZ55

    Austin / steel or caol?

    As Klopirat says. Its replacing a steel ship so it should be a steel ship. They have functionally announced the Austin will be steel as it is replacing the Somers (Patch 10.1 notes) Starting from Update 0.10.2, X Somers will cease to be available in the Armory for an indefinite period of time. She'll be replaced by another U.S. ship—X Austin.