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  1. fatmonk

    April fools!

    Never had any issues with stealth firing. It just means that, there is somebody spotting you, that you have to take care of, or get out of range, or something third..
  2. fatmonk

    0.6.3 Public Test Patchnotes

    If they dont give it insane lightning speed, you will have to sell it, and spend some gold in transfer your captain..
  3. fatmonk

    April fools!

    Okay.. here I go then..Wargaming removing all stealth firing, next patch.
  4. fatmonk

    April fools!

    How is it with april fools? Can you make the joke before the first of april, and then tell it was a joke the first of april? or do you have to make it on the day? Because wargaming apparently think they can start the joke way before the 1. april?
  5. fatmonk

    Cruiser weekend

    It is WG EU´s way to tell you to [edited]off.. Basicly. But I am pretty convinced that it is not in tune, with rest of the marketing strategy for WG in generel. But I could be wrong. The surveys are very focused on player behavior. Because they want us to login as often as we possibly can. The more people login, the more they spend. I can only speak for myself, But I only login today because I planned to, but I am not overly excited about it. With the endresult it will make me play less this weekend. (Maybe thats what WG EU want, but they don´t like the game, and they don´t know anything about addictive gameplay.) BTW, WG! I dont see the point in paying a premium, for a satisfaction I dont get fullfilled. And I´m not the only one.. W G E U y o u s c r e w e d u p!
  6. fatmonk

    Rewards for participating in Public Test 0.6.2

    You dont need those rewards. You got a very very special (gtfo) mission this weekend.Reward: 5 tarded flags.. Progress has never been easier. - There you go your spoiled kid!. With love WG EU
  7. fatmonk

    Event Calendar for March

    This is nothing but a deliberate provocation from WG EU. I can only speak for myself, but I´m sure many got the same perception. 5 flags mission: Would I log in, to get 5 flags? Hell no. (Would I play less, possibly) If I could get 50% bonus XP + extras - per win: Would I log in? Yes for sure. Would I play more than I planned to do, very very likely. < This is what you want us to, right? (It´s also what you ask us again and again in your stupid surveys - Well okay, it is clearly not WG EU who are behind those. Because they give a darn)
  8. fatmonk

    Is Wargaming thinking about long-term support for this game?

    ​Well it seems like the player-base growing, but other that that I agree. ​Now after all these news about AMD is out, I read some about the DX12, and as far I understand its also very beneficial for all systems - and very importantly also old ones, as its reduces the CPU load.​ So if DX12 was implemented it would only be a future minor upgrade for older rigs to benefit from DX12. than upgrade an entire rig. That will be the same for EU, NA, Asia and RU players. I think WOWs look great as is, so the focus should be on the average performance over shiny bells and whistles. And used that way, it might be a winner? ​Still need to ses some DX12 optimized games on low end systems.. ​Although DX11 is good and all, DX12 is just much much smarter as it will be benificial to so many, and as DX12 has backwards compatibility for DX11, WG probably looking into that allready, as its gonna be an unavoidable step. All this talk about DX12 is so hard to write and all.. well, they said that about Playstation 2 or 3 as well... And now its never mentioned.. Lets assume it went well. ​But do you know how many DX12 ready graphics cards are out there? Has WG ever published such data?
  9. fatmonk

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    Just torp the incoming HE shells - especially the Gneisenau is good at that,- and now don't tell me it cant be done! Just practice! And give me some of that crap youre you are taking - it seems pretty strong..
  10. fatmonk

    strange teamkiller group

    The problem with this would be that not all can draw the line.I cant imagine how many times potatoes will abuse this, because the rest of the team went to the wrong cap, and they was left alone dying. . Lets just leave it as is!
  11. fatmonk

    Skillpoint transition?

    thnx man, that was good news
  12. fatmonk

    New Soviet DD split

    So the Udaloi, My no.1 AdrenalinePumpingGtfoCampersIllDoItAllMyselfThen, ship, will get nerfed? Becoming a totally different ship?
  13. fatmonk

    Skillpoint transition?

    Hello... Does anybody know how the new skillpoint transition will be, - lets say a 10 point captain in the current system, will he be a 9 point captain after the next patch?
  14. fatmonk

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    It´s been proposed. But its still a much better idea.Maybe only a sonar buffing skill, that would also make it a much more specialized skill - as is the intention with the new skill tree (according to WG?) As the RPF is the only notatallspecializedskill. It could either be in duration, cooldown or range, range would probably be the best option. A 10-20% buff or a fixed value could be an option. If that's not enough for them, and they would like to include radar, it could be a Sonar range buff and a radar cooldown buff, in the same skill. But what's annoying about this discussion is that we don't really know the reasoning behind the RPF skill. MrConway said it was to improve the "DD hunting", but that doesn't sound right it my ears, when they could analyze those close encounter situations, and the "skills" used for "hunting" DD´s? I'm still questioning their motives, and as long we don't know them, we can sit here develop all kind of good specialized skills all day to no avail. Idk.
  15. fatmonk

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    Okay then!!! I see... This is the last post before I quarantine myself from this forum. Unfortunately for a minority (it seems) of players, who knows how to play this game just a little, the focus is removed from the rest of the changes, like the unnecessary HE nerf and fireprevention buff, because of this "spaceskill". Dear Master Creator, of: The Universe, The Earth, all life on it and the RPF. Please give me a sign!