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    Hey you! Are you looking for a good time and some laughs? Then you might want to check CRHEE out! If you have an ego, and think a loss is never ever your fault but the team, then you are not the sailor I'm looking for. - If you're a daredevil, not affraid to take a beating with probable destruction, thus helping the team to win the battle. - If you're that guy that's in for a laugh and a joke. - If you're kinda serious on improving, and are willing to make a lot of mistakes trying out a new approach on tactics. - If you know a thing or two about a thing or two.....then don't hesitate and apply! CRHEE has one rule, enjoy the game! CW participation is on the wishlist, but not a priority at the moment, we do a lot of divisions or operations together. We have a discord channel. Want to participate building up a kickass clan, again, please apply ingame, if I'm not online, leave a pm, I will return an answer! Hope to meet you soon! Currahee!
  2. sidlicious

    CHREE is looking for YOU!

    Hello fellow captains! Still open for business, hit the apply button now!
  3. sidlicious

    Happy New Year 2018!

    The best wishes to all for 2018!
  4. sidlicious

    an idea!

    Wow.....did I wrong you in another life? Whatever.....not going to put more energy into this....have a nice one..
  5. sidlicious

    an idea!

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't see the point of turning this game into an Arcade. I too have AA build ships, and I use them not only to protect myself, but to provide an AA canopy for the team. If you keep a close eye on the minimap, you can predict where planes are going when spotted, it is only normal to switch your focus to the incoming planes when still out of range, and they are easy to click on. Its called situational awareness....if the planes are too close to you to click on as you say, you might be tunnelvisioned on targets further away. When you spot planes coming towards you, and still between 12 and 8 km away, you should leave the surface target for what it is, and start reacting to the incoming danger by changing course. Having no arcade indicators makes this game more fun, because it brings the excitement of searching for targets, and you stay sharp against any possible surprise attack.
  6. sidlicious

    T10 bbs baby

    Happy to say I'm not one of those described above. I know, I should play t10 More often, but when I do, you'll even catch me capping or near cap supporting dd-ca. Do I fire max range shots? Yes....at start, but slowly manoeuvre towards a needed position to be covering team as soon as it happens. Sadly the behaviour described doesn't only happen at top Tier, 5-6 is where it starts..... I would truly be ashamed if I wouldn't end in top 3 with a t10 bb, aside the occasional early detonation by a torpwall I can't escape from.
  7. sidlicious

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I concurr with Negativv..... Yeah I know....my ranked WR is around 43%....coz in my stuborness I kept playing loosing games last season... BUT! I'm always at the frontline and somethimes too agressive, I try to support where ever I can, not afraid of getting damaged.....but allas.... The main problem is communication, and the willingness of the team to follow up on it......every game there's always one breaking away from the convoy going on a yolo tour.....or playing too defensive..... Thing is, I know I'm trying hard to counter anything they throw at me.....but there's a breaking point....I notice the same pattern all over again, but this time I'm not going to fall for it .....I'll do a couple of games, and when the loosing streak kicks in, its back to random games. I love this game a lot, and I'm not going to loose sleep over it....kudo's to those reaching R1, maybe I'm not that good of a player to reach it myself due to the competition, but I know in all fairness, its not my teamplay that's the problem.....
  8. sidlicious

    Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays!
  9. sidlicious

    Clan application

    Hey benedictus! Belgen zijn precies dun gezaaid in WoWs. Als je nog geen keuze gemaakt hebt, ben je altijd welkom in CRHEE....nieuwe clan, hopelijk genoeg members tegen de volgende CW....ikzelf ben van O-VL! Tot dan!
  10. sidlicious

    [MAG] Middle Aged Gamers

    Good luck filling the ranks, and happy holidays to you sir!
  11. sidlicious

    CHREE is looking for YOU!

    Fly with the eagles, or scratch with the chickens! Have been keeping a low profile on recruiting due to rl, but with the holiday season having more spare time, I open the gates...... CHREE is a young clan, and on the look out for players with a sense of humor. Preferably a WR of 50% and up, but not a must. If you're willing to learn you're more them welcome! Not looking for gun-ho people with a short fuse, I dislike people using the anonimity of the internet to bully around. Drop me a line ingame or send an aplication, looking forward to meet future friends! Sidlicious out!
  12. sidlicious


    Got 10k exp and in the regular container flags and consumables. Thx for the code, and happy holidays to all!
  13. sidlicious

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Never won any lotery (yet), so I'll join for fun and gigles. When my name comes up for 1st prize, I would kindly ask for the Atlanta, or in any other case doubloons if you will. Many kudo's to the donors!
  14. sidlicious

    ru cruiser line.

    Having torps on a CA does not mean you have to use them whatever the situation, torps on a CA are a last resort when in close combat. Reading your comments, I personally think your gaming experience would benefit playing DD's, since you like torping so much.
  15. sidlicious

    Greatings and Salutations and Props to a great team.

    Nice to read something positive about teamplay....and you giving kudo's to your team....you sound like the kind of person I would get along with very well in rl! I hope you find your way on EU server, hope to stumble upon you ingame sometime, which I highly doubt because of the time difference.....Oh well....Fair seas to you SovereignDawg!