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  1. Nitten79

    Bottom tier

    Hi it is possible read: Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams | World of Warships so you can hit a streak where you fell you are bottom tiered all the time, when your 40% is due.
  2. Hi dont know if it is a bug, but i have noticed within the last couple of weeks that a process in the gamecenter starts to consume alot of CPU and power with WOWS starts up the other sessions that normally starts up, when gamecenter is started dont use that much resource. and the high resource consumption is only activated when game launches.
  3. Nitten79

    Update 0.10.5 - Bug Reports

    Hi is it a grapical error or are the Druid for real a full Tier X premium destroyer?
  4. Nitten79

    New stage of submarine testing

    did you really think the Rocket CV "nerf" comming up would be free for DD´s?
  5. Nitten79

    Updated "Daily rewards"

    @FieFaFoo but it is already implemented, so why put it in the development blog?
  6. Nitten79

    Updated "Daily rewards"

    why put this on development blog when it is implemented and running currently, what are the changes to the excisting setup, I cant se the change in the blog.
  7. you have your new "we can change the specs on this ship" if needed in you news article, but that did not apply to us who got it before this event, can we expect that all kirovs can change from now on or can we expect two versions of the same ship in the future? the reason for this question is that if it is retrospective, you can just set a ship on sale for a short periode of time and then you have changed the condition for all ships that has been bougt. on the other side i cannot see a version where the same ship has different stats.
  8. Nitten79

    Question about RESEARCH POINTS?

    Correct, if you enjoy the CV play, and dont look at it as a grind, then please be my guest. but if you look at the invest vs reward, then the CV lines gives you less for the same regrind.
  9. Nitten79

    Question about RESEARCH POINTS?

    Do not EVER EVER regrind a CV line for RB points, it will not give you the same amount of RB points as a normal line, because it misses the uneven tiers.
  10. Nitten79

    ST 0.10.1, second season of Ranked Battles.

    the question is, are the sprints inside the season also twice as long, two weeks instead of one, or do we then get the double of sprints in the season 12 sprints instead of 6? if it is 12 sprints, and the stars are 1,5 more, as i see it is a nerf.
  11. i saw the same behavior from the same person, starting to reverse from the start, and then just kept taunting in the chat for the hole game a few days ago. and ofc. the profile server was down, so could not blacklist him. i remember him cursing that he did nor want to fight the prominent clans anymore, and that was his reason not to fight. (there where non on the red team) his final salute was to shoot outside the border, so he was lit up. we lost as it was a T8-10, and lost spotting. i was wondering why a person will waste his time on this behavior, i did not reach to any rationally conclusions.
  12. Nitten79

    Dissappointment about the Interceptor Skill.

    they should have done it so interceptor was the standard on all CV, and then made a skill where you shift them to fighters that could spot, i think that could please some of the community, and it would be a skill sought after but i would come with a price (4pts) and maybe a 10 decrease in radius.
  13. correct, but you also need to take into account that now, you can grind these captains on all types of ships (if you have prem. ships in these types), so in theory that specific captain is more versatile, and can be used more.
  14. Nitten79

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    i would like to participate in this lottery
  15. I just saw this when i tried to give a compliment, dont know what it says as i cant read cyrillic,o anyone else has these fields as well?