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  1. Jackobite

    Another CV rant....

    Iv posted this so long ago its worth it (to me) to repeat it, Nothing wrong with Cv its always the range at which they drop that make my blood boil. @op on the example given its been my belief that MM decides in advance who is going to win. not saying thats right its just how I feel.
  2. I did the Spee and got her a few days ago, not to be ungrateful but shes everything I dont like about cruisers, slow fire 2 guns lol first game I had a great game but iv been crap since. not into the santa run much im a bit played out, should I get into this? im not seeing anything great for rewards but thats the usual for me im usually reading how great something is after its done.
  3. Jackobite

    So I just turned pink...

    In the past iv torped people and not gone pink but recently if you sink a friendly you are going pink 5 games its not much, just DONT pull out you Mogami for a few games those torps home in on friendly ships, I killed one while pink, pretty sure I was in turn destroyed by myself as end game I had -2
  4. Jackobite

    Remove. Radar.

    normal game I can see up to 5 dd's on each team, I cant remember the last time I seen 10 cruisers in the same game. more radar pls.
  5. Jackobite

    Saving Transylvania

    Could I just ask the experienced people not to be overly rude, My first game one player just going crazy shouting (caps) swearing, calling everyone an idiot ([edited] Idiots in fact) worst thing is now iv played it a few times I see how wrong he was, at one time he stayed back in a BB to kill the 2 that spawn behind us. Advice is gold and welcome, not everyone is on their 20th try.
  6. Jackobite

    Wind, smoke and gimmicky ships

    I like it, my pet hate atm is people not playing, by that yeah I mean afk and bots but also the players stuck behind an island and spend the whole game doing nothing but spam over the hills run aground, take flood damage, get blown off the side of the map, take flood damage, lets hurt those not playing.
  7. Jackobite

    It begins...

    3 mins to get in on average would it be so bad to just match up 8v8 nassau? just for a few days anyway.
  8. Jackobite

    Why is everbody so scared going forward?

    When 6 ships engage 6 ships in a perfect communicating game all 6 would fire on the same ship, ofc this doesnt happen, all 12 captains pick whats their best target and go for it, when some aggressive Captain such as yourself goes forward and no one comes with him, all the enemys can see is you in range so now theres no coms necessary all 6 ships will fire on you.
  9. Jackobite

    noobs read, im sick of loosing games couse you suck

    I need a coffee, took me a full minute to get the National Music Express thing my question to the op is Why would I play my game to suit you?
  10. Jackobite

    Thank you for wonderful time, see you soon.

    Apologies, one of those posts that sounded funny in my head
  11. Jackobite

    Do we need bigger maps?

    No thankyou, fine as it is, fine being, iv already got all the draws I can handle
  12. Jackobite

    Furutaka, feeling very let down

    I held onto it for the patch, played two games and sold it. Im down to my US cruiser a US carrier and a US BB and my premium, oh and I kept my Minekazi not sure what to do with that atm. good news is im up at around 6m, roll on the German and Russian ships.
  13. Watched it all, the whole time I kept thinking, that looks dangerous! so much machinery and what chance you got when the ship takes an op torpedo?
  14. Jackobite

    Cheats ? I surely hope not ...

    lol Nice 1 There may be aimbots, I say not, its been coded out but Iv seen how tenacious hackers can be so nothings 100% safe, nothing to do but keep going since theres not much we can do about it.