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  1. JohnMac79

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    So potatoes like you actually take the time and effort to improve your game...
  2. JohnMac79

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    If you think anyone actively tries to run into your torps you are delusional. Stop shooting torps in front of your team mates then blaming everyone else. Learn from your mistakes and take it like a man.
  3. JohnMac79

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    Increase in Shimas sailing around behind the team throwing 20km torps without a care in the world because who cares what they hit. Yeah, sounds really good for the game... Why not just implement ghosting of team-mates and islands too so you can sail/shoot straight through them. In fact lets just make it so you can select a ship on the minimap and the game will attack the target for you. Why even bother playing at all.
  4. JohnMac79

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    What a rubbish idea. Fits neatly with the mountain of other rubbish ideas you have i guess. Doesnt sound too popular does it WG, but nvm just ignore us anyway, we are only mere customers.
  5. JohnMac79

    Submarines: the next step.

    Yes. I only just started playing again after leaving the game around christmas time, thought the game may of improved a bit (i only just realised how silly i sound even thinking such thoughts...) but it is just as bad as before. Submarines are a terrible idea and simply cannot be implemented with any reasonable amount of realism. Considering them at all is ridiculous, they still have no idea what to do with CV after all this time, subs will be laughable. Premium subs incoming. £££££££££££££££££££
  6. JohnMac79

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    They will just never admit that the rework is cancer and they wasted a hell of a lot of time and money only to ruin everything else in the game. They will just keep trying to change absolutely everything else about the game in the name of balance...