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  1. JohnMac79


    The cringe with you is real.
  2. So are you saying that a 'salvo', can indeed detonate you from full HP?
  3. JohnMac79

    can we have an explanation please WG

  4. As far as i understand, If a salvo takes you below the threshold you can detonate. So if an opening salvo takes you below the threshold, you can detonate from 'full HP' so to speak. Sometimes i think you just like the attention of causing an argument.
  5. Can detonate from full HP, not a bug, just a crappy mechanic.
  6. JohnMac79

    I get 'Inactivity in battle'

    Why were the thread replies hidden?
  7. JohnMac79

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    Sunshine? So at least you admit CV are unbalanced, its progress of a kind. CV plane spotting in RTS was also a problem, just because its been around a long time doesnt mean its fine...
  8. JohnMac79


    Partially yes.
  9. JohnMac79

    Are there any new steel ship on the way?

    To be honest i own all coal ships othet than Malta and Charlston, and almost all of them came from containers. Dont ask how much i spent, i had a moment of temporary insanity, but i got 44 ships from containers at christmas.
  10. JohnMac79

    newbies playing tier 11?

    They are not T11, they are superships. The distinction is... erm...
  11. Got some steel saved up, not super excited about any of the ships i dont already own, does anyone know if there are any more steel ships on their way any time soon?
  12. JohnMac79

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    Which is 3 times as much risk as CV have to take for spotting. We are talking about spotting. Thats what the thread is about. A bit of a challenge? You think being able to be spoted anywhere on the map at any given time is a bit of a challenge? Try WASD. Now try to WASD a carrier strike. If you still dont get it i really dont know what to say. A DD can only be on one flank at a time, and if they whiff their torps they are in for a wait. So what exactly is your argument, because i have no idea what point you are trying to argue here. A DD tries to spot on a single place and if they mess up they get killed fairly quickly. If a CV tries to spot(s) and messes up, they survive completely unscathed. And to you this is completely equal?
  13. JohnMac79

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    How else would you like it explaining? I only speak English so i cant do it in another language...
  14. JohnMac79


    In short, the system is broken, like most other things in this game.
  15. JohnMac79

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    DDs put themselves at risk while spotting and have to be on the front line, which simply doesnt apply to CV. Your comment is ridiculous.