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  1. JohnMac79

    Motivation for joining a clan

    Twice i have joined a clan after being approached and invited to join, twice i have made it very clear that i dont have a mic, dont plan to get one, dont want to sit on teamspeak or discord all night, dont want to play tryhard clan battles, and that im only interested in simply playing divs in randoms for fun. Twice they have said thats absolutely fine, and twice it has lasted a few weeks before they start trying to get me to ‘come on TS, we want you on TS’, so i just say goodbye and leave. Too many clans take this whole thing too seriously... i certainly have no motivation for joining a clan again.
  2. JohnMac79

    Atlanta (VII) - shooting range 15,5 kms???

    Atlanta is kiting, you are chasing, it is shooting you with low velocity shells. Im surprised you find this surprising after 1800 atlanta games. It is your most played cruiser by far. I suspect there is very little cheating going on in this game. I have been playing since 2015 and i cant remember a single time i have suspected someone of cheating. As has been said, if you cant provide a replay this whole thing is impossible to answer, but the likelihood of you being wrong as opposed to someone using a range cheat is incredibly high!
  3. JohnMac79

    what ship will break the 500,000 damage mark EU server

    They havent.
  4. JohnMac79

    Questions about Twitch-container-drops

    I only linked my a count a few days ago, watched around 2 hours of a stream that same day, and had 3 containers waiting for me.
  5. JohnMac79

    Spanish Ships

    I was under the impression we needed trips on glass bottom boats to see whats left of the last Spanish navy... and they still had sails...
  6. JohnMac79

    WINRATE upgrade

    So is it just coincidence/luck that the players with higher than average overall stats, tend to also have a higher win rate than players with below average stats? So the potatoes are just naturally unlucky, while the unicum players are all incredibly lucky? Hmm.....
  7. JohnMac79

    Arsenal Changes

    What about a seperate tab for ‘Premiums’ next to the tech tree tab, or a subsection inside the tech tree screen....
  8. JohnMac79

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    DD cant be anywhere on the map in under a minute. Each class should have their own unique features, but they should also have their weaknesses. People seem to want the CV to do massive damage, they want AA nerfed, they want to be able to spot everything all of the time, be virtually immune to return damage, and relentlessly strike anywhere on the map all of the time. Balance? Maybe you are right though. Perhaps WG should just give CVs cruise missiles, stealth bombers and a cloaking device...
  9. JohnMac79

    buy multiple items at once feature in arsenal

    2019 - year of the UI.
  10. JohnMac79

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    Just as the concealment module used to give different bonuses for different ship types, would it not be work to simply have different percentages for damage according to ship type? DD take X% of damage, CC take Y%, and BB take 100%? That way DD dont get wrecked too easily and you dont have to overly nerf the overall damage. I thought the original idea of CV was to go after capital ships anyway?
  11. JohnMac79

    Possible solution to balancing CVs for everybody

    I understand below average players exist and thats fine, but they really shouldnt be asking for advantages to help them. This is not a recipe to self improvement, or improvement of the game itself. Asking for nerfs to player skill is pretty selfish. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but all opinions are not equal, or indeed sensible...
  12. JohnMac79

    Potential FPS Fix

    I have not been visiting these forums for very long, but what i have noticed is par for the course, is you complaining. You dont even appear to play the game... not in the last 3 months anyway...
  13. JohnMac79

    Atlanta (VII) - shooting range 15,5 kms???

    This just sounds like you dont want to send it to be honest.
  14. JohnMac79

    Any news...

    WG has been chasing balance for years. They still havent caught it.