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  1. JohnMac79

    General CV related discussions.

    Are there any graphs or figures on current and historical CV activity?
  2. JohnMac79

    Reported for playing CV...

    I remember it in BF2, though to be honest i cant ever remember it being useful more than a few times out of the thousands of hours of gametime i played. I do however believe there would be a flood of CV and subs getting booted if it was added to WOWs! 👍
  3. No idea, i stopped playing before the summer, pushed away by WG contempt for players, pandering to the potato players and overall dumb decisions in the name of a few extra roubles…
  4. JohnMac79

    When will the submarine be cancelled

    When N.Korea becomes a democracy.
  5. JohnMac79

    Reported for playing CV...

    Unsporting behaviour, CV is no fun for anyone other than the CV. Enjoy your reports. 👍
  6. JohnMac79

    Reported for playing CV...

    Where can i see a list of rules around using the report button? If it is useless as you went on to claim, then why are you so upset about it? You are upset about someone ‘abusing’ something you yourself claim is useless…
  7. JohnMac79

    Reported for playing CV...

    Reporting is part of the game too, so get reported more…
  8. Sounds like just what the game needs, yet more low super low detectablilty torpedo boats making surface combat even more sleep inducingly boring trash...
  9. JohnMac79

    General Submarines related discussions

    Yeah i have front-end installed, so i have multiple installations with GWX, LSH and many other mods.
  10. JohnMac79

    General Submarines related discussions

    I have been playing Silent Hunter 3 again lately, yeah the graphics are dated by todays standards but its still the best sub game around.
  11. JohnMac79

    General Submarines related discussions

    I just wonder what gimmicks they are going to give to each sub line to make them 'unique'...
  12. JohnMac79

    Fixing the game.

  13. Another resource to add to the other dozen or so. How original.
  14. JohnMac79

    Please create proper ticket system

    The reply will probably be as useless as it would be for all of the other options anyway...
  15. JohnMac79

    How did you discovered this game?

    Saw a couple of awesome videos from Phlydaily and BaronVonGamez and decided to try the open Beta. My... how times have changed...