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  1. JohnMac79

    can't open the news and armory for 2 days

    Right click the game in steam - properties - local files - browse local files.
  2. JohnMac79

    Good idea avoiding Weak-End ranks

    Each ranked season seems worse than the last. I usually play DDs but its just so frustrating with a CV in every game so i have resorted to full selfish mode Kutuzov to try to save a star. Well done WG, im sure this is how you intended the ranked to be played... I usually do my best to rank out for the full rewards, but im just so jaded already having reached R5, and on top of that it takes ages to get into a game because it appears most people have already given up pre rank 5...
  3. JohnMac79

    can't open the news and armory for 2 days

    Well that is amazing... or would be if it worked, which it doesnt. Not for me anyway. Besides, this is a WG issue, it has happened twice to me over the last few patches and both times they have released a hotfix which has solved the issue for me. The following patch it is broken again. Perhaps they should actually fix it, no?
  4. JohnMac79

    Molotov, is it fun?

    I cant even remember playing it, so it must be pretty forgettable.
  5. Yeah god forbid we get more actual teamplay... What was it you guys said before? That giving a breakdown of XP would be 'exploited'?
  6. JohnMac79

    can't open the news and armory for 2 days

    Me neither, i have to turn off my firewall and then it works. I need to put a ticket in and ask for a better solution... Had this issue twice over the last few patches but usually there has been a hotfix.
  7. .'`"`'. / , , \ | <\^/> | | < (_) >| /====\ (.---._ _.-.) |/ a` a | ( _\ | \ __ ; |\ . / _.'\ '----;'-. _.-' O ;-.__.'\O `o. /o \ \/-.-\/| \ ;, '.|\| / Hurty feelings police now on duty.
  8. JohnMac79

    How do I counter CVs in ranked?

    Yeah i was permaspotted and chased off by the Cossack you refused to spot or go anywhere near while we lost map control. You dont get it do you... Im not the one here trying to teach others... Anyone can examine my performance, my stats are not hidden like yours. Why on earth bring a hsienyang to ranked anyway? You should of brought a CV, you are afterall an expert...
  9. JohnMac79

    How do I counter CVs in ranked?

    Im sorry, but i ran into you in ranked earlier in your hsienyang, you refused to spot anything or go anywhere near the cap and thought it was a better idea to go into the middle of the map alone and open water gunboat a bismarck resulting in your death in less than 30 seconds... I just cant take your 'advice' seriously.
  10. JohnMac79

    General CV related discussions.

    This nonsense about blobbing up for AA is laughable as it is, but it is going to be hilarious when kita is back in the game. Yes... im sure "blobbing up" is the answer!
  11. This unfortunately didnt work for me.
  12. JohnMac79

    Ranked with CVs - Why again?

    WG dont listen to anything, ever. That is exactly the problem...
  13. JohnMac79

    BB players just stop.

    I was double reported by a 2 man Georgia division yesterday and abused in chat for 5 minutes because i didnt smoke them up in my Halland. Im really not making that up either. It isnt just BB though. Just tonight in my Halland, i ducked behind an island because i was radared and the smoked up mino right next to me, who was also radared at the time because we were only 1km apart, complained and told me to do my job and spot the shima... When i mentioned the fact that im not suicidal i was told "a big fat -1 to you". Its funny but depressing at the same time.
  14. JohnMac79

    0.9.6 - Audio Improvements

    Yeah, they suck.
  15. Some clarification on how tro fix this, or if there is a hotfix incoming would be nice. I cant even get into the dockyard to claim my rewards...