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  1. JohnMac79

    Continous chat bans

    Yet WG have not even told me what i did wrong. My actions consisted of talking in chat, am i now to take responsibility for everyone elses feelings? Which part of this confuses you? Maybe i should fight fire with fire and bombard WG with reports of things i dont like in chat...
  2. JohnMac79

    Continous chat bans

    So you were banned for hurty feelings... Sounds about right...
  3. JohnMac79

    Continous chat bans

    That is exactly how it works. If you dont like what is being said, that is YOUR problem, not mine. Anyone who chooses to put me on block are free to do so. What you advocate of the silencing of people because YOU dont like what they say. Any evidence of this? Why on earth should i be the one to start having to jump through hoops to find out why what someone (supposedly) at WG chat banned me? This is like sacking someone from their job without telling them why and asking the employee to put in writing requesting to be told what they did wrong. It makes no sense. The report system is broken and people should learn to use the block button instead of silencing people. Thats it. What on earth is the block button for if it is not to stop messages i dont like? Do i need to report soeone everytime i feel my feelings have been hurt, or do i act like someone with an actual brain and simply blacklist them? The whole karma system should be killed with fire, it is a trash system that serves no purpose.
  4. JohnMac79

    CVs in ranked sprint.

  5. JohnMac79

    What is your biggest purchase regret! (edited)

    By who? All of your games played in it have been against bots... you have not even played it in randoms against actual players, hardly a comparison...
  6. JohnMac79

    What is your biggest purchase regret! (edited)

    Why? How many games do i need to play to understand its not very good and not worth the price? Do i need to eat dog turd 3 times per day for a week to understand its not very nice? Im flattered you took the time to check my stats though, so thought i would return the favour. This is coming from someone who has 81 random battles and 4793 coop battles...
  7. JohnMac79

    Continous chat bans

    Log in today, chat banned until July 1st. What a great system. Totally not open to abuse because people report you for misbehaviour in chat because it is the only thing that has concequences. Everything is fine here. Yep, everything is fine. How about giving us more information like the time and date of the 'offence' and create a system that stores logfiles of chat in the same manner as replays so we can see exactly what it is that people deemed bannable? How hard can it be. Alternatively just scrap the whole stupid system and let the snowflakes use the disable messages button, that i presume is there for a reason...
  8. The game is too broken to fix. Sad but true. Each update makes it a bit worse and has been like that since the introduction of German BB. Every new line has to be more powerful than the last, every Russian ship has to be ridiculously powerful because.. well we know why. But hey subs will definitely not make everyone camp even more, along with CV with their shiny AP rocket planes and 12km stealth radars on everything... This is fine WG. This is fine.
  9. JohnMac79

    Steel camos?

    As with everything, massively overpriced and i personally dont even think they look very good.
  10. JohnMac79

    Asymmetric Battles?

    Sounds ridiculous, but why expect anything more?
  11. JohnMac79

    New Slava is trash

    Not OP enough, needs buffs!
  12. JohnMac79

    Continous chat bans

    Being chat banned just means people go crazy clicking the map and spamming quick commands. It is a pointless system that serves no purpose. Especially when there is a button there to mute certain people. Why have people banned for 6 days because a clan gets butthurt? It is like the youtube copyright system. A complete joke.
  13. JohnMac79

    make Karma useful, suggestions please

    Just remove the karma system, it is broken and not fit for purpose.
  14. JohnMac79

    Games over in under 10 min

    Its always the same, there is hardly such a thing as a close game anymore, it is just roflstomps one way or another in 10 mins. Fun not allowed.