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  1. So, seems like we are getting new special signals, more of them is now for credits also. I see how WG will make a lot of money from them when they add them in special containers in premium shop. So whats about that ''45'' points WG item from container? Can we see some screenshot for those new perma camos for Edinburg and Z23?
  2. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Not really. Camping BBs at least try to hit something. And those teams with wallet warriors can only take slot in teams and wasting our chance for victory. From very first few seconds of that battle when I saw that division I knew they will throw the game to defeat.
  3. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Dont be so excited. They will very likely end up in your team and let your team to lose, like it happen to me. I'll just stick with tier 9-10 battles and avoid t5-7 for a while.
  4. Commander retraining bug?

    I have much more experience with f2p gameS then it seems to you. How much captains you have for those 33 ships? Indeed. First one was slow as h3ll, but 2nd is faster and then next 2 will be right around the corner.
  5. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Just saw in on my team side 1 Scharnhorst and 2 Atlantas all in same division and clan. Did they do anything for team to win? Of course not. They just bought those ships on sales yesterday / today and have wood in the heads. We was nearly in victory when Atlantas wanted to span HE on Duke of York as solo survivors 1 on 1 even when I told him not to fire and go in concealment with low HP. And the result? We lost thanks to them, and Im recieving threats for screenshot report for chat ban. Damn noobs density is so much bigger with this shity summer sale
  6. Commander retraining bug?

    He really is. That ship basically have no bad side, and sadly WG will nerf it soon. because why WG would allow us to have one great BB at tier 9.
  7. Commander retraining bug?

    Ah ok, for some reason I didnt saw quote. Yea, it can pass under the radar of players if you dont switch much the same captain between ships and you dont have many or any ships without captains. All my ships have captains, exept Missouri which I use from Carolina atm. After I'll use Halsey. They do make money, from premium accounts, premium ships, premium containers during special events like lately American containers, there are few times per year and discounts on free EXP converting. This thing with captains doesnt make them much money, or at all. Because people spare their doubloons and they eventualy mostly use them in case they screw up the build and have to respec. the captains. Yea, it require lot of time and a lot more of special signals to get more max level captains. Those captains of 10 levels I have more then I need. Indeed, but I prefer to play ships that need at least 14 and 16 level captains. 14 for French and German BBs as secondary builds and 16 for AA build + Conc. on American BBs. 11 million EXP? That seems to much. Well, I like Alsace more in any way (especially in design of ship). It has 4 extra guns that hit really hard, and there is that comparison with secondary guns 12x 100mm (Alsace) vs 8x 127mm (Republique) which I think Alsace better fits for me because I love rain of secondary gun shells in the air. My Alsace also have IFHE for secondary and it makes him more OP. I will use captain with 11 levels from my Richelie and put on Republique. I played Richelieu as secondary build but I can play it in future and without that build because Richi dont have so great secondarys. I will play Republique, just it will have 14 levels captain which is enough for full secondary build.
  8. Commander retraining bug?

    Seems you had plenty of time to make so many max level captains. I have only 2, and another 2 captains on 17ish levels. Yap, that is very helpful for them...in order to make some money.
  9. Commander retraining bug?

    That is a lot. Well, I guess ill have to spend either 125k commander EXP to make my Alsace back on track, or to spend 2€ to buy 500 doubloons for faster retraining. Either way, this mistake cost me. Was checking in game now to see the elite commander EXP status, and its not much. Barely 500k, but im saving 190k for Halsey commander to get him on level 16.
  10. Commander retraining bug?

    Yea, I guess I could use some other new commander and level it up to 14 for secondary build and put on Republique. How much is that elite commander EXP for 1-14? Anyway, im already on the lose for 125k commander EXP because atm I cant use it on none ship...
  11. Commander retraining bug?

    If someone have over 50 regular ships without captains, that player would need over 50 premium ships also. For premium ship free of charge, I know that. Im using Carolina captain on Missouri. But its weird we have to spend so many commander EXP for every time you wanna replace captain between 2 ships. I tought 19 levels commanders had some bonus like that before.
  12. Commander retraining bug?

    Well, that sucks. I dont have any other high skilled captain, so Republique will collect dust in the port.... This shouldnt be this way. How then so many players have regular ships without commanders and play them when they put commanders on? They retrain them and spend so many elite commander EXP every time for every ship in port? Crazy. @Sargento_YO I know for premium ships, but this is other question..
  13. Commander retraining bug?

    I have to ask here about this issue because I never saw it before. I wanted to put my 19 level captain from Alsace to Republique, which cost 125k commander elite EXP whitch doesnt bother me, but the strange part is when I was moving back that same commander from Republique to Alsace, and then I had to retrain it all over again. Why is that so? Do I have to spend every time 125k elite commander EXP + 200k credits whenever I want to swtich that captain between two ships? This is nuts.
  14. Sharks VS Eagles, not going to go for Eagles.

    You mean milk? Indeed. That is double citadel. Penetrated by all shells, 0 overpens.
  15. Sharks VS Eagles, not going to go for Eagles.

    Use your imagination. With butt like this you dont need any additional https://www.instagram.com/lolaermolaeva/?hl=en