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  1. Hades_warrior

    Jean Bart: Armour Buff

    If you know how to play Dunkerque and Richelieu, you will know how to play JB.
  2. Hades_warrior

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    You are free to doubt as much as you like, but that was the fact how players do like more Ranked, CB's, even Co op than Randoms.
  3. Hades_warrior

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    I bet most of them are playing Ranked and / or Co op which (the 2nd one) will get much more popular with this patch.
  4. Hades_warrior

    Bismarck Vs Hakuryu LOL!!!!.. :(

    Oh really? So his stats are the key factor here in case why his Bismarck died so soon from Haku and not the fact he was rekt by OP T10 ship against AA-defenseless BB? Nice joke. You are free to show us your gameplay in Bismarck against Haku. Im expecting some The Matrix tricks.
  5. Hades_warrior

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    We need pin / sticky on this thread. Any chances for that @MrConway That way we can see better how this patch realy affect people. Is it yay or nay for WG. Sorry if its already suggested.
  6. Hades_warrior

    Bye bye WOW

    I was asking myself exact same question.
  7. Hades_warrior

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    This thread title does not feel right. We need title ''Did WG just kill BB gameplay?'' That would be very accurate and interesting.
  8. Good to know. Im looking forward to those two lines. I wonder how Royal Navy CV's will be different from US and JPN. Yea some buff would be welcome for sure. if many other ships can get some love, I dont see why one TX premium that cost 240k Coal cant. I forgot the real price, I was not in game for long time. Not all players in Salem's are zombies. Salem is not Derpitz: Magnet for wallet warriors. Yap, I had the same idea on my mind. I really think that Hydro would be much more useful in battle on Salem instead of short range - short duration Radar. At least Hydro detect for longer period of time including torpedos.
  9. So.. Why no Salem on this list? He's radar is also weak compared to other high tier ships. Not that I care much about radars in general but im curious why is he excluded. btw when is the release of Russian BBs? Im not updated for a while.
  10. Hades_warrior

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    For people aka. virgins who have boner on those numbers?
  11. Hades_warrior

    PSA: Bonus Code

  12. Hades_warrior

    Have they nerfed the Missouri?!

    I dont follow. What? Not in the aspect of damage numbers. Whenever there is a subject about Missouri nerf, it's mostly refer to his gun (in)capabilities.
  13. Hades_warrior

    Have they nerfed the Missouri?!

    Showing results in tier 7 MM...
  14. Hades_warrior

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Dont know what is happening with those codes lately but whatever code I try to activate its invalid, and there was like 10 codes in last few weeks. This is nice way for WG to troll us.