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  1. No one said RB BB's will be only HE (HE spammers im sure there will be plenty of those potatoes). Its a mixed setup for players to use AP and HE. AP is also good on RN BBs. More then good.
  2. Im not playing WoT, but I did try War Thunder. Uninstall it after 1 week. Besides this the only other f2p game I play is Path of Exile. That game even if is free is having expensive microtransactions.
  3. Yea, I noticed many of other random codes for some other games. I think I cant do any with it. Armored Warfare? I think I never saw some for from it, but I do know there was some. Dont remember what was in. is AW the magazine?
  4. My attitude is stil soft compared to yours. But im familiar with your for a while. And im not the real joy-killer here. Their joy is killed without my involvement in this thread anyway. How many boxes you opened until you got code? Seems you are the one who got lucky. I saw some people here with multiple accounts who stil didnt had luck. And it took some time to create several other email accounts just for roulette. But gz on your reward
  5. Seems you dont see the diference between normal codes and this type of codes. How is not gambling if you have some box that opening random 5-6 cards? And if you want more of them if you didnt had luck, you have to pay with money. its obvious you have no idea what gambling with microtransaction is in the MMO's. And plenty is not all people.
  6. Do whatever you want. But you should know that there are codes for in game bonuses (from time to time) that are no limited nor gambling type. Anyone can get the bonus if someone wants it. And this one, is not the one with happy ending.
  7. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/your-feedback-matters/ well im glad this is finally confirmed.
  8. This isnt regular free code for in game bonuses, as this crap is based on the gambling and you have only 2 shots and every time you get some stupid cards (and wonderful surprise, no WoWS) People this is not worth of your time to waste.
  9. Next patch as the 0.6.10, or 0.6.11? I wouldn't be surprise if is the 11. 31st in 2 weeks?
  10. No, I didnt say that. Read carefully. - My opinion is that Flamu is overrated because turns out that his opinion is only the valid one, and it doesnt matter what other streamers think. There was no word about Notser as only trusted streamer at all. Just for the record, I consider opinion of any streamers like iChase, Aerroon, generalDort, Notser etc. So, long story-short is; Flamu just needed to adjust his gameplay to this new RN BB line because they are diferent. Nothing new there... Your fear for more potatoes? There is no space for any addition fear as we know for a long time that game is filled with potatoes of any class. So, nothing new.
  11. What patch did French cruisers came? im sceptic about it, very. If all we get about their release is silence, then dont know what to think. Exept to quit of expecting them any time soon. Besides, there is no point of releasing them next week even if GamesCom is on. That week will end just for new features in game, future development. Not necessary any release-attach.
  12. But as I remember PTS patch note should be the same as the one for Live release. And I know you cant test branches of new ships on PTS, but they could mention them as the part of patch. This way the status of RN BB's release is stil - unknown...
  13. In this new PTS there is no any mention of new RN BB line. Are they really wont come in 0.6.10? Well, maybe before Christmas, we saw them...
  14. I dont dare to even complete dose missions. Too scared of disappointment
  15. But, they do agree with everything we say!