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  1. I also plan to buy Bert Dunkirk for 100 Sovereigns (so far got 60) and than need some break from this game. I dont think you will be able to get additional premium ship for 200 Sovereigns as this Sovereign rewards will last only for this first month of event.

    Nope I dont have her, nor I will ever have. I dont play craps. I hide my stats yesterday because im tired of sniffing dogs with low brain capacitys and lack of grey cells who yerk on their own WR's because they dont have RL. I also call them virgins. Let me see; DD with Conc. comes near my BB undetected, throw a smoke or as he is playing braindead DD so he can use island and spam HE so he doesnt need a smoke, start to spam me and its my fault I let him to come close to me. Yap, logic! lol. And only DD-kevins defend this ships as loud as you do. My world is called Real Life. Do you heard about it, at least in fairy tales of your small world? Must be fun inside your head. Dont bother. These ''smart'' forumites will tell you that your gameplay is wrong, lol... On the bringht side of this forum, at least I have a material to laugh hard at something when (in example) some people defend broken stuff in this game. Reading material better than news papper jokes. You are terrible stalker. Love for French line? After Alsace nerf not so much. Hate for Republique. Since you think this way, I am not surprised in your poor way of trolling. I really dont get this ''self-proclaimed'' part. But since this is forum, no wonder.

    No matter you ignore it or not, that crap have to much fire power. Low average damage is because there is to many potatos with DDs, nothing else. He says a lot but it doesnt mean he is wrong. Only DD players and HE spammers like this broken crap or Worcester would say ''there is nothing wrong with ship lel''. And we know the truth, we are not blind. Well, some of us.
  4. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    I keep repeating this idiotic thing day after day... Besides this, my stupidest thing? Does that count only in game?

    That is also true. After all, its weekend. But still, no matter on scores like this Harugumo is ''very balanced'' ship. Even Notser said that, but we all (or at least most of us) did know that long before his opinions.
  6. I didnt buy any of those RN premium containers, as I told last time im done with that type of containers. And have more than enough of special signals anyway.

    Lol what?

    Cant agree more. With scores like this it would be to much. This score was result by one of clan mates. Ship who can easy deal over 200k damage only need nerfs.
  9. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met @Major_Damage225 yesterday in co-op. Actually he first recognize and say hi to me. I think he was chasing those 5 kills for RN event. Cheers man
  10. Some interesting info around the world

    Early review by Flamu.
  11. Royal Navy Arc

    Oh, I forgot that. In that case i'll just spend Sovereign on Dunkirk commander for Minotaur. Whatever will be after Sovereign, it must be something good. Otherwise I dont see how this event can hold activity.
  12. Royal Navy Arc

    This 60 Sovereign is on weekly rate. If this event really is long 3 months then we should be able to get at least Dunkirk + Gallant or Warspite. Unless WG will change rewards in this event after 1st 4 stages.
  13. Royal Navy: The rules

    Can anyone share info on how much Sovereign we get in these RN containers? Today I havent played yet, but I did saw we can get up to 3 RN containers per every Directive. Which is 12 RN containers every week.
  14. will alaska be free xp or coal?

    French guns may be small (for ~T9) but they still hurt a lot when they hit you. Many players underestimate French BB guns.

    Now its to late. From tomorrow this collection is closed.