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    games? WoWS, Battlefield 4, Path of Exile, Battlefront 2.

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  1. Hades_warrior

    Salem or Yoshino

    My vote goes for Salem.
  2. Hades_warrior

    Any reason not to buy Ise?

    If you asking yourself if there is any reason to buy a hybryd carrier ship, you should better ask yourself is there any reason left to keep playing this game.
  3. Hades_warrior

    another example of broken carriers

    The BEST thing you can do about this game is, stop supporting it with your money and reduce your gameplay, like I did. When more people would do that, it might (just might) open eyes of weegee. But until than, they will keep milking playerbase as we are cows for them, nothing more.
  4. Sorry but you are example why this game is going in worse and worse direction, because weegee don't care about playerbase opinions as they only care about your money and how it will help them to create more idiotic stuff in game.
  5. Hades_warrior

    "Pls report..."

    Just a time waste for player without any result.
  6. Hades_warrior

    "Pls report..."

    Yea. Like, report system in game ever had purpose exept lower karma number
  7. Oklahoma is trash ship.
  8. 30 days of Premium. Just what I needed now when im playing this crap once every two weeks
  9. Hades_warrior

    Today i unlocked Yamato.

    Well, yea... TX battles are not what they used to be, long time ago. You came late to the party, if that is your first TX ship.
  10. Hades_warrior

    Is Salem worth the coal?

    Yes very much so.
  11. Hades_warrior

    Well Done, Wargaming! .... Hhhhhhh XD

    This is not about camping or not. This fire power is something very ridiculous.
  12. These days it seems like they take it as a compliment, when you tell them that they play like Bots.
  13. Hades_warrior

    Ise - should I be worried?

    Q: Ise - should I be worried? A: Yes, you should. When it comes to weegee, you should always be worried.
  14. Hades_warrior

    Salty People

    Not if you consider hes troll armor. I was rarely able to citadel it. It dodges salvos like dd on open sea.
  15. Hades_warrior

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My greatest today... Well at least I know that I won't be bothered with KotS next time.