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  1. No, it wont. There is a treshhold in damage for getting TK status, and its 10k damange dealt in recent time. And not every single allie hit will turn you into pink. I've seen that so many times on allies in my team, and inculding myself when someone block my salvo to drop. So you are the one who is wrong and lack of education.
  2. You are the one who should get informed. Either you get instant TK status or not. If you do damage in total for TK treshold you get pink. You get pink IN battle, not only after as I saw many times in game chat system message for penalty. But getting hit by torpedos and got sink by allies without penalty when getting pink for 1 shell hit allie is retard.
  3. Well, this crap happened to me back in the days of last campaign event: Do you think this guy got TK status? of course not. Like they never do. That same day I got hit by allie torpedo (and got sinked) 3 times. No one got penalty's. But when I scratch someone with 1 shell... Instant TK recieved!
  4. Did you free EXP to Lion (and Conq) or grind trough the line? AP is the best ammo type on nearly all BBs, however, HE feels stronger on RN BBs. I havent yet tryed AP on my Monarch tho.
  5. It doesnt mean that I (for example) didnt pay anything for this game. But like I said, im done with spending money here. Its never to hard. I spend just on Diablo 3 over 500€ at the time when it had Auction Houses. Some other games, not so much. How much you play now per week? Well, sometimes we are naive and keep spend money anyway on the things we think are right.
  6. Is it just me or this new perma camo red/blue color reminds a lot on ARP ships?
  7. WG wont make stuff this way as they dont prefer easier way, not even on Anniversary's.
  8. To me it show ''2,008 battles'' for your account.
  9. Hope you are not planing to spend 100% exp camos on T9s just to grind on time and get SC. Imagine you spend 100 of those camos and than you get some module... What? 1st, its 10 special flags, which you spend within 3 hours (and faster if you have noob teams like weekend effect). 2nd, we dont know what are those ''delicious'' bonuses. And whatever it is, its 1 time thing probably. We talking about EU WG after all.
  10. Mostly I play 7-8 tiers. And have 1 T9 which rarelly play with clan division only. And more reason to not prefer T10s is perspective of Non-premium account. As we all know how ''cheap'' T10 is to play without premium. btw you could grind 10 more battles to make round 2k, for +10 special flags.
  11. Yea, that will help a lot...
  12. Last year was +50 Dragon Flags for each T10 ship, now is 1 SC per ship. Seems totaly fair to rest of us who dont prefer to play T10 as in same time we dont have any, but have plenty of ~9. I dont expect from satisfied fanboys to understand.
  13. If im alone in this very fresh thread (not old more then 2 hours...) it doesnt mean im only one in general.
  14. I find more disgusting you and your comment.
  15. If you tickle me more, I will start to laugh on this comment. And just for record, majority is not all. But I get it. There is to much of Super Containers in the game anyway. 1-2 per 1 year for some of us is more then enough, right Big O.?