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  1. About the Conqueror

    Weakness? Soft armor that eat damage more then any other T10 BB, no AA, and of course no torpedo protection. Its the same Bullsh1t, arguing about some cry over some ship or bad teams.
  2. About the Conqueror

    Yap, when you have nothing adequate to say its catastrophe. Congratz man, on mature level. My ability to take some people here seriously has gone long time ago
  3. About the Conqueror

    Really? You have some personal experience maybe? From what I saw in the last 3-4 years, its far from fake news.
  4. About the Conqueror

    Zao's troll armor and high DPM with fire? Yamato's unpenetrateable armor and citadeling everything? Minotaur's smoke and insane DPM with AP in smoke? Well, I prefer more those ''braindead'' players behind Conqueror wheels unlike the players intelligence on T10 when they runing away from objectives. The gameplay with teams is already dumb and without crying over Conquerors. Like I already said, you can easy die with this ship. So its not excussed in term of players situation awareness. How you manage to cry so much about this ship when we saw on the other thread of this same subject the screenhots of popularity of T10 ships on EU server? Guess what, Conqueror is 3 times less active in MM's. And yet, you still cry. I see more tears for this ship then crying in spanish and turkish telenovela's.
  5. About the Conqueror

    Really? How I dont have ANY problems against him in MM's? Oh wait. A) I rarely see that ship on enemy team, and B) I dont rush into him, because last time I check my eye sight, there is other 11 ships on enemy team I can hunt and hurt. When I play Iowa, Lion or any other ship that can get T10 MM, I never have issues with Conqueror. Like I said, black ribbons doesnt matter. Conqueror eat a lot more damage then any other T10 BB. If you are not careful your HP get get to 0 in no time. I got news for you. Any high damage you recieve is non-healable. That incudes and heavy hits on Conqueror.
  6. About the Conqueror

    If WG could please to everyone and wipe their tears, it would require a lot of time to nerf every single ship on T10. Because one way or another, every ship is OP for some players. Not really. As the result of damage, black ribbons or xy number of damage, doesnt matter. High damage is high damage and Conqueror can get hit for 30-40k in 1 salvo easy.
  7. About the Conqueror

    Here we go again. Another thread about complain on Conqueror Why I never cry for ships like Zao, Yamato, Minotaur. Oh wait, I dont wanna waste tears in game so I adopt. Those 40k salvos mentioned here are great jokes. I never got nor saw more then 20k.
  8. Reporting system

    Maybe you have diplomatic immunity When you find out your the secret let me know.
  9. Reporting system

    Another thread about broken report system. Goodie... Its funny to see how people with big karma rage more for getting reported compared to people with low or 0 karma who doesnt care about it at all. I got chatbanned again few days ago just because i call my team mates braindeads after they all run far from assisting me while I was capturing Cap zones and solo pushing. Life sucks, part of games community sucks, get used to it... WG did say they will do something about Team Kills but its unclear yet what. And system report abuse is not their priority atm. Im curious how much chatbans did Flamu get so far since he rage at his team mates a lot. Potato this, potato that, etc etc... Hm or does even people afraid of chatban him just because of popularity. Pozdrav.

    Its random. My clan friend had Normandie T6, then he got Lyon as T7 and last Bretagne T5.

    if I didnt bought 3 containers, I wouldn't get French commander because I would be short on duplicates and all work around combat missions would turn for nothing. And I bought those containers with goal to get some special flags in the first place, because im short on special signals which I need, very.

    I finished collection last night, and from 25 containers I got 0 ships... If I didnt buy 3 premium containers I wouldn't get 2 ships (Bretagne and Normandie) at all. But not only that I did not get any ship from missions but I would end short for those 3 containers in the end to complete collection. Because I needed all 28 containers to complete... Usualy those collection missions are good balanced and creted, but this one was a big fail.
  13. When will happen next Free XP conversion?

    50-60 battles in total, 15-20 per day. More or less. its doable. 50-100 battles? Nah, that number is too high. If we count 5000 free EXP as average in all 3 days, thats 5000*20 = 100,000 (free EXP daily). If I would manage to get 10 or even close to 15k free EXP, that would short the entire grind a lot. I have perma camo on Conqueror, so thats perma 100% EXP bonus, tho I plan to use that green new camo for more commander EXP as I also wanna finish my Jack Dunkirk to level 19 as he is atm 16,5.

    As I remember there will be new camo's fore French BBs: Dunkerque, Gascogne and Richelieu, and those T8 will have Royal version and normal red/white/blue (dont know the name). But Dunkerque will get the same black-flaged camo's from Dynamo operation, if you ment on that camo. So yes, you will have a chance to get her again.
  15. When will happen next Free XP conversion?

    Will see how it progress in 2 days when event start and last 3 days. 3 days are enough to grind 300-400k FEXP I assume.