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  1. Hades_warrior

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    Broadside cruisers yes. If they position better and more bow on/angled, not so much easy to hit. In that case they are not much different target then a DD in smoke. If they have additional support by DD smoke which is a large area cover then its more flexible for them.
  2. Hades_warrior

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    I dont have to make such a division, I saw it many times in battles created by others. And what is that suppose to be ''in front of my bbs'' Mr. Cr33d? You are one of those ''badass'' players are you?
  3. Hades_warrior

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    When you have division of 2 cancer spammers like Mino + Worcester and CV spoting torpedos and enemy ships for them while they chill their a$$es in smoke, I wouldn't call that as a great teamwork.
  4. Hades_warrior


    English pal, english.
  5. Whats this about ALL AP from secondarys will swtich to HE? Including BB secondarys? I heard last week that WG quit from that change during testing as it was to strong damage on some ships. Now crybabies of Conqueror will stop cry when this ship get nerfed / raised citadel..
  6. Hades_warrior

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    WG is offering me to go to Premium shop and buy a freemium ship: Yap, that is exactly what im going to do...
  7. You can always add him on back on I wonder how much people have him on that list. But lets get back to subject / thread.. When is this AP change should come to Live servers? I didn't pay attention because im alergic to that changing. Last time they tweak on balistics of AP some BB ships felt nerfed in damage perspective.
  8. Lol. There are some people here around like him and only thing you can do is to add them on your block / black / ignore list, like I did including him. Speaking of this issue on PTS, if they really change AP I hope they wont screw up Yamato, and other BBs.
  9. Hades_warrior

    Harugumo in ranked

    Harugumo = the most braindead DD. It doesnt surprise at all that some players reach rank 1 just by playing this boat. Easy peasy.
  10. Hades_warrior

    Which captain skill next on Republique?

    I heard from many players (some of them are quite nerds about this) oposite opinions. If you dont play this ship like a yolo, you can do a lot with secondarys. No matter he have 2 turrets less then Alsace, they are bigger caliber just like on Kurfurst. btw I have the same build on my Alsace.
  11. Hades_warrior

    Which captain skill next on Republique?

    Thats all depends on what that player like to play- build. FP and CE are more for tanky build but I think most (including me) prefer secondary guns build, and in that case to replace FP, CE and maybe even SI with Manual Fire Control, BFT + AFT. With 19 points you can add SI. Republique have the longest range of secondarys of 12.6 km if I remember correct, so it would be wise to use it. DDs will run away from you.
  12. Hades_warrior

    Halloween Stream LIVE with Giveaway

    I dont know how internet browser can block copy-paste for this. btw Chrome work also.
  13. Hades_warrior

    Halloween Stream LIVE with Giveaway

    Tnx for codes. There are so many of them. When we will get some special signals codes or for premium container? Im not needy at all
  14. Hades_warrior

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    Sarcasm or? What douboon offer of 14 days log in? I know only for 10-14 days logins to get one of this pumpkin crates.
  15. Hades_warrior

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    I came here to comment exact same thing then I saw this post. Its less to say ridiculous for paying 3€ for (only) 15 camos that most of us already have shitload in stock from many missions and SCs. I have to ask myself, is WG REALLY that dumb to think how players will jump on this offer and throw their money? I dont think I'll even bother to log in 10 days in a row just to get 1 of these garbage containers for free.