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  1. Hades_warrior

    The must have is in Armory now for Coal :)

    Don't know about that comparison but i'll keep getting Coal and get Sherman in month or two. There isn't much better options for me.
  2. Hades_warrior

    Oldest WOWS Player

    So you literally got old while waiting on some game balance changes?
  3. Hades_warrior

    Free captain reset

    170k elite EXP is still expensive for a reset.
  4. Good idea but it won't happen. Weegee only care about not listening their playerbase. You ask for something to be removed, expect that same to be increased. You ask for some event to be removed, expect more of that type of events. Players don't ask for any stupid features in the game like gambling boxes or events, they will thow them at your nose because they think its phun and it will bring them more money.
  5. Weegee doesn't care. They care only about more $$$. And to get more and more of that the best way is, is to bring more new players even tho they have no F clue how to play.
  6. Ok, we know that we can save economic bonuses from perma camos but what about those expendable camos with +200% free EXP? I didn't see any slot for that type of bonus, only 3 slots for signals. Because, expendable camos are now only skins for ships without any bonuses.
  7. Hades_warrior

    Separation of economic bonuses from camos and signals

    Perma camo? Sadly but true.
  8. Hades_warrior

    Separation of economic bonuses from camos and signals

    Yes but imagine grinding a silver ship of any line with this kind of motifiers. You get from tier 1 to 10 in no time.
  9. Hades_warrior

    Separation of economic bonuses from camos and signals

    So this is how it looks like when you add all best bonuses in the new system with good battle score (and victory). 70k EXP? Not broken at all
  10. Hades_warrior

    page on which you can get a code for gift in WoW :)

    I used my primary email. Dont care much what will they do with that info as they didn't even ask for validation so they probably don't care.
  11. Hades_warrior

    superships service cost

    Yes how rude of them. Imagine having camo that reduces your service costs so you wont loose any credits and makes TX MM even more populated with that tier of ships. This was weegee's attempt to reduce their popularity in the game but it seems like service cost wont stop them.
  12. Hades_warrior

    What keeps you playing WoWS (as of June 2022)?

    I care much less about this game with time so I play on occasionally and not active as before. Basically coming here to kill some time while im waiting on Diablo IV.
  13. Hades_warrior

    Coop and subs

    Majority of playerbase don't wanna see the future with subs in any game mode in this game.
  14. Hades_warrior

    What's the tankiest cruiser in the game?

    It used to be Hindenburg. Now, i dont know.