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  1. Kituneki

    HMS Hood Teaser

    personally i think this ship would play quite aggressively, as the hood had pretty poor deck armour but very reasonably strong belt armour as the hood did try to close the distance between it and Bismarck to give it a better fighting chance, so kinda like the bismarck its vulnerable to plunging fire but its pretty tanky in CQ, so depending on its stats, one could shoot at max range but you leave your self open to getting smashed, but mid range like most british BB/BC it will be quite the slugger and brawl it out hard, if it has secondaries id imagine it would have a maximum range of 7.5 if you include all the buffs, just hope the guns will turn better then the abysmal warspites, hell the yamatos guns turn faster then the warspite, as for the torpedoes on the hood, it will more then likely be the trump card knife in the gun fight, im curious to what consumables it would have and how well it will perform, more then likely it would handel like the amagi, fast and turns like a brick, especially considering this ship was a few feet shorter then the yamato it would definitely be an imposing sight at tuber 7....oh and btw to those who said before that the battleships are useless well what do you call the queen elizabeth class and HMS dreadnought, there is a broader spectrum to battleships then just those infamous named ships, warspite survived both wars and seen the most action in the world, but then again warspite is a super dreadnought, but still a heavy calibrated menace that definitely earned its spot and place, then you got the age of sail with the man o wars and after sail with ironclads, you be surprised that during its era battleships was the most effective force for its time just it couldnt keep up with the passage of time and was left behind to be shelved
  2. Kituneki

    Did i hear someone mention ARP Takao? *spoiler*

    on the official world of warships wiki page arp takao has now been added to its page, go take a look if your interested, let the tsundre cruiser hype begin!
  3. Kituneki

    ARP Kongo & Myoko

    sadly i dont think you will have enough time left to actually get the ships now, but hopefully they may bring them back at a later date
  4. Kituneki

    ARP Kongo & Myoko

    as i understand it, to answer some questions, the arp ships are permanent keepsies, they have no affiliation effect with lineage ships of the tech tree, so although you can swap the commanders around for free but only with other fog ships, the fog ships will be a limited time basis so unless they bring them out again at another point is another question (like a catch up if no one got them) no the ships wont be taken away if the license expires, because in terms of contract they still have rights to use whatever is out but means they cant make any more but very unlikely this will happen because it wont be beneficial to either so there is no logic into a break up of partnership, you cant sell fog ships, the next set of fog ships will be rumoured to come out sometime between march and april (supposedly haruna, kirishima and possibly takao) and from what the series is like there is going to be a huge line up of ships ranging from a carrier to a destroyer and yes even the mighty yamato but dont expect them to make it easy, also for those who gripe about ionas voice being on all the ships or hating the colour pattern, dont like it dont get em, they are only available and will only appear if you are setup with the yokosuka port hope this clears up many things for everyone...i dont mind mods but honestly if you gonna mod something to make it the rather bland bunch of hoohah then its bad sport honestly, mods are for improving the game play not downgrading it, for example (and one that WG SHOULD of put in) say if you used the arp kongou, when you fire its main guns it fires purple shots, or when shells hit it, then you got that particle effect when the shots hit the wave force armour (its not a shield just a particle effect, still takes damage) same goes for myoko but fires pink shots with its main guns, you know little touches to make it a lil more bad [edited]and yes we can all quite agree that each ship captain should deserve its own unique voice over but to make a mod to dissect it from what it was to make it a bland purchasble one..then just go buy one instead of having to strip it,kongo is pretty cheap ya know
  5. Kituneki

    Anime ships

    you can buy them on there main website same goes for the manga comics
  6. Kituneki

    Anime ships

    it was just an idea because ill be honest despite being a cruiser the torpedo detection range on the myokou is just AWFUL the acoustics is just bad by the time you detect the torpedoes with the acoustics on it, its probably too late to do anything about it, which is why i said for possible example maybe have a better torpedo detection range for an example also never actually show? its missing alot more then that, maybe a bow or a stern maybe but the most you ever see is the conning tower or just the guns and aircraft platform, otherwise its just girls skimming along the water on some kinda magic skates although speaking of the tracers i think there was one mod that did do that, but being a mod, its kinda...well in games like this mods tend to be a little temper mental unless your playing with others who also have done so, if it gets addressed to the devs they might be able to do something about it.
  7. Kituneki

    Anime ships

    so it MAY be a good indication that we may see a arp shokaku/zuikaku then...cross your fingers then, i think it would be pretty bad [edited]to see a fancy skinned carrier, nothing wrong with the ships we play in game now but honestly they are quite...bland, these reskinned ones to me personally adds quite a nice flavour to the design
  8. Kituneki

    Anime ships

    maya is the pink ship which is an takao/atago class cruiser, haruna,kirishima,kongo and hiei are all sister ships and named after the 4 real life kongo class battleships
  9. Kituneki

    Anime ships

    kantai collection will NEVER be put in, because this is about world war 1 and 2 warships, at least with arpeggio at least it is a battleship form with the commander riding on top of it like a bad [edited], not manga girls dressed up to look like ships like some sorta silly sailor moon, but true enough it needs different voice actors for each ship rather then ionas voice over, but honestly since this game is still new and fresh out of the oven, this is still going to be all progressive stuff still as for takao and maya modifications or not they will probably just be the same takao ship model but with diffrent skins like the other two arp ships, but would be interesting for each one to have their own perks like nachi having better sonar spotting range or maya having better AA capabilities, you know just little touches, but to say there's no reason why they shouldn't put the ships in considering the "fog nation" as its dubbed the commanders only benefit arpeggio ships there is no money or experience bonuses from them they are permanent alterations so its not like you can sell the ships (despite the whiners because they dont like the alterations, do not like it? do not get it, and honestly dissecting it with mods so it looks like a normal version of it, mean seriously, no one is forcing you to get them) although personally they could have made them a little better with uniqueness like giving them different shell tracers like kirishima will have green while kongou will be purple for example, but anyway thanks for the look see, im not too far into the ships and was writing this at the time but for now i suppose its all just a good start, just too many people are crying over it at the moment, personally kongou is probably the best mid tier battleship, although the HOW they are going to setup these missions is anybodys guess
  10. Kituneki

    Anime ships

    ive personally done some extensive pouring into the research and even read the manga to answer ones question it is likely that we may see a yamato because i saw somewhere a glimpse of yamatos commander picture but being a T10 it will be the last ever release, my guess is, is that they will slowly release them bit by bit till they get at least several other of the major nation players out onto the field, the next likely gueseses would be the last 3 kongo class battleship sisters, if there will be a takao then there will be a maya since they are sister ships as for the old world nations of europe its a bit indecisive since i think mostly are waiting on arpeggio of blue steel cadenza to be released, but there are MANY mental models, these are the mental models as follow and most likely to undetermined most likely: atago, ashigara (myoko class from cadenza) Bismarck (yes there is a Bismarck but is a twin mental model so dunno how they are going to work with that) haguro (myoko) haruna (believed to be confirmed) kirishima (another believed to be confirmed) hiei (wouldnt be right without the whole set) lexington (would be cool to see a fog carrier i sense a great disturbance in the carrier force) takao and maya (they are essentially an atago class cruiser, atago is in game so why not) nachi (myoko class) nagato (another twin mental model the commanders maybe but not sure if they will do the ship since its fairly decent level for what it is in game) repulse (i think it would be quite amazing to have another british ship other then the rather under whelmingly done grand old lady) yamato & musashi (now im sure everyone will gripe but i did see the mental model for yamato, since there is already the battleship it can be safe to assume that one could obtain this majestic beauty as well, but you can imagine it would be bloody murder to attain such a prize..guess we will have to wait and see) undetermined: hyuuga (this was one of those weird battle carriers, i dunno how they are gonna work with this one or just leave it as a commander) ise (same reasons) yukkikaze (is the kagerou in game? maybe see this destroyer in games mental model but not sure if we will see the ship itself, but would be cool) vampire (another destroyer but theres nothing really out for British ships yet) zuikaku (japanese aircraft carrier, slightly larger then yamato, highly doubtful they will put it in but who knows what they may do after all the yanks and the japs had the most numerous aircraft carrier designs of the war) thats the assessment i can give so far if you all are still curious then take a gander here and make your own judgement but as long as this remains an subject of interest then there is no reason for them to not continue, there is probably alot more that ive missed out on though. http://aokihagane.wikia.com/wiki/Arpeggio_of_Blue_Steel_Wiki
  11. Kituneki

    Project R Results

    i dreadnought it all the way through and got 288 pearls i was a determined commodore!~ thanks for the sweet lil event, looking forward to the next one
  12. Kituneki

    THE SUPER SHIP (H44 class , german navy) tier 10

    honestly it wouldnt be too bad of an idea since it would be the german rival to the IJNs yamato and the americans montana, the H44..well lets just call it the fuhrer, it would be on near equal size to the yamato but just a bit larger, due to its size, sure its a big enough target and its fat [edited]would make going down squezzes hard but thats the point, you would have to play it more tactical even going at 30 knots im sure its turn rate would be abizmal and being so enormous it would be a huge torpedo target besides with it main battery on equal size to that of shoreline bombardment guns you can imagine its turret turn would be glacial, theres many ways it could be capped so its not gonna be OP tho i wouldnt put it as a researchable ship because it would just be ludicrous, an ultra rare premium ship does sound like a more solid choice for the elite collector...or maybe something more interesting say for like community tasks or speacial missions, because who wouldnt want a ship that can just slightly dwarf the yamato