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    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I must admit I really enjoy subs. Are they deadly? Yes and no. Yes, if yo play smart and your opponentd dont - was is true for every single ship type. No, if your enemies hold the line, DDs dont rush liek crazy and BBs are secured. If I play with Leander, most of the games are won, 2-4 ships killed. If I play sub - it depends, usually 1 ship killed, I have been killed very few times. So in my opinion it gives our game some, ekhem, depth. It requries strategy and tactics, same as "legacy CVs" requried. If you were a BB moving along alone... well such an easy prey for a torpedo squadron. Dont complain CVs are overpowered, you are just playing poor. Same here: -if you are BB - dont rush unless you have your friends ahead. -if you are DD - dont rush liek crazy trying to kill a sub, becouse you will get killed sooner -if you are a crusier - wait for god sake for DDs stupid enough trying to kill your subs -if you are a CV - just do your job -if you are a sub - especially the german one, hunt ither subs So again - it is all about smart play.
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    Same here. What is strange, all worked fine till 4 days ago. Now game is unplayable as it drops to 18 and suddenly goes as high as 70 FPS.
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    Can't press battle

    same here started yesterday around 9:50 pm (polish time) Yes, division Yes, frozen Yes, alt-F4