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  1. donut00

    torpedo spotting

    It gets even better when there is a glare on the waters surface , then you can't see anything. Trees on islands also BLOCK the vision of enemy ships at some points in particular the Soloman Islands centre passage.(so reduced trees FTW) Reduced Reflections as well pity you have to dumb down a game to play it.
  2. donut00

    Feedback on Flag Packages

    The flags are a fix Do you think we are stupid?
  3. donut00

    ok, yet again, advice needed.

    Like you say most Cruiser captains have their own agenda in a game , very few do the duties of AA cover or DD killing which leave BBs and CVs hopelessly unprotected. I turn at them at 5km but I usually eat one , however it's easy to say turn and turn again but when you are fighting a cruiser who is raining fire on you and a BB that is turning you into Swiss Cheese not to mention dodging even more torps from a nasty little DD you start to wonder "why the hell am I playing a BB or a CV" Hopefully as I climb the levels I will see better Teams playing as a team, I doubt it from what I saw in CB , not until the team has a leader that assigns tasks to each player will that happen or there is a Bonus reward for doing your job.
  4. donut00

    Congratz torpedo-whiners, you win

    I'd just go a step further to say its not the bombers or the DDs that need nerfing it's the amount of damage the torps do that is OP. You can not sink a BB with anything else with 3 hits. 1 torp sinks a DD 2 torps sink a CA 3 Torps sink a BB needs to be doubled imo if it is not when we get to "clan wars" Kamakazi dds will sink all the BBs. IMO.
  5. donut00

    Diving torpedo bombers? WTH...

    Its already on but still torpedo bombers would never drop six torpedoes in a line which is impossible to avoid and there is no way they could be dropped so close to the ship see 1:16 onward not what we get eh.
  6. donut00

    Spotter Plane/ Fighter Plane

    Sry if already posted Is it only me that can't hit a bull in an entry with the spotter plane on the BB and while I'm up in the air using a TV broadcast view how do I switch back to normal to fend off the little destroyer that just nipped in to torp me? Please a spotter plane should increase accuracy by reporting fall of sho not give a video link to fire from above (again unrealistic nonsense) Fighter plane on Kuma might as well be made out of balsa wood it gets shot down as soon as a carrier plane looks at it and that's when it doesn't go on a sightseeing trip of the edge of the map. I know we're still in beta but please don't kill the game before you even release it.
  7. donut00

    Misson Feedback

    My issue is simple , they are all a nerf , GET RID OF THEM
  8. donut00

    Diving torpedo bombers? WTH...

    Don't need a torpedo bulge in this game , you would do better with a butterfly net to catch them, Absolute ridiculous range they appear by your side when you are by an island , NO chance what so ever to avoid even one of them. Only WG make great games then come up with ways to ruin it and make it unrealistic. Torpedo bombers drop SINGLE torpedoes not 6 at once all in a line . but hey these guys still think HE shells can pen a tank so youre wasting your time.
  9. donut00

    Teamkilling penalties once more

    I was targeted by a TK idiot yesterday he fired at me all through the game , arguing with me and other players as he did it. I don't care what he calls me or how much he moans about the way I play , he can do that and is entitled to his opinion, However, he has NO right to ruin my game or the game of other people on my team by shooting and doing major damage to my BB which in no doubt affected the outcome of the game. Please as soon as they turn pink put them back to port where they can do no further harm. We have all hit a team mate and most of us have sunk one with a stray torpedo, well ok 3 or 4 =) but deliberate TK players just need banning.
  10. donut00

    Public test 0.4.0 Other changes

    Still no SLI or Surround screen support SIGH! What palette did you use as some of the ships look a bit Orange especially in the port screen (St Louis in particular) Server has been good for me steady FPS but ping a bit high. 3,000,000 for one upgrade ha ha ha does it turn it into the Yamato for that price =) Can we please move the results panel in port as it's all over the captain screen and ship details. same with the platoon chat screen on the other side (MOVABLE IS NICE) pin pop, ping pop,ping pop, is this the sound of hits and crits or the latest Justin Bieber song. When I'm full zoomed out behind the ship I can't hear the engines at all (why) Are there any EAX sound effects , if not , why not? (sound is a massive part of the atmosphere in this game and needs to be best available) Can you put some windows in the rocks for the WOT players to shoot through =) (sry couldn't resist) All in all not bad , just think what you could have done if you had tested the game with serious testers.
  11. donut00

    DDs just as bad as arties in WoT

    Hmm so Furutaka was not in the game when you passed it by like my m8 , I suggest you go and buy one and find out just how bad it is before you give me your pearls of wisdom and parade my stats . As an experienced player with decent stats I'm certain you will be able to hold a 1-1 kill ratio and a 50% win ratio with it over, lets say 20 battles. Like I said I'm testing cruisers my grandson is testing destroyers. My Furutaka has 40 battles with a kill rate of .5 and an average damage of 16618 per battle which is Far below my normal 21000 and 1.66 kill ratio. The thing is a torpedo magnet I tell you, Long, Slow to turn, slow reload guns , poor AA. Go try it!. BTW I hunt DDs they are my No1 Target for all my light cruisers so I know how hard they are to kill thanks.
  12. donut00

    A different idea of US staff from EU staff?

    What is the name of the cat in your Avatar? Is it covered by the NDA (Not Disclosing Animals) or is it a fictional cat that has a smoke screen and a snorkel? =)
  13. donut00

    DDs just as bad as arties in WoT

    Well as you can't even speak English , I will not listen to you thanks. It should be other than not then, so please stop showing your childishness before just slating anyone who doesn't agree with you. My grandson plays DDs he's 10 on my spare PC so I really do know how you play them.
  14. donut00

    game lagging out

    What in gods name have you done WG , totally unplayable even with low settings lagging like someone is pulling your hair.
  15. donut00

    AFK Players

    We all know this is frustrating and we all know that some people play on slow laptops as well as some players just wanting to sit still and let others fight for them. Is it possible for the game to put genuinely AFK ships under computer control as even a bot ship would be better than none. Also can we have smoke form the funnels of players that are just sitting , waiting as the engine is running and we would at least know they are in the game.