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  1. It is true that during a battle WW2 Destroyer was able to use only the torpedoes that were pre-loaded in the tubes. Re-arming tubes while engaging the enemy was entirely impossible. However, if we go further down that line, not only that vast majority of the ships in the game would be sunk by a single torpedo hit, but most of them would run out of artillery ammo well before the match ends. This is just an arcade game with WW2 naval theme - it has nothing to do with simulator games of any kind. Fun factor outweighs any historical accuracy. (just take a look at the incoming russian lines and have a laugh)
  2. DestoryerO_o

    What would you like in the WG store

    "Package" is the most toxic word one can see in the WG store, and the main problem EU Players have with the EU store policy. If i want to buy a Ship, i want to buy a Ship - and that's it. I have no need nor use for overpriced game time, doublons, or flags in the "Package" with it, which are just used to sell the Ships at inflated prices.
  3. DestoryerO_o

    Tirpitz selling well then?

    German cruisers will get into the game soon, and most players are simply training their german captain for them. nothing more than that really.
  4. DestoryerO_o

    capping points

    Well, compare your XP in a game you win to the game you lose - that should be enough motivation for capping. Capping is not some Kafka's process - it's usually an action that takes very little time.
  5. DestoryerO_o

    Elite Ships question

    Nope, no accelerated training.
  6. DestoryerO_o

    Motor Torpedo boats

    Destroyer was the smallest Warship class that had enough cruising range and speed to be useful in open sea fleets, and thus, The smallest fleet ship. I doubt we will see any classes smaller than that. MTBs were tied to land bases or motherships and they had very limited range of operations.
  7. DestoryerO_o

    Ships firing from smoke while invisible

    To detect a ship standing still in a smoke cloud, you need to close the distance to it to 2Km (this will override any other spotting mechanic and light up the ship) To some DD classes, what you described is the only way to deal some damage and cover the repair costs (other than suicide runs with close range torpedoes). During Beta, Smoke was a real issue - Destroyers could practically spam it due to it's short cooldown and limitless number of charges, but it all changed over the time and it's well balanced now Guess people will start making bunch of threads when russian DDs come into play - all md-high tier russian DDs will be able to fire at you undetected even without using the smoke at all.
  8. DestoryerO_o

    There are usually 5 of us simultaneously playing the game.

    Well, with five players communicating via voice comms, you would pretty much rule the random games. That ain't gonna happen. You will be able to play together when Clan battles come, but you will play against other organized groups there - making it more of a fair game.
  9. DestoryerO_o

    buff Yubari !

    Yubari's HP is ok - she has incredible maneuverability to cover for that. However, her firepower truly is a joke. A quick and easy fix would be to convert her 100mm secondary/AA to dual purpose (main/AA) Gun, and give it the stats of her other main guns. She would still be underpowered of course, but she is a prem ship so it's somewhat ok. Tho her torpedoes are very trollish to fire, they also hurt like hell when they hit and they have very fast reload time - i find myself using them a lot when i play her.
  10. DestoryerO_o

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    WG kinda silent for a long time IMO... i hope it doesn't take them ages for a fix like the last time.. I'm taking vacation from WOWS until the mod is dealt with. Forums only, until i totally lose patience.
  11. DestoryerO_o

    Weathering on ships

    Warships during wartime were in far worse condition than what is presented to you in this game. There simply was not strong enough initiative to drydock Warships for a paint job during wartime (drydocks were used for patching up damaged Ships (and no - those did not get a fancy paint job either)). Without the rust, the models would look too plastic and unrealistic anyway.
  12. DestoryerO_o

    destroyers overpowered

    What are you talking about OP? Destroyers have been nerfed to hell over the time. the only class i enjoyed playing (these days i just read forums sometimes). Each class has it's hard counter, or, a class that is it's natural enemy (except CV, as CV is hard counter for all classes except high AA Cruisers (tho they are not a big problem either)). Destroyer is the hard counter for Battleship, and.... - as long as there are captains who sail their Battleship in a straight line for too long they are bound to eat torpedos. - as long as there are BB captains who ignore the obvious and imminent DD threat, and keep shooting at some other target instead - they are bound to eat torpedos. Like good players adjust their heading when they see a torpedo squadron on the minimap flying to their position, good players also notice when and where destroyers were spotted, and adjust their heading and tactics accordingly. You should have just wrote:"Please remove anything that bugs me when i am in my cozy binoculars mode and blowing up some ships!"
  13. DestoryerO_o

    CV Border Hugging

    Here's the guide for you that will (amongst other things) nicely show you how to attack border huggers in several scenarios. Until the game mechanics are fixed, this is the only thing you can do to perform proper attacks on border hugger with CV: o/
  14. DestoryerO_o

    Merged MM threads

    heh, replace one Tirp, or Atago in team on the left with one or two T5-T7 IJN destroyers and problem solved (then the other side would QQ tho) BTW, creating T10 3player division at 1+ in the morning has obvious goal: to get matches like the one mentioned above. Interesting way to grind WR for those who are obsessed with it. LOL - just noticed.. Youtuber Aerroon is in that division That guy has some nice vids from far better balanced engagements.
  15. DestoryerO_o

    Soviet DD stats

    Anyway...... I can see quite a few Ships here (including the Polish one) that will be able to fire their guns and hit their targets from stealth without using smoke (same like Gremmy)... My main balance concern is there. Don't get me wrong, i'm a DD player, and i'll enjoy these ships, but, i can foresee incredible amounts of QQ on the forums from Skippers playing all the other classes once those Destroyers get fully trained Captains.