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  1. feechbone

    Please give back the old Warspite gun sounds

    the old sound was low quality, yes. Most of us can agree on that but the were many times better and most off all more satisfying the new ones. In past experience I can conform that no matter game the majority of players will chose satisfaction over efficiency. I mean we all know the jokes about that even tho a item has better stats then the one you are wearing prob wont since you will look like a idiot.
  2. feechbone

    What is wrong with this picture ?

    Then you are just having a stroke of bad luck since MM don't give no crep about skill level.
  3. feechbone

    Ranked is a joke

    ^understands how things realy work around here.
  4. feechbone

    Perth is in the Premium Shop

    I not the least bit of interest from me in this thing. It is just to get money for people that cant use AP. but I guess its also a case of quantity over quality.
  5. feechbone

    0 dmg NORMAL penetrations

    yea, like the critical hit indicator of wot when you fire your jg.pz. E100 and hit a light tank only to knock out his view port not to joke about what you stated, it just give the same feeling.
  6. feechbone

    PLEASE unify the consumables hotkeys

    I totally agree on this, and it has been bugging me since CAT...like a lot of other things, yet this still unchanged. I think mostly due to preoccupation of other problems.
  7. feechbone

    is it possible?

    nope, and most likely never happen as fraud is then very easy.
  8. feechbone

    [IDEA] overhaul of the camouflage system

    this has to become a thing in not only WoWs. also...hey OMNI, long time not seen. I the clan still active in WoWs?
  9. feechbone

    New Graphics

    The game has indeed made a lot of progress and visually I find it really pleasing.
  10. feechbone

    PLEASE unify the consumables hotkeys

    I was not talking about the keybinds them self but there order, and yes unifying them will some a part of the problem
  11. feechbone

    Rest in peace Cruisers, may you be remembered.

    fun fact, actually nothing fun about it, but this wining began in CAT. The problem is not that cruisers where nerfed...they just did get the same amount of attention as everything else did, so they got left behind only to be played by players whom understand and know the game like the back of there hand. Easily compared to WoT's Maus, the Maus is not a good tank, not by a long stretch but it can be used to extremes by potent players thus deemed balanced since below average players will simply be uther crapin it. Same is the case of cruisers in WoWs right now, the average BB is NOT good! this is to no disrespect to BB players but what ships will be most likely know by people that just started the game? BBs! So despite the fact they suck they grind there way up to T IX and X and then complane that there are not kicking absolute [edited]in these (fabled) monsters. Only to go and whine about it on the forums. and to try and make everyone happy WG nerf's the things these less competent players struggle most with. Both sides of the coin are true, BB are getting out of hand and CR are left behind in this all out arms race.
  12. feechbone

    So do you think the world will end on Tuesday?

    man this topic is lit...to be expected from a "war game" community
  13. feechbone

    PLEASE unify the consumables hotkeys

    why not rather allow the player to change the key bindings them self? Like you can swap the order of the consumables as you can do in WoT. Good constructive feed-back though
  14. feechbone

    how to report cheaters

    you are either trolling or you are really ignorant. In anyway this type of behaviour will get you now where.