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  1. V1iP3R

    tier 8 implacable help!

    We been having the same issue tier 8 BS in a tier 10 battle is not fun its happend to me 2 times today already but yesterday it was great we did not see a tier 10 BS at all was strange . Not sure what is happening with this tier tbo needs to be looked at My Richlieu vs a Yamato was not what i was expecting.
  2. V1iP3R

    General CV related discussions.

    Getting really annoyed at these dam Rocket planes on the cv's just got my dd and in my 2nd game got 85% of my ships hp gone after the carrier decided to take me out... wow needs to be sorted out
  3. V1iP3R

    Server down??

    same here click to Battle then just come right back to the port screen
  4. V1iP3R


    we are looking for new active members -OCG- please search [-OCG-] OutcastsGamerz https://outcasts-gamerz.co.uk/ we also have a teamspeak and discord
  5. Hi all We have been around a little while on wow but recently made a new Squad/Clan in world of warships. we are a friendly clan who enjoy playing the game we just looking for casual gamers but in the future we will be looking into clan battles and much more. Many thanks please by all means check out or clan forums https://outcasts-gamerz.co.uk/
  6. sorry first time posting just want to say that i think that the carriers CVs seem to be way overpowered. i get in a game get blown up by a carrier ok iam in a DD but dam last 10 games i think ive been killed like 7 times by a CV just seems that they have had a massive boost since i last played