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  1. MrAleq

    game client bugged

    I did manage to resolve this issue. I had to: 1.manually delete game from game folder ( mark all files/right click/delete ). 2.Then I installed game launcher. 3.Then I uninstalled WOWS using "revo uninstaller with advanced analysis" and delete all files that were found in system. 4. After that, I installed game client and downloading started smoothly. ( maybe some steps are sufficient but this is how I manage game to download without errors at the beginning of checking phase )
  2. MrAleq

    game client bugged

    This game client is so bugged. I could not install the latest patch , also could not uninstall the game. It says: Critical error Unable to download updates via HTTP The application cannot continue For details, see log file.
  3. MrAleq

    Loading screen.

    I got that loading screen problem too. Before this patch, I get into game before others, now I am between last players. I got intel i5 3.2 GHz 8GB RAM
  4. MrAleq

    class balancing

    I notice cruiser can't do high damage to BB as they can make to other cruiser or destroyer. When I hit citadel with cruiser I usually do over 12k damage to other cruiser or DD, but why we can't do the same to BB?
  5. MrAleq

    class balancing

    Today I had situation where 3 cruisers ( Myoko, Mogami & Cleavland - I was in Myoko ) fight against Nagato over 10km. All three of us felt down one by one, cause Nagato can make 30k hp damage in one salvo. It's very frustrating that one ship, can kill us all, alone. That's the thing I don't like so far in this game. I think that developers should find the way to change this game. What do you think about that?
  6. MrAleq

    New Dawn - stuck on island

    That kind of bug also has ( Artic, icy map )
  7. MrAleq


    I got problem with very often getting my turrets destroyed even I bought Main Battery Modification 1 for more durability.
  8. JUST DONT. Good carrier drivers already make headaches to everyone with torpedo spams. If WG allow that, cruisers should get buff of AA guns.
  9. MrAleq

    3 main turrets destroyed after TWO hits

    Same happend to me. I was in Aobe, and got all my turrets destroyed. After that I am tottally useless
  10. MrAleq

    bay bug

    Sometimes when camera is fully zoomed out, Check the file down there
  11. MrAleq

    steering system

    Ohh, thank you. I didn't know for that option
  12. MrAleq

    steering system

    Sometimes when coast is near me, my ship automatically turns to other side. This option is annoying cause in some situations I want my ship to turn on that side where is coast, but it won't until it's too late. Today I got my ship destroyed cause of that.
  13. MrAleq

    How to get premium account ?

    I wondered how some players have prem account on ships, when we are not able to buy it. So point is to buy premium account on tanks or planes and we will have premium account here. Thanks for answer
  14. My FPS drops from 60 to 38.