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  1. Uberhoyas

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yes there will always be differences, but when it is so vast that there is literally nothing you can do, there really is no point in the battle at all. Take the time to check the profiles of teams now and then. When you have 10-20 losses in a row, and you compare average win rates on teams and find the enemy team consistently is 5-10% higher, what can you conclude? "Marked for losing side" is fine, but why does WG think that forcing losses on someone for 10-20 battles in a row will not have consequences? Edit: Exaggeration corrected.
  2. Uberhoyas

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    The issue is not only certain tiers being bottom tier practically full time, but also when the difference in player skill in the teams is so vast that you can play 5 battles, get same map, same side, and be the one who scores 5 of the 6 kills your teams get combine in those battles. Just remember folks, there are other games out there that do not treat you as a resource to be used for other people to have fun. Edit: Make that 6 battles. Edit: Make that 7 battles.
  3. Uberhoyas

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    It's been two more of those days now. I think I'm done for good this time. Good luck getting matched up so someone else can have fun.
  4. Uberhoyas

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I appreciate it.
  5. Uberhoyas

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I forgot to keep record of which DDs they were but you are probably correct. There are lots of Cossacks this weekend.
  6. Uberhoyas

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    There is no need for "git gut" comments really. You can assume I do everything possible to keep my team dds alive.
  7. Uberhoyas

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    My thick skin is about worn through. Another day of this and it's gone beyond "worth my time". I am on another unreal loss streak today, and as usual, the DD players are dieing off so fast both teams are reacting to it in chat. Both teams!
  8. Uberhoyas

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yes elastion I get how stochastic variables work, but when you play 18 battles in a row in the same ship, and in every single battle, your teams DD players all die in about as fast as they possibly can, while the enemy DD players all dominate, it's just too "random". Additionally, in most battles the enemy team had elite players in Republique. 18 times in a row. I can understand that losing 18 in a row is possible. Truely random sets have surprisingly long streaks of the same result occuring, but what I'm talking about is 18 in a row with exactly the same premise. Terrible DD players on one team and way above average DD players on the enemy team. And that's just one ship. I am on day 3 of having the same thing happen in a little more than 2 out of three battles: Instant dead DDs. There is no way this is truely "random".
  9. Uberhoyas

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I find that constantly getting uptiered is an issue. Too often my tier 8 ships are the only ones in the matchup that are not tier 10. Additionally, when MM decides to put you on an impossible team that nobody in the world could possibly carry, 10-15 times in a row, hard steamroll losses, it is failing to do it's job. These teams are not balanced, and "random" is an excuse so bad it should be penalized. It's not random, or loss streaks would not consistently happen as they do. My days are eerily close to either 33% WR, or 66% WR. 50% days are practically unheard of currently. All in all, these things are making my breaks from the game longer and longer, while the time spent back in the hamster wheel get shorter every time. If things are "working as intended", I can only say No Thanks. There are better games out there if this does not improve. Edit: I had to endure 18 impossible battles in Montana to get a single victory. The battles were entirely onesided. Enemy CVs scoring Krakens while my team would go suicide on the enemy team single-file. Experiencing these kinds of streaks is absurd and cancerous to anyones opinion of the game.
  10. Uberhoyas

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    The thing that really makes me not believe that MM is random is when you get 10-15 battles in a row where your team DDs are all dead in 4 minutes, while enemy DDs play perfectly well. If it does not behave random, it probably is not random.
  11. Uberhoyas

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    My experience with MM at tier 8 after the change, playing BBs, is that of having lost as much as half my hitpoints and having had 3 or more fires, even when heading straight for the nearest cover. There is no enjoyment in being matched up to entertain higher tier players. It is literally pointless and kills the fun completely. Every time you hit Battle, there is a higher than 50% chance that you can have little to no impact on the game and lose Karma for not wanting to get killed first. The last battle I played before posting this I was spotted and targeted by 2 minotaurs and 1 Zao. Barely reached cover alive. Sadly that's not an unusual kind of battle these days.
  12. Uberhoyas

    New MM

    Tier 8 is currently broken and not worth spending time on. Avoid buying tier 8 premium ships, you're just rolling out an exp pinata for the tier 10 players. Edit: One person does not like someone not enjoying pointless matchups ;p
  13. Uberhoyas

    T8 BB's in T10 games, an idea for survival.

    When I play a tier 8 BB and get a tier 10 battle, I don't expect much of a result. What I do mostly is to push help team mates reach good positions alive by drawing fire from enemy team while mitigating it as best I can. Another viable play is to support from a slightly longer distance that the enemy will still fire at you, but the extra distance causes less hits. Try to dip in and out of cover to make the enemy switch back and forth between targets more, maybe make them lose out on firing a round or two. Sometimes in Bismarck I get to catch a wounded enemy off guard or get the jump on an enemy DD. Generally you're just an exp and money piñata for the higher tiers, especially carriers. This is the reason I am not buying a tier 8 premium. It's just not worth the money with current matchmaking. Even with the 30% coupon, I'm withholding my hard earned money for something more worthwhile.