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  1. finally i got all construction only event ship, that cost me 100 cubes
  2. Here says that she is designed by Oyari Ashito without any question
  3. The French fleet will arrive in AL on 26,07 Forbin, Forbin kai and swimming suit Le Mars,Le Mars kai and swimming suit Le Triomphant Émile Bertin and swimming suit Dunkerque Jean Bart Surcouf
  4. I think because Jean Bart is a famous pirate captain,she seems like a pirate captain
  5. Tirpitz and graf will be available,bismarck is not available for players now.
  6. There are a tons of news from AL about next event : 1.swimming suits for Tirpitz, Graf Zeppelin and Z46 Tirpitz Graf Zeppelin Z46 2. Three new girls Z25 Z35 U-557
  7. after this bilibili collab, german event in last summer will return