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  1. [AZURE] Azur Lane Maritime Services Recruiting

    The members of this clan are friendly and easygoing.We can do some "weeb chat" here and have fun in game.
  2. Oh, I forget to tell you a message. CN server will start that Nep event later. If you can't restore your JP server account, you still have enough time to prepare for that event in CN server .
  3. JP server account is linked to the current game, you can create a back up code for your account and this back up code can only be used once. This kind of mode don't have account and password and your account will never be stolen.But when you reinstall the game before you create the back up code, you will lose your account.Most of JP mobile game are using this mode.I personally don't like this kind of mode after I lost my FGO JP server account.Fortunately I don't spend money in that game and don't lost too much things.
  4. What happen? CN server don't need link your account on your device. If you remember your account and password, you can login in the game on any device even on simulator.
  5. Things are not sure before she is really released in game.I have some examples Shoukaku sisters before and after release in game Hiei before and after release in game HMS Prince of Wales before and after release in game
  6. Airsoft gun is safe but can hurt weak spot on people just like eyeball.
  7. For me the Mauser C96 pistol is the most legendary gun.But I never get a chance to shoot with it. I have only shot 5 guns at shooting range in my homeland and now in Europe. They are type 54 pistol, type 64 pistol, type 81-1 assault rifle , Mosin-Nagant and glock.
  8. That shooting range is an indoor shooting range and there are tables at shooting positions, people can't lay down and shooting.
  9. I have a chance to shoot Mosin-Nagant in shooting yard.That gun is quite good with good accuracy.Only one thing I feel uncomfortable is that its bolt action is not smooth. And as a person who don't have much shooting training, I feel rifle are heavy and my arm feel sore after standing and shooting about 25 rounds.
  10. I’m not very active too.I don't active for about 1 year until last month I hear about new year event.
  11. So how you think about Negev, I can see Negev running in your signature.
  12. As I know, a functional large caliber rifle like 98K is very expensive for several thousand euro and the license for it is hard to get. You must make a great effort for that hobby.
  13. That Duke of York is from Warship girl R, she is another his work just like Type 95 assault rifle from another mobile game Girls' Frontline in my first picture.