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  1. That shown that this en version are only available in Pacific Rim country.
  2. Maybe the market for weebs in Europe is too small compare to that market in Asia, they are not forgetting Europeans, they don't think they can make much money in Europe might be the key point.
  3. Some news from AL's 1 year Anniversary: Z23 remould Saratoga remould and at last the biggest news: submarine will appear and this is I19
  4. QE is much taller than i think.And poor Saratoga, as a carrier, she's as tall as a destroyer
  5. there are a lot of weebs in AL dev staffs,you can see lot of element of other anime in AL
  6. Gyoraisojunyokan in English is heavy torpedo loadout cruiser
  7. 重 means heavy,extreme,important.Here it means heavy
  8. bad news is, this skin is not the default one.That default one looks like this
  9. this event still have 10 days,time is enough.Don't forget get mikuma when you have 5000