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  1. DrChof

    Update 0.11.10 - Bug reports

    WG will you please fix the division bug already????? I can div with friends but i can' ready a ship for the match for randoms message is this: Too many players in a division for certain battle type
  2. Can someone create Samuel L. Jackson voice mod during the match (Pulp Fiction) for the meme sake
  3. DrChof

    [ALL] ModStation

    I think battleframe minimap fix is causing game to crash
  4. DrChof

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    oh nothing, still surprised you are playing this game with ur attitude
  5. DrChof

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

  6. DrChof

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    So i got over 400 eggs but where is my supercontainer???
  7. The Blue Angels clan is recruiting. Past season we were in Typhoon We are a friendly clan looking for active players for Clan Battles, playing with your clanmates in randoms, ranked battles and other activity. We have our own discord channel, english language is preferable. At least 3 competitive tier X ships are required, knowledge of gameplay and most important of all, friendly players. Contact me please for additional info, for our discord channel.
  8. DrChof

    [RESULTS] Christmas in July with Free Gifts!

    Thanks for the answer :D you rock
  9. DrChof

    [RESULTS] Christmas in July with Free Gifts!

    They did you just didnt activate it in time :/
  10. DrChof

    Looking for a clan

    Hi I'm looking for a clan for clan battles, fun and division play contact me on discord DrChof#3758
  11. Can anyone make a mod for a modstation to add Samuel L. Jackson's voice from pulp fiction? I think it would be more fun during a match