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  1. akk70


    darn i thought our 60 days of inactivity and i might kick was hard. and 7days lol
  2. akk70

    Update 0.8.3 Postponed By One Day

    week extension to clan battles would be nice then.
  3. akk70

    ST, 12th ranked season.

    cv ranked so full aa build needed to live few mins longer. just great.
  4. akk70

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    stage 4-1: Over any number of battles; earn 7 achievements. Reward: 5 India Delta signals. Ship restrictions: Tier VI–VIII U.K. cruisers, destroyers, and battleships. Battle type restrictions: Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles. but in game dont say coop. so can this be done in coop or not?
  5. Would be atleast polite to tell when we can expect our rewards.
  6. rewards after test end? cos not got any
  7. akk70

    PTS - Improved Port Interface and Service record

    improved port??? i dont see anything improved but lot worse i do see. i dont want video tutorials. old port selector was much better.
  8. akk70

    Bug Reports

    Same for me ... even with patch Same also after todays update.
  9. akk70

    Bug Reports

    my t8 cleveland has no gun firing sound. so far all other ships i have played have firing sound.
  10. akk70

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    2) No where can you see how is the single player contribution is capped actually. How is your maximum contribution limited, at least I havent found it. its in naval battles under those earned xp oildrops, your contribution xx/20k. about those oildrops when hover over them there is russian text , would be nice to have it in english.
  11. akk70

    Naval Battle: A Clash Between Clans

    hope all clanmembers are automatic in it. not like last years test where each had to register individually.
  12. akk70

    Server Problems

    same cant get in
  13. akk70

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    RONIN recruit active casual min.T8 players. No need for ts, mic, etc. You just need to want enjoy the game and play clanbattles for fun. We have got 49 members and lot of buildings, so the last spot is waiting for you.
  14. test 3 clanbattles, how many vs how many?
  15. akk70

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    anything new of c v c battles? or rewards ?