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  1. akk70

    Clan wars - are we having fun yet?

    cvs are balanced.
  2. " There can be no more than two aircraft carriers or battleships per team in total. " so 2 carriers in team?
  3. akk70

    Update 0.10.5, Clan Battles restrictions

    how bout ban all CVs and make cb fun again?
  4. akk70

    0.9.10 - Clan Missions

    we did on narai
  5. akk70

    0.9.10 - Clan Missions

    u need wait to next morning for missions to update. seem to work cos we got all done.
  6. akk70

    0.9.10 - Clan Missions

    is there going to be new missions on future updates?
  7. akk70

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    RONIN recruit active casual. We dont use voice comms. U are expected to want to take part in clan battles, naval battles. We have got almost 50 members and lvl3 treasury(soon4)+ all other buildings.
  8. akk70

    Naval Base Update in 0.9.7

    Merlin68 think u meet others on same level. we had 100-128 loss last week. but u are right getting 2million oil take many years on current system.