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  1. vonduus

    Ho-Ho-Holiday Stream! - Discussion Thread

    If Dasha and Elena shows up, I will definitely watch this stream!!!
  2. Now you did it again! I have already spent the money I have for nice stuff, so I have no money left to spend on luxuries like new french battleships, not until the end of the month. If you want my money, then you will extend the offer from 23rd of november to 31st of november, at that date I have a new batch of money to spend.
  3. I actually like wgc, and no, I am not paid to say so. I guess they could just leave the old launcher as is and stop maintaining it, then when it does not workany more, ppl will have to change. It is funny how this community is adverse to change, sometimes I think most players are betwen 80 and 110 years old.
  4. vonduus

    Whats goin on WG Disconnection problem!!??

    And on top of it all, Igot a warning for "inactivity in game"
  5. vonduus


    So where do I check how much coal and steel I have got so far? It is not listed in the Arsenal, nor in the inventory. Please put it next to gold, credits and free xp in the top of the screen. edit: Okay, I found it in the Arsenal. Can you provide a way to sort the goods for sale in the Arsenal? The icons are very big, and it can be hard to find a specific item even on a big screen.
  6. vonduus

    Update 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    The "Okt. Revolyutsiya comes with only three (3) Damage Control party reloads (4 with the premium versions). All other ships have infinite damage control. Please fix.
  7. vonduus

    Wargaming.net Game Center - Open Beta - Feedback

    Could we have an option, so we can read the news in our regular browser? I mean, so that when you click on a link in the Game Center, it opens in my browser, and not in the Game Centers built-in browser? Something I can select in settings? Same thing in the game, actually, the news takes forever to load, so i tend to skip it and just read it in my browser.
  8. vonduus

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Technical

    Same here - there is not even 2000 players on the test server, so something must be broken. Please fix!
  9. vonduus

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - General Feedback

    One Question: When i take my Kongo, I just push the "Battle" button, and less than a minute later I play. But if I choose Emile Bertin, or T-22, the game tells me: "You need to be in a division to play". So I had to sit for up to 5 minutes and wait for a division to form. Why this difference? Why have divisions at all? I am a solo player, and would prefer the way I get into an operation with my Kongo: I just push "Battle" and then I am put into the queue, and a short while later there is some action- just like in random battle. If people really want to be in a division, and don't mind waiting, then let them have their divisions as an option, but don't force us soloplayers, who don't care about divisions and just want to play an operation. I really love the operations, a little bit hard, perhaps, but I like a challenge. And if there is only one operation every week, there is plenty of time to figure out how to beat the bots. (Although I agree, that it may be too hard for the casual players).
  10. vonduus

    Doing the maths on the Bismarck "Collection" system

    I just finished all the tasks in mission 1 (except the Hood one) in little more than an hour. So if the tasks don't get much more difficult, it should not be a problem even if you don't have that much time. Having high tier ships is a big help, though - in one good game in the Yamato i finished task 2 and 3 and half of task 1. But okay, 20 days is a little short, especially for people who don't have much time for gaming, and who don't have high tier ships yet.
  11. vonduus

    Doing the maths on the Bismarck "Collection" system

    If all your badges are the same, you will have one badge in you collection and 109 duplicates (assuming 55 available tasks). For those duplicates you are able to do some exchanges and get (109 divided with 4 = ) 27 unique badges, and how many do you need to get a full collection? No need to do fancy math, common sense will do! :-)
  12. vonduus

    Fix Chatban Reports

    I see the chatban actually system works. I thought it was just some way to release steam without having to go all out in a flame war, so I just report whoever calls the team and me idiots, instead of wasting my time to tell them, that they are the actual idiots, if they can't control their rage. It is a lot easier just to report flamers than to try to talk sense to them. And if it really results in some chat bans, so much the better. People who cannot cope with losing a battle without losing their heads should not play competitive games.
  13. vonduus

    Key Binding Changes

    I agree about the space key, I am used to having artillery view on the space bar, and I never use the "bring camera back to ship" for carriers, instead I just push "1" twice. Please don't reserve the spacebar for anything, but let it be a key like all others. It is the most convenient key for quick access, as the thumb is much more likely to hit the space bar in a tight situation than the pinkie is to hit the rather small shift key. I don't want to have to relearn the most important keystroke in the game - by the way the same keystroke I use in wot for binocular view. So please undo this particular change.
  14. vonduus


    I can confirm, I got both honorable and heroic achievements, but the task is not acknowledged. Please fix. In other news: Campaigns are great, I really like them, thanks!
  15. vonduus

    Update 0.5.15 Feedback - Bugs

    Description: The game won't quit. Reproduction: Push Escape in game, choose "Exit Game". On the "Do you really want..."-screen, click "Yes". Result: Game stays indefinitely on this screen without quitting. Expected result: Game quits and sends me to desktop. Technical details: Before the bug occurred, the client had disconnected from the server due to inactivity on my part. After quitting and waiting for maybe two-three minutes I tried to kill the game via Job Manager, which opened in the background, but stayed behind the game's log-off screen, so eventually I had to do a log-off. So far I only experienced this bug once.