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  1. vonduus

    Ranked Battles

    I was given some rental ships, but when I tried to take the Yamato into a ranked battle, the button was grayed out, and a tooltip said that this ship can only be used in ranked and clan battles. So this must be a bug - please fix, because I have just started re-grinding the Japanese BB-line for research points, so my own Yamato is not available before around X-mas.
  2. vonduus

    reply to a comment made by mr. conway on twitch

    eliastion, you are right, I get your point, but it is not only in high tiers that you learn to be (too) careful, I remember back on tier III when I thought the way to play was to stay in the background and snipe in my DD, and let the others take all the hits. But then I saw, that I was always last on the list of ranks after battle, because I made no serious contribution to the game. At the same time I had realised, that beyond tier IV the ships are quite expensive, and I would have to do some serious grinding, if I ever wanted to reach tier X - unless I found the sweet spot between being aggressive and being too aggresive, where I actually could make som xp and credits without dying within three minutes every f'cking time. This is still the spot, I am trying to stay in - for the most part my personal mistake still is, that I am too aggressive (because the other players are too defensive, so I feel that I must do something to get things rolling - but this is really just a bad excuse, because the only person to blame for me being too aggressive is me). I will iterate: My intention was not to start a discussion about the general state of player skills, but to advocate for rewards to players playing low tiers. My counterargument to the sealclubber argument is, that there are noobs all over the game, and that you can feel like a sealclubber even on tier X, so all talk about a "safe space" for newbies in low tiers are ridiculous. this should pave the way for realising my suggestion about having some prizes on the low tiers also. It is obvious to me as a green player around 52% win rate, who ocassionally dabble a short time as a blue player, before I fail myself back to green - but almost never goes yellow, and it is a very long time since I was red as a tomato - that any single battle is very much determined by who you are in team with, who is on the opposing team, and if the RNG-goddess likes you today or not. How the MM picks the ships has next to no impact on the results of the game, compared with these factors (except of course, that people who are afraid of high tier ships will let their fear influence their gaming in a negative way - which is good, if the whiner is on the opposing team). Your true level cannot be measured before you have played thousands of battles. I have played thousand of battles, and I must now live with the fact, that I am quite mediocre, skill wise - I will probably never ever be purple as a unicum. But then I really don't care. I play to have fun, and having fun actually includes winning at least half the time. Of course I want to win, every battle, but knowing that even the best of us loses up to 40% of our battles shows imo that if you cannot cope with loosing, then this is not a game for you. And remember, all you unicorns - without noobs, you would not be unicorns - every game you win means that some sucker somewhere has lost ;-). Compared to DFens_666 and his 64 % wr I am just a noob, but compared to the red hot tomatoes I am a quite decent player with my 52%. I really don't care if other players suck, as long as I have fun and win most of the time on average. What I care about are all the whiners, who have no idea about statistics, and who whines and blames the team every time they get sunk. But then sometimes I just disable chat, this solves the problem. tldr: My agenda is to convince wargaming, that there ought to be missions and prizes also on low tiers, because there are a lot of funny ships on these tiers, that I never play, because all the missions are for mid and high tier. I agree that a lot of players suck (including myself from time to time), but this was not what I wanted to discuss. :-)
  3. vonduus

    reply to a comment made by mr. conway on twitch

    I generally agree with your misgivings, DFens_666, I also find it frustrating to loose a game just because my co-players don't know what is up and down on a map. But nevertheless, I manage to keep my winrate on the right side of 51-52%, even on sundays, not because I am a very good player, I am just a little better than the majority. And don't underestimate the noobs, especially in wot I have been killed quite a lot by some tankdrivers, that did something so incredibly stupid, that I hadn't planned for it, and therefore ended up dead. This is the reason I prefer on--line gaming: Humans are unpredictable, as opposed to machine thinking. It is this unpredictability, that keeps the games fresh. My suggestion is to give us some small incentives also in the low tiers, because I actually like to play all those crazy little ships down there, but I almost never play them, because I am always busy with some grind in the higher tiers. And as you say, there are plenty of noobs also in the high tiers, so the seal clubber counterargument doesn't really make any sense anyway. Statistically, the noobs will be distributed evenly on the two teams, so the only significant difference in the long run is me (or you, in your games). I have learned, that attitude is central - if I am annoyed or angry, I make stupid decisions, so I generally ignore stupid play from my teammates and focus on stupid play from the opponents. And I never forget, that sometimes I can still make very stupid mistakes, even after more than 20.000 games.. There is a reason that I am not a unicum ;-)
  4. Hi all! A few weeks ago, Mr, Conway said in a stream on twitch, that low tiers are meant as a playground for newbies. But this makes no sense! Newbies already have the benefit of a certain grace period, 100 battles, I think (???) before they are let out among the seal clubbers. After this period, where they probably struggle to learn the basic mechanics, they are supposed to learn how to think tactically, by playing against opposing players who are better than them. Learning by mistake and loosing to better players is the only way to get better, imho! In the US WoT community the "Kewei" method of learning was often mentioned on the forums back in the day: Kewei was (is) a unicorn, who bought a tier VIII tank and learned to play in this tank, before he undertook the grand grind from tier I through tier X. His argument from so doing was, that in the higher tiers you are immediately punished when you make a mistake, and therefore you learn faster, and in the low tiers you can get bad habits, because you are NOT punished for applying inferior tactics. Also, it is harder to unlearn a bad habit than not having it in the first place. Same argument applies to WoWs. In the low tiers you can get away with a lot of bad practices, which then make advancement to the higher tiers a pita, because you have to unlearn a lot of bad habits (been there, done that). So instead of discouraging high tier players to avoid low tiers, the mission system ought to provide at least some incitements for us old players to also play low tier battles. And in fact there IS such an incitement already: I own a lot of funny little premium ships in tiers II-IV, which I love to play, but I almost never play them, because they almost never partake in the missions and grinds and all the marathons that provides all the extra little gifts and grand prices, that we players love. And the new research mission thingie is also supposedly meant to make us play lower tiers, but we do not get research points before tier VI, so why not just spend some free xp and bypass the grind from tier II to tier V? Why play low tiers, when all the gifts are on tier VI and higher? My suggestion is: Wargaming should think about creating mission for tier II-IV also. In WoWp there is a mission system, where you are supposed to reach certain goals in low tiers, mid tiers as well as high tiers, to earn the "big" price (in the form of something called "tokens"). For certain grand prices (high tier planes) you still have to play tier IV or higher, but the daily missions are for all tiers. Why not introduce something like this in WoWs? Let me ask in another way: Why do you sell us so many funny small low tier premium ships, when we are not supposed to play them? Having a mission system with some low tier support would give us an incitement to not just buy them and letting them collect rust in our ports, but actually having fun by playing them. And as I already argued: The seal clubber argument doesn't cut it, as it only helps promote bad habits and subsequently a lot of whining in chat over the MM when players reach higher tiers. If new players learn early on not to make so many mistakes, maybe they would have a little more courage, when the going gets tough in the higher tiers. vonDuus PS On another note: The twitch drop system is a source of frustration - it is not transparent if you get a drop or not, sometimes you do and sometimes you don't, but nowhere it says how and why I get my drop - or not. This could be made a lot more transparent, I hope. PPS Keep up the good work, Mr. Conway (and Crysantos), I enjoy wathing your streams on thursdays in between battles :-).
  5. vonduus

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    I really like the sound of a slightly scratched record in the music tracks - kudos to your sound engineer, he is really tickling my nostalgia bone! And the new gun sounds are great, they have really got a punch, at least on my system. On the video/performance side: The new load system actually produces a lot more lags than before, when loading ships during battles - unfortunately these lags always occur just when an enemy ship is sighted, which interferes with my aiming and shooting, which again results in me getting shot at for several seconds before I can respond. In a DD this can be fatal. I get it that the gradual loading system is introduced to prevent too long pre-battlestart loading times, but what hinders the client in gradually loading the ship models semi-continuously during the first minute of a battle, as there normally are no or only very few sightings so early on? I suppose all the textures will be loaded anyway before the battle is over, so why not just load them, not before the battle starts, but during the first minute or so, instead of waiting until they actually show up on the horizon? Then only ships that haven't loaded yet will of course create some lags - but a more continuous early loading will if not solve the lag problem entirely, then at least make it less pronounced.
  6. vonduus

    General Feedback

    The game crashed on me, which it almost never does. But when I came back in, I got punished for "quitting the game early", and now I have to play three games as a pink player. I do appreciate the one-strike-you-are-pink-policy, but this is over the top. You should incorporate a crash-sensor in the game, because it sucks to get punished for something the game did to you. The game just froze again. This time I managed to get back into the battle, before it ended, so I didn't turn pink. I then wanted to upload the reports folder, but there are no files in it - seems the client wipes this folder on restart - which is stupid, pardon my french. I always try to get back into the game before I even think about reporting a bug, so in this way you will never get the data to analyze. Please fix!
  7. vonduus

    Research Bureau

    What happened to my ship xp? I just reset a line, and I had literally millions of ship xp distributed on the ships in the line, and now all those xp are gone! Although I probably never could afford to convert all this xp to free xp, I no longer have the option - shouldn't this loss of potential free xp be compensated somehow?
  8. vonduus

    0.8.5 - General feedback

    Got the same problem - the hp bar goes blank, so I don´t know if my repair kit will work or not.