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  1. aN00Bis_6VI6

    Buff Rewards Ships Economic Potential.

    To clarify, no. If I do bad or have bad luck, then I should not be rewarded for doing poor, but thats not the point. I had expected more economic reward in general for a reward ship. It even says: "Has lower post-battle costs than tech tree equivalents" To my initial understanding this means that it should have a better (somewhat) credit earning potential. Evidently this is not the case, which is a shame, and I feel its should reward a bit more than what it does. You can argue that the reward is the ship itself, which is a very valid point to which I do agree. But as I said: "It is a Conqueror sister though so I knew more or less what I was getting in to", Salem is a similar story to Des Moines, Bourgogne probably has a somewhat similar story to the Alsace (albeit it is a tier higher and key consumable differences). And then there are the respective standalone's such as; Smolensk and so on. On that I can agree. Prinz Eugens Adler permaflage is a brilliant credit earner, arguably one of the best in the game (imo), and the Eugen seems to be in a better position now than what it was ages ago (either that or I just got better, up for debate). I guess I just had my expectations higher than they should have been. I do enjoy the Thunderer (although the initial win rate is abysmal) and I have always preferred the 18"ers. Just load her with ALL of the economic flags.
  2. I have not long got the Thunderer, only had one win in a about 10 games, not a good start, but can't have it all your own way. But the win I did achieve (with 95K damage) earned me only 200K. With other TX ships with their respective premium camo, I can earn up to 400K. (But I will point out I may be neglecting the added signals, before anyone points this out, so I will keep testing to see the difference.) For a ship that you may have spent months to grind to earn (which is most people trying to get these ships, probably years for the Steel ships), it feels very underwhelming that what you have does not reward you back. It is not a premium ship, I know that, its not a Jean Bart (good premium I should add, and I got her before she was a premium). But while the ship on its own maybe good (It is a Conqueror sister though so I knew more or less what I was getting in to), it should also be more rewarding economically I feel, a TX premium to earn would be nice, but a least on par with TIX's with its credit potential. How does everyone else feel about this, I could be doing something wrong, or had my expectations too high (most likely). But the credit earning side of it feels like a let down.
  3. aN00Bis_6VI6

    AA Modification 1

    I am somewhat confused by the explanation for the AA Mod 1 upgrade for ships, it states: "+2 to number of explosions produced by salvos from medium- and long-range AA defenses". I am taking it two ways: 1) Basically an extra 2 flak burst per AA sector 2) Each flak battery produces +2 bursts, thus; Yamato with 6x127mm AA-batterys can produce up to 12 extra flak bursts per sector. I am believe it is actually the first option as having an extra twelve bursts per sector would be OP or at least a lot more challenging, yet I could be wrong. Can someone clarify this please. Thank you.
  4. aN00Bis_6VI6

    Naming Ships

    Probably not the first to bring this up, and definitely not going to be the last. But has there been mentions of having custom names on ships? I am actually surprised this has not been done yet, literally a name plaque on the ship, name it, pay a little gold for it (Wargamings gotta make its money somehow XD) and done. A little thing but would be a very nice personalisation feature which for those ships you wish to keep from the tech tree would be more personal. "Let me tell you a tale of the Lion class battleship: Ardent Immolation!" To even see the name of the enemy ship your fighting. I dunno. What does everyone else think?
  5. aN00Bis_6VI6

    Jean Bart: Armour Buff

    I would not call myself a noob so much (though it is in my name lol XD), I have completed the BB lines of the Brits, Japs and Germans, and each of them I have had fun and done well, especially in the Brits, I guess its just gonna have to take some time to learn her as I said. Each line has their nuances, and I am still learning the French line, but to me she seemed extremely vulnerable to HE, I have just played ranked battles and shes doing fairly well there, though of course fewer numbers to worry about and a whole map to move around. So, yeah. Thanks for replying, all of you. Now to learn her better.
  6. aN00Bis_6VI6

    Jean Bart: Armour Buff

    Granted, I have not had many (no more than 10) games in the Jean Bart, but after recommendation going for it instead of Bourgogne, I have found her to be a pleasant ship but with a few glaring issues, but the most damning is not the dispersion of her guns though the inconsistency can be very frustrating from time to time. It his her Armour. In the current meta of HE "usage", her 32mm plating leaves her extremely vulnerable to HE spam which is becoming even more rife then ever, but the vulnerability goes so far as to even having battleships at any angle firing HE, sometimes irrespective of being broadside, this means her survivability, tied with her low HP means she struggles to last for very long. I will grant as stated above that I am still learning her nuances that make her an apparently great ship, and her money making potential is also a very delicious aspect. So if any one objects to my claim, I am more than happy to receive feedback and advice on how to play her better. And I do see her potential, but she is dependent on good circumstances which are very few and far between. I believe (currently) that to mitigate this issue she needs a minor armour buff to reduce the HE problem, enough to prevent full penetrations but not enough to block IFHE (her bow armour is good enough for tanking AP I find so thats not an issue). But then again she might need it buffed to block IFHE, I do not know how commonly used it is as I am not a true cruiser player and the cruisers I do have do not have IFHE, I find there is no need but that is me. What is the consensus on this? I have heard in the past of her good performance but that was in relation with her guns which were nerfed? I most likely am wrong, but she just cannot survive very well (or consistently) as it currently stands, and on top she gets pulled into T10 battles which has the almighty HE spammer: Conqueror (guilty pleasure with the 17.9inchers, admittedly). I feel she needs this buff bad, or in time she might not be a favorable ship at all.
  7. aN00Bis_6VI6

    New Battle Types

    I have been in World of Warships for the good part of 1-2 years now, have seen ups and downs in the game, and at its current pace its a bit of a blur, though most likely it is going downhill, but I digress... With the recent release of British Battleships (like opening a jar of Marmite...), it has become very difficult to even get into games to play them, and I have been noticing (eventually) that battleships are generally the dominant ship type played in game, for whatever multitude of reasoning makes it so, and obviously it creates a number of problems, mostly of course when it comes to loading times, and not just for BB players. I myself am a fervent BB player, but I have been expanding into Cruiser and DD play, and have found them just as much if not more so fun and rewarding, but the problem remains. This was just a on the spot thought, but one worth discussing and debating, is to help alleviate this matter maybe to introduce Type-Battles. For example, back in the Grand Days of Yore!, the lead ship of the time was the Battleship, and the ideal engagement was a decisive engagement (or an indecisive slugfest) between them, and their annihilation (rarely). A Line Battle for Battleships of the Line, basically battles purely consisting of BB's. This would significantly reduce loading times for BB's, and pit them against others without having to fear DD's and ariel intervention. Of course there will be a backlash of issues should this be pursued, for example: Would it mean there will be fewer BB's for standard random battles? Would BB player base skill diminish? Would it make more people play BB's? Should this battle type pass onto other ship types (Carriers excluded - Have you ever seen carriers dueling it out in secondary range? I have, its an interesting sight)? There are a lot of unknowns to this, and even I cannot come up with all the answers, but hey, I'm just one person.What does everyone else think, I think there is potential, no matter how remote, but again; Discussion before Decision is the best Policy of Advancement.