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  1. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    U-Boote Sammelthread

    Hydro geht ja zum Teil, Radar sollte eher mind für einige Sekunden das Sub. spotten können auch wenn der Bereich halbiert wird und wie angesprochen die Dauer selber auch nerfed werden könnte. Gibt so viele Dinge wie man die Sache angehen könnte aber das liegt in WGs Hand.
  2. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Newcomers from Ukraine

    I can not take you serious when you fail to read what i wrote, "backrudder" on things you wrote hours/days ago and now accuse me of somehow insulting you above in my post/making comments that in your eyes somehow should be deleted when i posted JUST NOW ONCE - at least highlight it next time to me. My bad on reading "muskovites" as mosquitoes as some sort slang usage of yours but honestly after the stuff you wrote here whatever. Anyway i dont think to many care about which clan you recommend and then left/got kicked out a day later etc - same goes for anything non wows related - that is kinda the wrong place to discuss real world events in a "newcomer" section. The part of "non wants you here hur dur" made me slightly smirk since i met a lot of ukrainians the past weeks that actually offered me in the future to visit their country. What amazes me the most is how you have even the time to play the game right now or wasting your time on this forum right now. Thread should had been closed ages ago ngl. since it was already off topic on page 1 ))) - anyway continue to spread your political non sense on a game forum about "clicking ships " - i on my part wont bother reacting to anything you have to say and was a fail of mine to even waste my time writing anything to begin with here.
  3. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    This is why I will never have the Puerto Rico

    You should have zero issues getting this event done - we reached a point where dockyard was dumped down so much (since Odin) that anyone with barley any play time could finish a dockyard without an issue. The missions are so unreal piss easy this time that anyone saying they are "hard" or "grindy" is "bad" in this game - its that simple. WG made this event so easy and there are still ppl who think its to pricy while spending 45k doubs last month for Mushi, Missions to "hard" or its "unfair" that OG owners like me (payed 60€ back then, had 28% wr and somehow managed to get most of the missions done compared to my unicum mates back then that honestly did not bother going for missions while having a semi normal playtime overall) get steel/rb/doubs with the coupon. If you think this event is to hard for you then i dont know what to tell you beside your wrong - if you had been a player who has a lets say difficult overall game view of himself and being in the lower areas of 45-40% wr then ok i would understand that its harder for those but cmon not for you. Reminder WG never forced anyone to buy any of the dockyard ships or any of the auction ships - its up to the players what they do in the end - so long.
  4. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Look for clan . Top EU clans.

    3 weeks later comes again on, makes a billion necro threads and repeats that again and again. Here take my report for spam - typical copy paste clans that cant keep their members and have to fill this section with their shitty pastas.
  5. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Look for clan . Top EU clans.

    Your the guy that spams weeks and months old "lf clan threads" cause your to lazy to even see that half the ppl already found one - copy paste clan spam cause the likes of you got worse over the years - maybe start holding your clan mates so you dont have to spam every thread would be a tip of mine.
  6. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Game uninstalled

    Would be based if WG just bans the guy who you sell the account to and then you get refunded - win win if you ask me. Sad that recently so many NA streamers turned up on EU and WG does nothing about clearly account buying/selling.
  7. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    New Economic System is Better

    If the system is so bad why dont you like OP post some match results? In 9/10 cases bad match rewards are clearly displayed via bad performance since you can even make bank in a lose (also as seen via OP posts).
  8. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    New Economic System is Better

    Having a private profile is one of these things while talking about "qualifications". If the system is so bad why dont you like OP post some match results?
  9. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Look for clan . Top EU clans.

    Honestly how come Graeme always gets away with necro threads spam?
  10. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Can anyone explain the latest LWM/Huron drama?

    Which agreement? LWM did not get any "contract" saying exactly what WG would "promise" - doesnt change the fact that LWM said "i dont care what they do with my ship" so honestly ppl need to shut up and white-knight a person that said they dont care. The only person going back on their word is LWM right now (sperging out at everyone on the reddit thread wasnt the greatest idea to begin with by LWM - the dmg is done already).
  11. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Can anyone explain the latest LWM/Huron drama?

    It seems like you havent read LWM posts on the reddit thread - LWM said in the first sentence that she/him/whatever did never care about what they do with the ship itself so there is the point of just going full on schizo mode and back on their own word.
  12. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Can anyone explain the latest LWM/Huron drama?

    Only reason LWM came out of her cave was cause non gave a [edited]about her since the CC drama.
  13. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Can anyone explain the latest LWM/Huron drama?

    I gona say the same thing as i said back then with LWM CC schizo post happened - massive attention whoring - also ironic how so many white-knights crap on LWM suddenly now after their "queen" pulled this one for laughable reasons. Rename to "Ungrateful-White-Mouse" tbh.
  14. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Ship Restrictions for the ongoing Clan Battles Cayman Season (DB 335)

    Well done WG *sarcasm* - somehow you are tho like 3-4 weeks late - how about you at least make new restrictions every 2 weeks?
  15. GermanBoomercaustEnjoyer

    Looking for clan EU, still want to play competitive for some reason

    Came for Nagatoro and left cause of Bernie - the eternal suffering displayed in one post. Copy paste clan recruitment adds spam inbound below.