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  1. vergador

    HELLN recruits Greek players

    2-3 atoma akoma xriazomaste!!
  2. vergador

    HELLN recruits Greek players

    Xriazomaste 3-4 atoma akoma
  3. HELLN We are looking for GREEK active players interested in divisions, clan battles etc. We recruiting for Main clan and academy. Requirements 1. Active player. 2. Discord is necessary  3. You must 18+ 4. Have a sense of Humor 5. Atleast one T10 6. 2000 random battles. 7. No hidden stats 8. Just be nice person. Contact me if you are interested. Vergador Λεπτομέρειες από κοντά!!!!
  4. vergador


    U can check HELLN if u want . Is only with GREEK ppl. kinos ta leme !! :) Stile mou minima an thes vergador
  5. vergador

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Sound

    something doesn't work with sounds. When cyclone starts the music have some issues. He stop, he start again, and he stop with no reason. MANY... times u got a ribbon when u sunk a ship and after 2 sec u can hear the sound of sunk. And one time game freeze, after 10 sec works fine... (GAME with N Carolina)
  6. vergador

    I'm looking for a clan on EU server

    I speak with 2 ppl.I talk with mikemjk iphone(admiral) I cant remember the name, is from Canada. He told me to go to INDIA (EU divisions).There I can find ppl to play together. I hope to we talk soon. This nights (FRIDAY and Saturday) I don't log in on game because I work this 2 nights. But I log Sunday evening and night .I hope to see u and talk. If u want tell me the hour to play or log in on TS to log in same time.
  7. I am looking for a clan on EU server. I use TS3 and I speak English.I have 26 ships tiers 5-9 (soon one 10) and I play 6 days on week, sometimes all days on week. Time to play usual after midnight 00:00-06:00 my country time. England time 22:00-04:00.U can check me with name vergador on game...
  8. vergador

    Dragon Kings now Recruiting [EU 18+]

    Looks good for me, i hope to talk soon.. See ya!!
  9. vergador

    ARP Missions reward? More like punishment.

    yeap I have 4 ARPs kongos soon have one again. And little later 3 myokos..In 2 years, probably we have 10 kongos and 6 myokos
  10. vergador

    i want to join a clan with teamspeck english

    I am looking too!! Tiers 5,6,7,8,and 9