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  1. Berrserkr

    Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    Oh, that's where they store the tennis balls they load whenever I shoot at targets.
  2. Berrserkr

    Please remove the map "Ocean" from the game

    The Ocean map is great. Mostly because it differ entirely from all other maps.
  3. Berrserkr

    Service cost if ship is not damaged?

    The problem is that a lot of players stay in a corner because they don't want to take any damage, and be of limited use for the team. By introducing a fixed cost you won't make any credits without actually doing something for the team, like damage, capping and so on. Beeing cautious is fine since a dead ship are of no use, but beeing too cautious is pretty much the same.
  4. Berrserkr

    Bismark Derpitz secondaries

    I would say that the Tirpitz suffer from the fact that everyone can buy her, and everybody does. To get the Bismarck you do actually have to play yourself to tier VIII and hopefully get some clues about how to play the game, and battleships. Bismarck is really powerful though and a great ship, but so is the Tirpitz.
  5. Berrserkr

    Halloween event 2016 - why is it so hard for ppl to grasp.

    The event is fun but it was a stupid idea with missions that doesn't require winning, or at least give better reward for winning. Been playing a handful of games today and in only one everyone were trying to win. In every other game at least one player were only doing his missions, for example running to the back corner to get his two kills and 100k damage.
  6. Thanks. Just hope that they get the clan system working soon.
  7. We do use Discord for voice and text chat.
  8. Berrserkr

    Another thread about HE spam

    And you don't see the problem with the amount of damage HE causes when even battleships often do more damage with HE than AP?
  9. Berrserkr

    Please help me choose line based on following:

    US destroyers might be something to consider. Great guns, eats IJN destroyers for breakfast and give the Russians a run for the money. At tier VIII you also get decent torpedoes that's actually useful and you get to use your guns from outside of your detection range (invisible fire). The downside is that you'll get outspotted by IJN destroyers, but when you get a spot on them you'll take them out quite easily. Ths US tier VII premium destroyer, the Sims, is not as good at it used to be but still decent in capable hands.
  10. Berrserkr

    Sickening Fact

    i play co-op, with my carriers. Because I suck at playing carrier and don't want to be a burden to my team. On the other hand, I'm only at tier IV and V with my carriers yet and there's room for improvement. Lots of room...
  11. Berrserkr

    Help on Youtube Publishing License

    "Rules and conditions to post a video on YouTube Generally speaking, players will be able to post YouTube videos related to publicly released Wargaming.net game titles. From Wargaming.net, we encourage and support players who produce videos for our community making use of: in-game footage, images, music and sounds from Wargaming Group Limited. [...]" https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/359
  12. Då kan kanske Friskyttarna vara något för dig. Besök oss på http://friskyttarna.eu/ Then maybe Friskyttarna might be the right choice for you. Visit us at http://friskyttarna.eu/
  13. Berrserkr

    Huehue, Sweden and Denmark

    Last war on Swedish soil was 1809 when we lost almost half the country (Finland) to Russia, last war were against Norway 1814 when we got Norway as compensation for the loss of Finland when we joined the Britts and the Russians against France (and Denmark, who then ruled over Norway as well) in the Napoleonic wars. The Norweigans were not happy about this and the newly elected crown prince lead a campaign against Norway. The old king got kicked of the throne after the loss of Finland, a new one were elected but he was old and had now heirs. Therefore they grabbed a French marschal, had the king adopt him and that got him in line of the Swedish throne. They hoped that he would join France in a war against Russia to take back Finland, but he probably had a more realistic view of the Swedish, Russian and French strenght and choose to join the Britts instead. The Bernadotte line is still on the Swedish throne today. And later Norway left the union peacefully in 1905 and Finland broke away from Russia 1917.
  14. Berrserkr

    Huehue, Sweden and Denmark

    When talking about the Scandinavian countries during WWII and their ships one has to mention the Sverige class coastal defence ships (Sverigeklassen pansarskepp"). Wikipedia: "It has been suggested that the Sverige class ships were one reason why Germany did not invade Sweden during World War II. This speculation appeared in Warship Magazine 1992 Edition, in the article 'The Sverige Class Coastal Defence Ships, by Daniel G Harris.' This could partly said to be confirmed in the post war publication of German tactical orders, and when tactical scenarios regarding attacking Sweden was published." Wikipedia: "The Sverige-class ships differed in several ways from the classical coastal defence ship; at first by heavier armament as well as better speed and armour, but still small enough to operate and hide in the archipelagos and shallow waters . But the main difference was to be noted in their tactical doctrine and operations. Unlike other coastal defence ships the "Sverige-class" formed the core of a traditional open sea battle group (Kustflottan), operating with cruisers, destroyers, torpedo boats and air reconnaissance like traditional battleship tactics of the time. This “mini-battle group” had no intention to challenge the superpowers in blue sea battles but to operate as defensive shield to aggression challenging Swedish interests and territory. Based on the doctrine that you need a battle group, to challenge a battle groups this force intended to form a problematic obstacle in the confined and shallow Baltic and Kattegat theatre where traditional large warships would be limited to very predictable moving patterns exposing them to submarines, fast torpedo crafts and minefields." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sverige-class_coastal_defence_ship More pictures of the three ships in the Sverigeklassen at the Sweidsh Wikipedia page: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sverigeklass
  15. Berrserkr


    No worries. It's just a test with submarines in the game ...