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  1. Captain_Edwards

    penalised for server drop

    The server went down thats why you cant reconnect to a game. Give it some time to get the hotfix update deployed and you should be good to go.
  2. Captain_Edwards

    Operation Hermes

    ^This. CA's Higher RoF means your "detected" status is greater than a BB. This means the AI will absolutely single you out, as the AI can see you more often than other ships in the group. Also once you are singled out, the AI will focus fire on you alone until you are no longer detected. Combined with the AI of BB's / CA's naturally focusing on CA's it makes the operation tough for some.
  3. Captain_Edwards

    Server Problem?

  4. Captain_Edwards

    The never ending story of E_OUTOFMEMORY

    It should be pointed out that with windows 7 and above, it will automatically download and/or install device drivers unless you tell it otherwise. What this means is that if your trying to do "clean" driver installs the OS can mess with it causing corruption as you and your OS are both trying to install a similar driver at the same time. If your doing a clean install you should ensure automatic driver updates are disabled. And when doing a clean install of drivers in safe mode its best to wait a few minutes after booting to ensure the OS has completed any device install tasks on startup. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2500967
  5. Captain_Edwards

    Is it just me with a BB ...

    Yeah but that's supposed to happen though. The shell is travelling a longer distance inside the hull if it penetrates from the bow rather than from the flank. Plus the bow in some vessels is one of the weakest armoured parts. Which means far higher chances of a citadel strike. Its why I personally weave as much as possible when engaging BB in a cruiser and try to time my evasion to his weapons fire. It doesnt always work, but when it does its a rather sweet feeling.
  6. Captain_Edwards

    Premium Ships, Captains and "New Year" Skin

    If I recall the patch notes correctly, unique ship camo's are going to be expanded across the entire ship range. Currently its only a select number of tech tree ships that get the optional camo, along with the premium ships.
  7. Captain_Edwards


    In WoWs it has to be done at minimal angles. Its not like WoT where you can angle out considerably (15 degrees or so ) and bounce a shell off the side armour. The size of the ship and the shells themselves means the actual angles involved are much larger than you think due to the visuals of the ships scale. In simple terms, in my experience angling works best as close to "straight on" as you can get and still be angled. This is because some of the ships superstructure is designed at an angle already. So if you take both points together your actually showing a near flat surface if you angle out too much. By playing this way I have bounced considerable number of shells. One match recently saw me "tank" 2 battleships and a cruiser at the same time off my BB's bows. I was sailing the New Mexico, and iirc there was a konisberg on my starboard bow, with another NM and a Fuso on my port bow. I sank the three of them with accurate weapons fire and "short" bow angling.
  8. Captain_Edwards

    BUFF German cruisers

    I like the German CA so far. Im at Nurnberg and its a pretty nice boat. Handles well, guns are pretty good and accurate and its got some speed. Feels rather flimsy though compared to Cleveland, as it takes a fair whack of HP if your hit and they seem to be prone to engine damage more often. The torps are lackluster with only 6k range, but at least it does have them. So you can get in to close range and torp a BB if you so chose. I think maybe give them a wee bit more HP overall, and they would probably be spot on imo.
  9. Captain_Edwards

    When is a Kill not a Kill ?

    ^These. "Kill stealing" does not exist. Its a logical fallacy from a child-like mentality.
  10. Captain_Edwards

    How WG sanctions glitch abusers? they do not at all

    In this case; There was no "discount". They did NOT pay for 1 million free XP. There was an error in the code that gave them something they should not have had. No one said it was a deliberate "exploit", and no-one had lambasted those who were affected. The whole "get over it" remark doesn't cut it. Its too large an amount to be ignored. It completely devalues WG's store and game economy.
  11. Captain_Edwards

    How WG sanctions glitch abusers? they do not at all

    That's because there are consumer laws in place for such things. Its also irrelevant to the situation here. Using your analogy this issue is more like people being given an airline ticket they did not pay for.
  12. Captain_Edwards

    How WG sanctions glitch abusers? they do not at all

    Not true. I have played hundreds of games online and only a handful ever allow such things to pass. Most MMO would immediately do a roll-back to the server, or failing that do a DB sweep and remove anything untoward. Same goes for most online competitive games. Even the original Diablo from back in the day did an update that completely killed exploit gained items. And the free XP gained is worth a considerable sum of real world cash. Its not like people got a few hundred or thousand XP that could be ignored. Its a million free XP. Thats a ridiculously high amount and absolutely requires action from WG. Otherwise the games economy is devalued, and paying customers are getting "the shaft".
  13. Captain_Edwards

    A suggestion regarding CAs (and one BB suggestion)

    I agree with the sentiment but not the suggestions. Some CA are very quick on the rudder as it is, and can easily evade torpedoes at closer ranges (3-5k). However I think the range that CA's have in shift time needs changing, as some are just sloppy and are easily targeted compared to others. A more standardised approach would be better imo, with less variation across the class. That would give some ships a bit of a buff without taking the already good ships in to OP territory.
  14. Captain_Edwards

    Karma mechanic

    Actually it can be exploited easily. IE; A ship someone wants to troll fires off a torpedo spread and said troll turns in to it deliberately. Et voila - player killed by his own weaponry due to a troll.
  15. Captain_Edwards

    Game crashing

    That's not good. Out of memory errors should not occur if you have sufficient ram available. And with collision load errors, it suggests to me something amiss with your system or the installation itself. First things first; Ensure your fully updated with windows updates Make sure you have the most recent graphics driver for your card Check your anti-virus software is set to "ignore" the games exe or set it to any software whitelist it has. Run a disc clean-up to remove any junk files Then do disc check on your HDD for problems and errors. Once that's done check the game again. If problems persists, try re-installing the C++ 2012 and 2013 packages. These could have become corrupted and need repairing. If you still have issues, I would then do a full install of the game again to ensure clean data