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  1. dognosh

    SLI problem (non-graphics related)

    cheers , I'll invest when it is all working
  2. dognosh

    SLI problem (non-graphics related)

    I find it strange that WOWs has excellent support for my SLI + triple screen setup, but whilst in SLI the settings menu is fubar ? (it works when I run single Gcard and not SLI) Is this known and being looked at ? thanks
  3. dognosh

    Why I must pay dubloons for selling my ship?

    Thanks guys for this thread It caught me out too ! This method of not so clear selling, and other little nuances in this game ,will be the death of it
  4. dognosh

    Graphics options all blank

    well I went in to the preferences.xml and set : false 5.333333 5760 1080 now running triple screen and the FOV is amazing I will play with aspect ratio to see if I can get it any better but am happy as it is. Gommster, on 05 September 2015 - 07:59 AM, said: I have exactly the same problem and am also running a native desktop resolution of 5760x1080 via nVidia 2d surround edit - turning off Nvidia surround solved the problem Not messing my desktop to play a game, but in the end got it working your editing ruined the settings I posted BigBadVuk !
  5. dognosh

    Graphics options all blank

    Just had a thought, I am running triple screen, maybe it currently doesn't support that ? anyway, will report it.
  6. dognosh

    Graphics options all blank

    will do, thanks. here is the piccy :
  7. dognosh

    Graphics options all blank

    Is this on purpose for Beta ? or something else is at work here ? I can't change anything related to graphics, not even able to go to full screen. ty and sorry if this has already been discussed