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  1. dcstar

    Final Blow

    Wanted. Your clips of one v one close quarters. this will be published along side the Final blows videos I am currently running. So win or lose please send your clips to dcstar32@gmail.com.
  2. dcstar

    New style of video

    Hello from the Cornishman. I will looking to restarting my streams soon on twitch, time and dates to come
  3. dcstar

    New style of video

    Missed last week, apologise.
  4. dcstar

    New style of video

    Well I manage to get a video done, enjoy
  5. dcstar

    New style of video

    Greeting commanders. I am trying to upload tuesday 0.00 GMT every week, there might be a delay to next week video as now the summer holidays in the UK and 2 kids to look after as well. Hope you all understand. DC
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    thank you for the advise
  7. dcstar


    Which is better for streaming YouTube or twitch
  8. Hello. So this clan as been around awhile and now looking for active peeps to join and make a little family for ourselves. Division up, learn and fight together, So happy to take on new peeps but least have tier 5 and above, but also want to grow to active group that can hold their own in clan wars. If you are interested please reply below and I will consider your request