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  1. I have to say that I hate the idea of NAVAL TRAINING CENTER. World of warships is a PVP game, which means even the newest player will meet the oldest ones in random. I think in this game, balance is beyond everything, and that is what WG keep doing. When you introduce this kind of measure into the game, the balance system will be destroyed, and there will be bigger gaps between new and old players, just like the old RTS-mod CV. I think that is bad for saving new players, or even old players who don't want to spend too much time on games. Even if the bonus of this kind of training is limited to 1% or less, I still think that will break the balance, because new players are sailing with a totally different ships from the old. This is not like the Signals or the legendary modifications, signals are equal to everyone to get it, and the legendary mods have some disadvantages, but the Naval training center is all about time or money you spend on it. Again, this is a PVP game, not a PVE one. If I spend a lot of time on the game and I get better equipment so I can easily defeat an AI-controlled monster or sth like that, then I think it is quite good. But for PVP? We are using the same ship, why should other's ship better than mine? Just because they start playing this game early than me? Let me make some examples for things like this: You play CS-GO for a long time, so your HP can increase to 110 by some kinds of methods. You play Starcraft II for a long time, so your Battlecruiser's HP can increase to 560 by some kinds of methods. You play FIFA for a long time, so all the abilities of your football-players will increase by 1 by some kinds of methods.
  2. Kluele_SophiNet

    Limit for Stalingrads in CWs

    Something that need to be clarified: Russians also called their "so called" battlecruisers "cruiser". They don't have the Battlecruiser category. For your wiki-quot, Russian "Тяжёлые крейсера проекта 82" means "Heavy cruiser project 82" in English, so you can see how they classify this ship.
  3. Kluele_SophiNet

    Registration - "League of the Sea" - new Concept, new Idea!

    One question: I have registered my team as the name of my clan, but our team members are now in several different clans(3~4), because of the 30 places limit of 1 clan. So is it ok for the league? Or I must let you know the names of the other clans, but not only the main one?
  4. Kluele_SophiNet

    Lunar Missions

    WG EU is spoiling us again.
  5. Kluele_SophiNet

    Crowning the Winter King - Signups

    Team name: Mahjong Room Team Tag: MR Team Captain: antibioxide Team Members: antibioxide(captain) Kluele_SophiNet luomengxueyue Pengyaou FullMetalUpa Veni_Vinci_Vidi PlastikV yakexi ChaosLHY Anastasia_Blade EAvalon formaggio9610 PS: If there are any differences between this post and the Google doc, pls set the member list at this post as the final version.
  6. Kluele_SophiNet

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    I love you all. ID: Kluele_SophiNet Ship: Dunkerque
  7. Kluele_SophiNet

    What ships do between disconnect and reconnect

    As soon as you disconnected, the ship will stop her engine, and the rudder will be back to the middle position(0°). However, this takes some time so your ship may keep moving for a few seconds until she finally stops. I've seen my teammates disconnected several times when we made divisions.
  8. Kluele_SophiNet

    Can we have this as a premuim ship :D

    No way, at least for now. The reason is that she is a T9 Fletcher.-class.WG seems not to plan to launch special premiums higher than T8 right now.
  9. Kluele_SophiNet

    REQUEST for Premium Ships (wishlist)

    (As I hope that I can get several ships, no matter a normal or a premium. However if we are talking about premium, then these below) Emden(1925)-T4 light cruiser First big/medium warship that were build by the new German Navy after WWI, represented the Germans' hope of rebuilding a strong navy as they had done in WWI. Very memorable. In WoWs Maybe 1939 version, with 2x2 533mm torp-tubes, 3x1 88mm guns, 2x1 37mm AA guns and 6x1 20mm AA guns. The displacement of Emden is similar to Karlsruhe(T4), so they may have similar HP. Pros/cons compared to current normal T4 Karlsruhe faster(29kn to 27.5) better AA better firing range of main battery worse concealment ---------------------------------------------------------------- Isuzu-T4/5 light cruiser Originally a Nagara-class light cruiser, not much different from Kuma. However in 1944, she was totally changed into an AA-cruiser, makes her quite special from the similar 3 classes of light cruisers in IJN(Kuma,Nagara,Sendai). In WoWs Of course the 1944 version-the most unique version, with six 127mm type 89 DP guns in 3 double turrets as main guns, 11 triple and 5 single type 96 25mm AA guns, and 2 quadruple torpedo tubes. The hull status is nothing much different from Kuma. Props/cons best AA among T4 and T5 cruisers, and the only one with DP guns as main guns worst main gun firepower against ships among T4/5 cruisers strong 610mm torpedos maybe the range of torpedo will just like Yubari--6km very good maneuverability almost no armor protection Special Have Defensive Fire consumable, just like Yubari I'm not sure if this ship is too strong for Langley and Hosho in T4, so T4 and T5 are all possible.
  10. Kluele_SophiNet


    Yes he can fire at 13~14km but what about the hitting rate and damage? And the maps that Flint can enter are always big, the most time I do in a Flint is not to fire, but to get closer to the enemy so that I can fire. Sonar is nothing, if she has sonar then means her AA is not so horrible, and even if sonar can spot torps 3km away doesn't means she can dodge them, especially for those who just sitting in the smoke. For 2 in division - well that is kind of terrible thing, but I think if 2 players who can reach rank 1 make a division, even 2 Mahans will be terrible. This is not the fault of Flint. Anyway, this is just a reward ship, you can't see them too much times, much less when they divisioned. And you have a 3rd choice to deal with Flint: Let your destroyers spot them early and kill them fast.
  11. Kluele_SophiNet


    So Flint's smoke reload time is 240s(normal) and 160s(premium), and it can last 120s yes, nothing different with any US DDs... So where's your 30s and 39s come from?
  12. Kluele_SophiNet


    Flint is OP? Because she can set smoke for 27 seconds? Then you will have HMS Belfast soon, with 23 seconds smoke, 94 seconds Hydro(4.2km spot range), and 25 seconds radar. Enjoy to fight with it.
  13. So why a cruiser needs to choose before you get into a battle and a battleship doesn't? What makes you so unique? New York, 21 knots, can still get into a T7 battle, where she could met Colorado, 21 knots, why can't you catch her? Or more important, why do you need to race against her? You are always emphasizing the speed, say that low-tiers cannot catch up high-tiers. However, if you are talking about battleships, yes T5-7 US battleships cannot catch up T8 and T9, but what the problem? they have much better side defence and much better turning characteristics, why couldn't you use your advantage, but just to race with cruisers? And more, why can't you hit a ship that sails faster than you? Any cruiser(higher than T4) is slower than a battleship? Then why cruisers always get killed by battleships? Back to New York, she is also much slower than a low-tier Myogi and same-tier Kongo, so as your theory, should we add more consumables to New York when enemy only has Kongo and Myogi? For cruisers, they sail at same speed from T4 to T10, many of them even use same main guns at different tiers, so where's your theory-basis for them to add more consumables? At last, my opinion is, if your suggestion become real, will only made low-tiers become more individual. This is a team-battle-game, and the team awareness is always weak for low-tier-players, they don't have much experiences as the high-tier-players, so that's why low-tiers always get killed early at high-tier battles. I can still use my Iwaki alpha(if you know, this ship has a MM-protection that made her cannot meet any ships higher than T5) in T6 battles(in division with a T5) and kill the most in the team, sometimes even in T7 battle and I will never be useless, my division-mate always died before me, and what is the reason you think? And more, You know why this ship has MM-protection? She is too weak for high-tier-battles...
  14. Interesting, but not realizable. Can a cruiser take her Hydro instead of Defensive fire automatically when she get into a battle without any carriers? If not, why should a battleship can? Just because she is a low-tier-battleship? What should low-tiers do is to kill enemy's low-tiers, support your high-tier-teammates and avoid the 1vs1 situation, but not to complain about dying fast. Even a North Carolina can do enough damage to a Yamato. Of course T3 battleships have big disadvantage against T5, but T3s will never see T5s nowadays. And other tiers? I don't think they have such big gap.
  15. Kluele_SophiNet

    Gneisenau - Einschlag ! Quick Impression

    If you are comparing the thickness of the armor of the main belt, then Izumo has a 305mm belt and Iowa's is 307mm.