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  1. I have to say that I hate the idea of NAVAL TRAINING CENTER. World of warships is a PVP game, which means even the newest player will meet the oldest ones in random. I think in this game, balance is beyond everything, and that is what WG keep doing. When you introduce this kind of measure into the game, the balance system will be destroyed, and there will be bigger gaps between new and old players, just like the old RTS-mod CV. I think that is bad for saving new players, or even old players who don't want to spend too much time on games. Even if the bonus of this kind of training is limited to 1% or less, I still think that will break the balance, because new players are sailing with a totally different ships from the old. This is not like the Signals or the legendary modifications, signals are equal to everyone to get it, and the legendary mods have some disadvantages, but the Naval training center is all about time or money you spend on it. Again, this is a PVP game, not a PVE one. If I spend a lot of time on the game and I get better equipment so I can easily defeat an AI-controlled monster or sth like that, then I think it is quite good. But for PVP? We are using the same ship, why should other's ship better than mine? Just because they start playing this game early than me? Let me make some examples for things like this: You play CS-GO for a long time, so your HP can increase to 110 by some kinds of methods. You play Starcraft II for a long time, so your Battlecruiser's HP can increase to 560 by some kinds of methods. You play FIFA for a long time, so all the abilities of your football-players will increase by 1 by some kinds of methods.