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    Armada: Yūdachi

    I'd really like to know how WG thinks this is a properly balanced DD. Compared to Yuudachi, Akatsuki has: Faster, higher damage, less detectable torpedoes Basically the same health Better gun reload and an extra gun in faster rotating turrets Better speed At the expense of: A little stealth TRB Extra range on torps And Shiratsuyu has: Better gun reload Better concealment Faster, higher damage, less detectable torpedoes At the expense of: TRB and smoke at the same time Extra range on torps 500 health And since Shinonome has been brought up: A gun more with same reload Faster, better concealed torps however with some less damage and limited range Better concealment About the same AA capabilities 300 health less A tier lower Also, the extra range is very questionable since these torpedoes are about the same speed as 9.2 km Mahan/Benson torpedoes, except that these US destroyers get way stealthier torpedoes. This means that you basically need to use TA to get the same speed as Shiratsuyu and Akatsuki have, while still retaining the lower damage and higher detectability and leaving only 2 km range over the normal torpedoes. I'm not sure the TRB is worth all that as without TA these torps are also easier to miss, making it almost a required skill. This makes it even more confusing why the damage is lower, because now you need to hit more torpedoes to deal the same damage all while making it harder to actually hit with them. As such I'm kind of missing the redeeming features of this ship.