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  1. Chillaxe

    French cruiser with useless guns

    I see you did background check, so you understand what is my level, the fact is, i hit a lot and i know where to aim but this thing simply has 0 DMG output.If i miss something I will gladly hear your advice.
  2. Chillaxe

    French cruiser with useless guns

    able should've not everyone plays the game all the time, usually you get 10 points at the end of tier 6 or as you unlock tier 7...In any case i am not Noob I have some experience of the game, I can make decent game with every ship but when i have over 160 hits and still less than 35k DMG in tier 6 it's ridicules
  3. Chillaxe

    French cruiser with useless guns

    I am only up to tier 6 La Galissonniere but boy this ship is horrible, i mean most of my shots do no dmg whatsoever, on average per salvo 7-8 hits and about 700 dmg done, AP is about as useless as HE, only against very light armored 90 degree cruisers it will do citadels.. Now i know people will say use IFHE on it, but lets be honest it's tier 6 to have 10 points commander at that stage is highly unlikely. So how you play it? Or free exp is the way to go? And for a treat this:
  4. Chillaxe

    Look son it's a Draw!

    First: cuz it's wrong, Second: cuz the team with more BB has much more HP so the reds can do more potential dmg. Third: people will just run away to the corners if they know they did more dmg as a team, and the other team has no time to capture.. Like the idea
  5. Chillaxe

    Look son it's a Draw!

    I think they should bring the assault mode, and leave the regular mode game only in small maps..
  6. Chillaxe

    Look son it's a Draw!

    Ok miss understood you there.. most games are still domination so maybe it's 15%-20%
  7. Chillaxe

    Look son it's a Draw!

    By the way it goes exactly as I said with the stats:I had only one draw that I remember in domination game, so 30 draws out of 120 games in non domination mode is exactly 25%
  8. Chillaxe

    Look son it's a Draw!

    If you take out the Domination mode, in the rest of the games it's about 25% draw. Maybe some players find it ok, but I kinda dislike the idea of killing their team left with BB against one carrier/destroyer which simply reset the cap and hello... draw! Anyone has an idea of how to fix it, or you think it's ok this way?
  9. Chillaxe

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    No premium no double in this game, and it's actually my best
  10. Chillaxe

    The balance in the skies

    I know most of our eyes are in the waves but there is some air fighting going up in the skies, sometimes My issue is the fighters balance, before the patch you had only US carriers. And if by a chance you logged in against higher tier carrier, well you just lose all your planes in the first 5 minutes of the game, doing almost nothing. You can't run away from them, they are faster and in squadron on squadron fight, if you are lucky maybe you can take down 2 planes, maybe.. So now the Japanese came along and supposedly they should have weaker squadrons (4 vs 6) and yet same dumb story happen here as well. One tier higher squadron of fighters against my american one with BB support, 30 seconds later, all my fighters are dead, the BB took out one fighter and now I can't launch any proper attack. And then it's just him hunting down the rest of my planes. Took down 36 planes when I was the higher tier carrier, my one tier 5 carrier vs 2 tier 4.. it's so easy So there are few ways to fix it, One, is never put carriers of different tiers in same the match, and yes not even 2 vs 1 since even here the higher tier fighters will rip you apart. And yes you feel dumb when 2 squadrons die like bugs against one, all the time! Two, Balance the fighters stats, for now it's simply idiotic.
  11. Chillaxe

    Longer loading time after last update

    Well the game is started like 2 minutes ago still loading as I write this... By the way i have that issue with the first game after logging in, after that it's ok again
  12. Chillaxe

    Ammo Rack with torpedo?

    Now I feel like my 50k torpedo is not enough
  13. Chillaxe

    Ammo Rack with torpedo?

    Soo it's legit... first time I see and do it so I was kinda confused..
  14. Chillaxe

    Ammo Rack with torpedo?

    Well, just finished my game with kinda playable Aoba, I found myself in a situation where a Fuso with over 55k HP flanking me... So the distance is only 6 kilometers, and I start to pray with a first salvo, sending torps, second salvo getting nailed for 15k dmg from the Fuso, Watching my torp's closing in, looking good, he repairs, I manage to land some shots 50k Hp on the guy, looks like two out of 4 torp's gonna hit and..... I kill him with one torpedo ending the game with 50k DMG done with a single torpedo! Kinda shocked I am rechecking the max DMG output and it's 16k... So... emmm it's a bug or there is an ammo rack like in WOT?
  15. Chillaxe

    Balance issues

    Vincinzerei I amnot taking about the US DD since I yet to play them.. On the jap DD well i guess i will stop at tier 5 since I can't see any reason to continue with the line, I don't see how it's works with the concealment lose.. You are worst spotter, you have it much harder to actually hit anything.. and since they are getting slower as well, it's much harder to escape... I know it's Beta but still hope the dev's will take it in to account, this is what beta is all about no?