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  1. Good luck with MM in that tech tree. Unless you constantly going to play T10 ( and most likely lose credits every battle …) you are going to be bottom/mid every time. It is going to be awesome flying one t8 squad vs all that t10 AA ….
  2. PA are more antiCA than BB for me. Torp range makes it hard to get that bloody camping BBabys.
  3. I would love to have a DD line that is a good counter vs BBs … but it seems we will get another close range, antiDD gunboat. I guess we dont have enough of those.
  4. Klimons

    Tanking Damage - how much have you achieved

    A few of mine: DDs: 2,9M - Khaba 2,14M - Gearing 1,54M - Shiratsuyu CAs: 1,7M - Emile Bertin 2M - Old (t6) Cleveland 1,54M - Atlanta 2,3M - Mogami BBs: 1M - Mikasa 1,57M - Konig Albert 2,6M - New York 2,88M - Hood 3,5M - Bismarck 4,46M - Yamato 4,94M - G. Kurfurst CV: 2M - Midway
  5. Klimons

    Humble Bundle Free Flag

    I have a Humble Bundle account and it works, got the flag from code that you input in premium shop. Thx for info _Xaero_
  6. Klimons

    ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    After the nerf it wil be 29 T10 Haku fighters vs 30 T9 Midways, balance my a$$ even if Midway has more ammo ....
  7. Klimons

    ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    Does anyone know what is the plane count for 2-3-2 Haku? Its possible that it will have more fighters than Midway in this setup.
  8. Klimons

    ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    WG logic: Haku has more problems in longer battles than Midway, soooo lets make Midway worse than Haku = problem solved .... Someone should seriously go to WG office and test Staff for drug usage
  9. Klimons

    Yamato Build

    You have 400 battles and are going to buy t10?? I would rather go back to Nagato based on your stats and start learning the high tier game from pretty decent t7 match making.
  10. If Worcester has similiar arcs to Atlanta its a must have for me, I just love to sit behind islands and burn those BBabys. And just play this in the background for extra giggles :d Burn BBaby, burn ...
  11. Klimons

    Extra consumable for Yamato, and maybe Montana

    BBs in general are too good. A better solution would be to nerf GK and Conq, and maybe change citadel of Montana a little bit, not to the level it was before but still.
  12. Check Farazelleths recent GZ YouTube videos and You will see how idiotic it is ... Edit: DDs are wrecked by broken BB AP for over a year, but when braindead broadside BBs get citadeled WG comes with a solution within days
  13. I actually noticed this in 0.7.1 or maybe even 0.7.0. And not just in turrets, i had more games with torp tubes destroyed (and that was on DD that doeasnt have t9 torp module, i use different one), engine and ruder breaks more offen too but that is just my expierence. It wouldnt be first when WG screws something up ... I didnt mention it before because ppl will say its RNG and WG probably will fix it in like 6 months (if its broken)...
  14. Klimons

    How does the Pan-Asia Weekend Challenge work?

    Do challenges go over to the next day? I think they just reset every morning.
  15. Klimons

    How does the Pan-Asia Weekend Challenge work?

    You get +33% credits and +88% captain exp in the battle that you finish the challenge ... so once every three wins.