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  1. Klimons

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    If he attacked you the whole game then I must say he didnt do anything also. If a t8 CVs needs entire game to sink a Fuso then there is something wrong there ….
  2. Klimons

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    I dont think they were at the end, and even if I didnt see full squads flying. Also You have to count fighter planes from consumables in that 171, and there is a lot more fighters in the air right now.
  3. Klimons

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    Just played a game in Haku - AA is fine, nothing to see there ….
  4. Klimons

    Player Numbers. How much are they actually down?

    Dont know what You see, but I see 50% drop in CV players over last week. If this continues in a month we will be back to CV playerbase from few months ago.
  5. Klimons

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    True, but its an adjustment. WG is trying to put as much money in theyre pockets as quickly as possible. Bad players are the main targets, but they need to be satisfied. And WG penalises good play, teamwork etc to do that. Just the stream of money changed direction :] Think what will happen when unicums and blue players say its enough and leave. We will see 15 min battles with most ships alive, they will start throwin aimbots and full auto at players so the game doesnt get boring for a potato. Potato only wants to see his big guns fire and stuff blowing up. It will lead to even more RNG to satisfy that. Edit: What I mostly ment with socialism attitude is the aproach towards player skill. You are too good, wealthy, succesfull and its not fair that you have better results. (even if you put a lot more work behind it). You get penalised by RNG, increased taxes and other equalization BS.
  6. Klimons

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    What most of You said is correct. WG just picked a prime base of clients for WoWs, and thats the bad players, they pay hard cash because they think if they get to high tier faster, or buy some OP/better than silver ship they will get better stats. You should remember that WG is coming from socialist block and its quite clear with actions they take. The Good players need to work harder and carry the potatoes to victory on own backs. The main problem of WoWs right now is that we have mixed playerbases = casuals + competetive in one basked. It will never work ….
  7. Klimons

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    After 3+ years CVs finally got 8 signals slots. Thats about it ...
  8. Klimons

    CV’s are released

    Basically WG made the exact same mistakes with the rework. Just played a game in Saipan, t10 full of Minotaurs, DM's, Wooster etc. Everyone is running full AA builds and basically you cant test crap.
  9. Klimons

    cv rework.

    Its funny that even WG admits the new gameplay is just …. boring. "The main reason behind the temporary removal of uneven tiers is that they are too similar to their adjacent tiers and offer little difference in terms of gameplay." = all tiers offer little difference in gameplay.
  10. Klimons

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    T4 CV have fighter consumable on TBs. Is that intended?
  11. Klimons

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad?

    I'm pretty sure Azuma is the next t10 steel ship so maybe wait for that??
  12. Played a few battles in it and i hate it. AP is too inconsistent to me. i even got 5 overpens on broadside Roon at 12-13km ... Any advice? Or is it that it needs to be played on 20km full camp mode for 75% of game?
  13. I guess the rework i soooo ready that for the first time in over 3 years CVs are excluded from ranked battles.
  14. Klimons

    Attack of the 35% winrate carriers

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/cv-rework-changes/ "All permanent camouflages of odd tier aircraft carriers are removed and compensated at the full cost in doubloons."
  15. Good luck with MM in that tech tree. Unless you constantly going to play T10 ( and most likely lose credits every battle …) you are going to be bottom/mid every time. It is going to be awesome flying one t8 squad vs all that t10 AA ….