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  1. Sir_Primus

    ARP Mission

    @ Ferry_25 : Well the ARP ships only are visible in the port of Yokosuka , the only thing i have several times are the captains of the Hiei, the original, then the one with the 16 skills, and last one with the 3 skills. so far as i can tell are only 4 Kongo(ARP Kongo, ARP Hiei, ARP Karishima ane ARP Haruna) and 3 Myoko(ARP Myoko, ARP Haguro ane ARP Ashigara) based ARP ships around. But if you count the original Kongo and Myoko they are not in the ARP group
  2. Sir_Primus

    ARP Mission

    @JapLance: You are correct a portslot is added.Thx btw @ Colonel Pete: Don't be so cocky, a simple and mature answer as JapLance did, will do., for first stage i only got the captain Hiei with 3 skills. @ Blogis: Not realy, I did get a portslot but no money in my pocket... if you refrer to credits, I didn't get any extra credits.
  3. Sir_Primus

    ARP Mission

    Currently there is a ARP mission wich allows you to win 2 ARP Ships. Now in this mission you need to forfill 4 stages in order to gain the price. - Stage 1 = Captain Hiei with 3 skills - Stage 2 = Tier 5 Battleship Hiei (Kongo based ship) - Stage 3 = Captain Ashigara with 3 skills - Stage 4 = Tier 7 Cruiser Ashigara (Myoko Based ship) here is sits the problem, when already done all previous ARP missions, you already gain the Hiei, but when doing the last one, you will have it to. Since I already have 1 Hiei , and already done the stage 1 and 2, i earned NOTHING for completing this stage. So my Question towards WG: for our efforts and completing those stages we should have another compencation rather in upgrades, credits or captainskills or simular??
  4. Sir_Primus

    My 2 cents

    Thats possible, but i get the feeling that sometimes the detectiongrid of planes/spotters are not accurate, since sometimes you get your detection warning, without any planes in 15km range, might be a BB spotter plane.
  5. Sir_Primus

    My 2 cents

    @Egoleter First time i tried it didn't.. weird maybe bug, but seems now that you are correct, so you can't follow or stay with a non spotted ship. Thats good. So skip 1
  6. Sir_Primus

    My 2 cents

    @Phantombeast nr1 meaning: last update adds a thing ingame while beeing destroyed and not moved to your shipyard, you can "fly" everywhere on the map including following enemie ships and give by chat their locations, but this is alwo for the enemie. So that sux while you as enemie are trying not to get spotted still beeing "spotted" by our "ghost" you wont have the element of surprice.... especialy for DD or even BB when out of reach. nr2 some DD in russian line are not even DD but Light cruisers because of there offensive capebillities. nr3 just you put alot of time and effort in completing them in order to get a good reward, if not then its not worth the time and effort simple. nr4:some lower tiers have less calibre but still punch harder then tiers with higher calibres and thicker armour...makes no sence either. I add a nr 5: Lose the caps, or have 1 so eventualy to win you have to confront each other. More then 1 is just rediculous, Else you got several dd's capping without a ship dies, so whats the point of the game then. Its Naval warfare not naval boyscouting to capture flags.... Nr6: some higher DD's having +10k torprange is just rediculous aswel, thats where the spammers come in, no point in playing further then... DD has already a good camourate so they can come closer without beeing detected
  7. Sir_Primus

    My 2 cents

    I find it curious why develepers in wows add just crap instead of focussing on ballancing the game so that every ship has a potential in its own tier. For example : 1.Wy add free movement ingame while you can search and locate the enemy ships even when their not in sight? (goes both ways) 2.Rebalance the russian, line because in reality they sucked big time comparing ships from same time period, so do not overpower them. 3.Adding special missions should have more rewards, example ARP ship should have a slight advantage on some parts because it takes effort to forfill the missions and what ya get is just a full rechearched ship... bit dissapointing ..... 4.Some higher tier ships even with upgrades have a disadvantage on range while lowertier in lower classes even exceeds them, seems not logical when higher tiers should be slightly better. My 2 cents
  8. Sir_Primus

    What does this mean?

    Ok cool, thx for this enlightment, me and a couple of gamebuddies where just wondering about it, since already told above, some stats are easy to understand but some do have a value wich it doens't explain actual what it means. I appriciate it
  9. Sir_Primus

    What does this mean?

    ok thx
  10. Sir_Primus

    What does this mean?

    When upgrading a ship you got several options, and one of them is "modules". Now in modules , when choosing for example "Fire Controle System" there are some info in it that i don't know what it means. like : Artllerie (+1) 85 so what doe it mean, some things i get it, +1.5% or range +1.5km but this?
  11. Sir_Primus

    selling ships

    Ok i found the way todo so. When having upgrades and you can't or wont dismount them for dubloons, you do have an option to "destroy" them.(Rightclick on your upgrade, click "destroy") When all upgrades are destroyed you are able to sell your ship.
  12. Sir_Primus

    selling ships

    Why can't I sell any ship who has upgrade. Seems only possible to unmount the upgrades then sell. Will be great if we had an option to sel whole ship including the upgrades when you don't need it any longer, to make place for nxt tier.
  13. Sir_Primus

    Ingame chat problem

    Bump...noone has the sollution of simular problem? ATM i still have it, but less like once every 5-6 games still weird...... :S
  14. Sir_Primus

    Fps Drop

    I opened a ticket and this is the reply : Max Ish Today at 08:25 Greetings Sir_Primus,Thank you for contacting our customer support.We are fully aware that some players experienced this issue.Our servers had an error but it should now be fixed.We are sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused and we hope that despite this issue, you will still enjoy World of Warships.If you need anything else, don't hesitate to contact us again.Best regards,Max IshWargaming.net Customer Service Representativehttps://eu.wargaming.net/support/