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  1. MrB0mbast1c

    forts what were you thinking?

    From my point of view the hole thing should be redone, a map with 4 Forts and 3 surveillance stations is just too much. the maps including Forts should contain something else to add meaning to them forts, ie; a town (with AA on it), an airfield (with land based fighters or bombers every certain amount of time) a surveillance station. and not a single fort in every zone to cap. something like Malta...
  2. MrB0mbast1c

    Please remove the map "Ocean" from the game

    To me is the best map available. I had the best games in Ocean map. I would like to see it more often. But I understand that many people did not like it, especially destroyers that could not stealth torp, Im actually happy playing it from time to time, so far in the last 2 weeks IIRC i have played it ONCE.
  3. MrB0mbast1c

    Historical Battles General Thread (They are back!)

    Hola!!! Is there anything planned for 2017??
  4. MrB0mbast1c

    December event calendar

    I personally am really excited for Tone, Kutuzov, and team battles. That would make a great Christmas indeed.
  5. Chill out m8, and also stop writing on caps as soon as u get on a ranked game, just take a lil brake for few days, that helps me a lot. And last... we won our game together today well done m8.
  6. Imho I think this manga is an interesting feature to have, but not now, there's plenty of other cosmetics to that imo are a priority, like country flag, real camos customization even sister ships could be added just with the same model but different camo, in order to have more content. But yeah just my 2cents.
  7. MrB0mbast1c

    Real problem caused by ninja changes to AP

    IMHO AP balance is just right now... erm ARMOR seems to be working now.
  8. MrB0mbast1c

    Overpowered torpedo's from invissible destroyers

    @ Lin3: I just answered your question, ofc you can play whatever you like or have fun with, I was misleading in the second part of my answer sorry, I wanted to say that IMHO WR is relative, and to have a truly significative one you should earn that WR in higher tiers. To me tier 7, 8 and 9 is where the most experienced players are atm, making every game very challenging.
  9. MrB0mbast1c

    Overpowered torpedo's from invissible destroyers

    No ofence, but you might try the higher tiers of the game as well, 956 battles in total and 833 of those games between tier 3,4 and 5. 356 games on St. Louis, m8 thats a hell of seal clubbing.
  10. MrB0mbast1c

    Insane DD setup in tier 9-10 games.

    IMHO the problem is high tier DD pop is low, it will get better eventually, and concerning the low tier DD vs high is a problem of gameplay not that low tier cant do anything against high tiers, is that they are used to rush, they are not very used to the ranges on high tiers etc etc... but yeah some tweaking in the mm can make wonders, although i think its good as it is right now
  11. MrB0mbast1c

    Finally an event worthy of WoWS

    yeah with your New Mexico!!! it was a nice game I did sunk a myoko on my own... I hope u get one soon!!!!!
  12. MrB0mbast1c

    Finally an event worthy of WoWS

    Ive got my Konigsberg as well, a nice game on my Aoba and its in my port!!! With my Tirpitz capt on it and I can shot at 19.88 km rng... not very effective... but is so nice to be able to shoot at those IJN BB captains that use them just for sniping!!!
  13. MrB0mbast1c

    Insta win bug

    Theres no instawin, it takes 3 full mins to cap a base alone...just check the last patch notes... bbuk comin...
  14. MrB0mbast1c

    ! Königsberg - Max 1500 XP Cutoff?

    Dont use any flags... XP gain is fixed, ive done 3 games for 1500 exp each, no XP for the captain tho, i would be nice if the capt got the exp at least!!!!