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  1. M3gaSt4r

    How did you come up with your name?

    I play other games as Pwnstar, when i came to have multiple accounts in WOT i did SuprStar MegaStar to match when i created a WoT account it gave me this one.. I hate it tbh i only wrote it like that to be a stronger username for security didnt realise id be stook with it that way..
  2. M3gaSt4r

    CV and DD "invisibility"

    it should never be some kind of one way mirror if you cannot see eachother equally then thats ok but when the DD can see out but you cannot see in thats total BS frankly you need to mend that broken shite
  3. M3gaSt4r

    HE ammo - far too effective

    I agree with the sentiments of this thread its totally unplayable at the moment as ANY HE hits result in you burning and half your health going. the smaller faster firing ships can set you alight and wait for your repair then instantlu do it again and your dead.. no destroyer can do that to a battleship the yamota and the bismark for 3 days continual bombing fromthe air as no shells did anything to them. having destroyers sink super battle ships with 2 hits makes this game a pathetic joke.