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    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    If we get shafted with that as their apology, I will predict a riot.
  2. FiddlersGreen

    Speed of the Modern Warship

    Having read some of your guys comments on the idea of the classification on a ships speed due to security concerns it is a very real and accurate idea. I do remember for example hearing that at a international naval demonstration and conference BAE systems, a naval weapons and hardware company, had took with them a mock up model of the Royal Navies Astute class sub. Only it wasn't exactly that. Rather they had moved the location or totally removed, differing on the sources you get this from, where the nuclear reactor was located and how it looked. Secondly the comment form Tuccy is totally correct. When stealth now is a principle design aspect of naval ships the performance of the ships engines are not a crucial aspect and for this reasons most navies have taken a step back and now want more of a economical approach the output and fuel consumption. But hey, if it gets the job done its fine by them I assume.
  3. FiddlersGreen

    Ship Radios.

    Good day everyone, Captain Green here. Today I call upon the gods of banter here on the WoW's mess room to help me with a challenge that I face. When I play World of Warships I prefer to go into combat with a bit of music blasting out in the background, a rather common thing I believe. However recently I have been looking for more suitable music that would go well to Gremeyaschy tier 5 Russian destroyer. I do not have a specific taste in music, anything between classical to rock. Please - If I replay Rollin Stones paint it black again Il cry. Many thanks.
  4. FiddlersGreen

    Proposal of french tech tree

    It was a 'defensive' attack on the basis or a informative and cleverly thought possible future incident.
  5. FiddlersGreen

    Proposal of french tech tree

    While I do like your proposals I do think that an issue surfaces about the "battle" of Mers-el-Kebir did do a massive dent in your once mighty fleet, that I am sure means that if put a halt on a lot of French vessels developments, meaning that a lot of this ships would be paper ships, making it a lot harder to develop these ships. It might be nice to incorporate these ships into the Royal Navy tech tree?
  6. FiddlersGreen

    116th Fleet Recruitment

    Please don't take offence to this comment but it seems a bit out of place to myself to name a fleet after a tank brigade, its like renaming the Royal Navy to the 7th Tank corps desert rats.
  7. FiddlersGreen

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    My little Gremlin still works fine to be fair, I would agree that its 30-7 second 180 turret traverse can be rather annoying at times, but it appears not to have encountered any nerf.
  8. FiddlersGreen

    The Last Incident Of The Cold War

    Lucky neither ship suffered any damage, if anything happened like a hull breach then all hell would have broken out!
  9. England Expect That Every Man Will Do His Duty,

  10. FiddlersGreen

    HMS Sheffield Sinking

    The book 'Four weeks in May' By Captain David Hart Dyke, Commanding officer of HMS Coventry, gives a eye opening account of the war the fact he says "I was calm and prepared to die" gives you chills like no other. He also describes the details of the sinking of HMS Sheffield, Captain Sam Salt, the first eye account of the sinking of both these ships and the Captains injuries truly make you question how people can fire weapons and kill people in the name of calling them a 'Enemy'. For those of you fellow Brits, David Hart Dyke is the Captain of Miranda Hart, the BBC 1 comedian! If you can get a copy cheap of his book I highly recommend it, I myself have read it at least 5 times.
  11. FiddlersGreen

    Show us your best round.

    My best.
  12. FiddlersGreen

    Request to RN ship experts.

    Having looked at this forum I looked at all the images of the RN Med squadron I can not find one with a single aft turret like one shown, however I might have had the stupidest idea in the world. The tower like structre in the back ground might be the very top of the fire control tower, taken at such an angle behind the first turret?
  13. FiddlersGreen

    Meanings of Slang & Basic Pointers

    A perfect guide for everything you will need to survive in game.
  14. Hell have no fury like a torpedoes scorn.

  15. FiddlersGreen

    The Sullivan Brothers.

    Hello fellow sailors, FiddlersGreen here. The Sullivan brothers. Five brothers (See below) all who enlisted in the the United States Navy at the out break of the second world war (However George and Frank had already been in the navy and had been discharged. All of the brothers served on the same light cruiser USS Juneau (CL-52) which came under attack by the Japanese submarine I-26 and was sunk. Accounts differ from what happen next however it appears two of the brothers survived the initial explosions and got off the ship. However if you research the topic you can notice that the rescue effort for the surviving crew, thought to be around 100, was botched and resulted in the death of 90 of those 100. This included the death of the last two surviving brothers, much like the USS Indianapolis rescue effort. This rather small post is dedicated in the memory of the brothers. George Thomas Sullivan, 27 (born December 14, 1914), Gunner's Mate Second Class (George had been previously discharged in May 1941 as Gunner's Mate Third Class.) Francis "Frank" Henry Sullivan, 26 (born February 18, 1916), Coxswain (Frank had been previously discharged in May 1941 as Seaman First Class.) Joseph "Joe" Eugene Sullivan, 24 (born August 28, 1918), Seaman Second Class Madison "Matt" Abel Sullivan, 23 (born November 8, 1919), Seaman Second Class Albert "Al" Leo Sullivan, 20 (born July 8, 1922), Seaman Second Class