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  1. Disturbedforlife

    General feedback

    By far the worst update you had since the game was announced.. Untill you reverse the CV rework i wont be playing... and one more thing.. STOP RUINING THE GAME WE LOVE...!
  2. Disturbedforlife

    SOR- Sons of Ragnar

  3. Disturbedforlife

    WOWS Dev Blog

    I think like some others here that Roma allso deserves a little buff...
  4. Disturbedforlife

    SOR- Sons of Ragnar

    [SOR] - EU Sons of Ragnar is recruiting. We need competitive Norwegian or Norwegian speaking members. Someone that is interested in playing in CB's and Kots. The clan is fairly new with some experienced competitive players and some new. Our goal is to have a clan where players can have fun and be competitive at the same time. Requirements: -Some competitive experience(CB's or Kots) -Owning some T10 ships -You have to be comfortable in most classes -WR is not that important but we are looking for above 55% -No hidden stats -You have to speak or understand Norwegian -Being able to take orders from FC's -Be a nice person -18+ Please contact me if you are interested. https://discord.gg/sTkdxsZ
  5. Disturbedforlife

    Server down?

    Got the same problem and i cant connect again there was a drop of about 5k players according to the wiev on the website.. so alot of people have this issue right now. But the strange thing is that my division mates are still in battle...
  6. Disturbedforlife

    Ships carousel bugged

    im using the mod, but its not solving the issue for me, still the same after each battle.
  7. Disturbedforlife

    Ships carousel bugged

    I am having the same issue as you are. It resets after each battle, and the interface are really slow compared to what it was earlier. If i wanna select a chat window it allso needs to be clicked on atleast 2-3 times, and sometimes it takes like 10 seconds before it opens up so i can see whats written in it.
  8. Disturbedforlife

    =CG= Company Gamers recruiting sailors

    Would recommend this guys if you are looking for a relaxed enviroment, daily divisions and regular clan tournaments. People from all over the Europe can be found here. This is a good chance of finding a spot in a regular team now as Team Battles are about to be introduced into the game.
  9. Disturbedforlife

    Any Norwegians playing this game yet?

    Lives in Drammen at the moment, grown up in the north west. Can play mostly everything from tier 3 to tier 10
  10. Disturbedforlife

    Playing with [edited] on low tier is kinda annoying.

    Amazing entertainment on forums this christmas! Recommend everyone to read it!
  11. Disturbedforlife

    =CG= Company Gamers recruiting sailors

  12. Disturbedforlife

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Does your modpack still works after the hotfix today?
  13. Disturbedforlife

    UI improvement for Repair Party

    This would actually be amazing if they got implement it to the game Its so annoying to actually see you are wasting one charge of the repair party when you dont have any dmg to repair...
  14. Disturbedforlife

    fast patrol boats

    Tbh you dont really need this kind of boats as we allready have the Destroyers who can do this job. Usually if 2 DD's surround a BB, the BB looses anyway.. so its basically the same ships
  15. Disturbedforlife

    Clan page for WoWS?

    Well, from what i've heard there is gonna be some clan related stuff for WoWs aswell, when its gonna happend I don't know. Allso heard some rumours they gonna be arranging CW for WoWs aswell, if its true its gonna be pretty awesome imho