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  1. SneakY_VikinG

    Fubuki-Needs a fix

    I just got the Fubuki and played it like a suicidal maniac as usual, but the main thing about destroyers in this game especially the Japanese ones are stealth hence the ability to stalk. I usually engage 7-8kms and close quarters 4-5 kms with smoke of course. But having the buffs you are all talking about would be absolutely welcomed especially during close engagements these DDs would over night be kings of close quarter combat. I cannot wait till I get the Shimakaze though with those quintuplet launchers hahahha.
  2. SneakY_VikinG

    Show us your best round.

    Imagine if this was a victory, but I got lucky on this one.
  3. SneakY_VikinG

    [Screenshots] Epic Omaha game : 4500 xp, 352 hits, 6 kills !

    One of those lucky and awesome games of mine hahaha!!! Never expected this. If this was a win I might have gotten bigger scores, unfortunately my team died so fast.
  4. SneakY_VikinG

    800 Mb update

    I have been having 2 kills average recently on my Mutsuki.... Maybe you should try playing it like ninja..
  5. SneakY_VikinG

    800 Mb update

    Ocean map is very nice, it does promote better coordination with both teams, and primary scouts are the DDs if you ask me..... I love to shadow and then pop one on capital ships' blind side in my Mutsuki hahahah!!!
  6. SneakY_VikinG

    800 Mb update

    Well the blanket AA buff is just a little bit extreme if you ask me but this is CBT. I am not a CV driver but more of a DD by the way. So let us play the game and enjoy or cringe on this new patch. Something good will eventually come out of this eventually in a testers and developers standpoint.
  7. SneakY_VikinG

    PT boats

    Shepbur does think these boats are too overpowered to enter into the game.... Hahaha!!! If you are playing it against a cruiser head on, you are using it incorrectly... I have used Japanese destroyers to kill fast firing cruisers to many a time. The thing is you need to have a lot of patience in formulating your attack, sounds too tedious to most people but I like this part of how a destroyer can be utilized to it's full potential.
  8. SneakY_VikinG

    PT boats

    Comparable definitely with the S or E boats as they call them, but the German versions are much more powerful in terms of weaponry and load out. The PT boats were much maneuverable though.
  9. SneakY_VikinG

    PT boats

    What destroyers? We are talking about motor torpedo boats.
  10. SneakY_VikinG

    PT boats

    That is sad if that is the case, these boats are purposely built to fight in shallow waters and inter island chains where in most of the maps are islands in WOWs case. They might make this a rare premium boat ahhaha!!
  11. SneakY_VikinG

    PT boats

    I was just reading and watching stuff about these boats. Hopefully Wargaming can put a space for these "devil boats" as the Japanese called them on WOW. .
  12. SneakY_VikinG

    Maint turret battery sectioning

    That would a very good suggestion sir.
  13. SneakY_VikinG

    Maint turret battery sectioning

    I hope the developers would consider putting in turret sectioning meaning you can control A or B main turret battery to another direction especially in a battleship. I am saying this because almost always destroyers come from the opposite side of your engagement cone. Of course those are the types of tactics the destroyers should do. Since almost always battleships cannot dodge close range launched torpedoes it would be nice if the battleship can do that at least somewhat to counter it. I know it is complicated and takes multi tasking to a new level in this game. I say it would add to the excitement of doing 2 engagements at the same time.
  14. SneakY_VikinG

    Torpedo team damage and teamkills are already completely out of hand.

    Hahaha!!! If you have played NF1, much worse hahah!!!
  15. Do you think the battle space is small enough especially with the different islands jutting everywhere?