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  1. Meneleus

    Radar, what the hell am I supposed to do?

    Radar is not nearly as gamebreaking as it is portrayed to be. Identify cruisers with radar capability and act appropriately. The 6 minute cooldown is extremely long and the effect duration extremely brief. And yes, I play my Kagero with 8km torpedoes and do a lot better with the ship post-patch. I agree the reputation of radar far surpasses the danger it poses. It is however very much possible to prep your cruiser for stealth and have a very good indication when there is a destroyer nearby. The Chapayev can have a detection range of 10.2km, having the largest buffer to work with (detection range being 1.5km shorter than radar range). I believe the Atlanta, Baltimore and the Des Moines can have a detection range that slips under their radar range as well, even if it is only barely. The New Orleans and the Dmitri Donskoi can come pretty close (within a few hundred metres), leaving only the Indianapolis and Moskva with a detection range significantly higher than their radar range. Cheers, M
  2. Meneleus

    Do carriers ruin games ?

    Hmmm... It is rather situational. Good carrier players however usually have a big impact on games they partake in and there is not an awful lot there can be done about them aside from attempting to set up interlocking fields of AA fire. Cheers, M
  3. I have played some T5 last few days and yes, I was a bit surprised how often I got into T7 battles and thought I just had a streak of poor luck. Without statistics we only have anecdotal evidence from a few players, not a lot to go on. Cheers, M
  4. Meneleus

    Matchmaking 5.[edited]

    I think MM has never been as good as it is now honestly. The only cases one could make is that specific ships struggle when bottom tier, or that perhaps T6 carriers do rather poorly in T8 matchups. Cheers, M
  5. Meneleus

    Best way to spend 80 000 free xp?

    Perhaps it used to be that way but not anymore. The Izumo is a potent battleship nowadays, waste of free XP to skip it. Cheers, M
  6. Have not seen them yet. Going for the old classics, some Season 1 episodes ;)
  7. Last game today was amazing. Two guys in my team played a Chapayev and Fubuki respectively, survived the match and made less then 300 experience... combined... Ah well, guess I am going to watch some X-files, makes me feel young again ;) Cheers, M
  8. Meneleus

    Radar is OP (Not vs smoke)

    Radar should also be continuously active and range all across the map. I get the distinct feeling you are not arguing for game balance but rather for your own comfort. Cheers, M
  9. Meneleus

    Recommended / exceptional ships per tier?

    If you desire to use regular ships to turn a profit I think the sweet spot is T5-6. Anyways, here is a compilation of excellent ships I'd recommend getting up to T8. T3: Bogatyr T4: Kuma, Isokaze T5: Kongo, Omaha, Minekaze T6: Cleveland, Fuso T7: Myoko, Shchors (debatable I know, I loved the ship) T8: Amagi, Benson Cheers, M
  10. Meneleus

    Let us CVs use our fighters to shoot ships!

    Fighters were used to strafe the decks in order to supress or take out AA gun crews. It has been proposed earlier to enable fighters to soften up AA defenses, giving them a role in the game other than scouting and air superiority. I think such a thing is interesting since it offers additional options. I think it is a very bad idea to have fighters do any meaningful damage to ships other than taking out AA defenses, let alone starting fires. Cheers, M
  11. Meneleus

    Radar is OP (Not vs smoke)

    Yeah, who cares about arguments right? Cheers, M
  12. Meneleus

    Radar is OP (Not vs smoke)

    People still sabring each other over the radar consumable?
  13. Meneleus

    V Krasny Krym, what do we know about her....

    What we know about the Krasny Krym? Well, if reviews are to be believed she is a dumpster fire. Cheers, M
  14. Meneleus

    PT 0.5.9 announced - starting on 19.7 18:30 CEST

    I don't know about this... The idea of creating more challenging PvE content is fine, I wonder what they make of it. Implementing useful mods in the base game is excellent. I don't know if removing SA is a good idea. First of all it represents an investment. Removing the need to invest in this skill rather dumbs down the choice you have. Second I don't understand why they think replacing the skill with BoS is a good idea. Removing SA is a significant change, taking responsibility and allowing a free reallocation of skill point to all captains who have SA is a more customer-friendly method of handling this issue. Cheers, M
  15. Meneleus

    Bans for AFK-ers in ranked games

    Because disconnecting from the game never happens... Cheers, M