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  1. MacArthur92

    Henry IV

    Zwalniasz czasem żeby wyminąć torpedy, ale żeby przyspieszyć to już jak pancernik się rozpędza. Zwłaszcza jak nie płyniesz z boostem silnika.
  2. MacArthur92

    Shökaku ap bombs help

    Also play some co-op too.
  3. MacArthur92

    Wieści z SuperTestu - ORP Orkan VIII tieru

    Orkan nie będzie mieć Def AA. A nawet jakby miał to mało by dało.
  4. MacArthur92

    Henry IV

    Ten tzw nerf to śmiech na sali. W porównaniu do tego co zrobili Henrykowi który stał się prawie niegrywalny na randomy i nieużytek na competitive.
  5. MacArthur92

    Georgia's sigma

    I'm having way more fun playing Ohio than Georgia. Maybe it needs some specific commander of it's own, a mixbag of commander skills between Montana one and Ohio. Well, so after I'll make the Lütjens a 19 pointer (getting close cause it's 18 pointer now) - I'll make a new one on Georgia.
  6. MacArthur92

    Georgia's sigma

    So played it today again on Massa captain with ifhe for secondaries, another 34k pathetic game. Changed it to Halsey from Montana - way better.
  7. MacArthur92

    Georgia's sigma

    On slot 3 you have nothing better than secondaries, range module is bad thing on this .
  8. MacArthur92

    Georgia's sigma

    Playing like on Ohio not using speed boost much. Just to run away. Just I'm not hitting stuff at range like on Ohio.
  9. MacArthur92

    Georgia's sigma

    Tell me more about this when I suddenly get "blessed" and get 180k dmg on Ohio mainly by guns and on Georgia (3 battles) less than 50k on each, shooting all time
  10. MacArthur92

    Georgia's sigma

    With 6 guns it wouldn't be overpowered imho.
  11. MacArthur92

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    It was on Italian cruisers event with Genova not with the French. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. MacArthur92

    First game in the Puerto Rico.

    Yesterday got a dev strike playing my Montana. 3 citadeles on PR. 14-15km
  13. MacArthur92

    Georgia's sigma

    but having less shells and same sigma, even though it's cruiser dispersion…. it's still that 6 guns make me sick.
  14. MacArthur92

    Georgia's sigma

    Well yes I have it, still Ohio beats the hell of Georgia in accuracy. JB, Missouri, Musashi - all better than Georgia.
  15. MacArthur92

    Georgia's sigma

    on Georgia you can't have the regular 7% , only the 11% module on last slot for 3mln credits.