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  1. MacArthur92

    Ghost of two brothers

  2. MacArthur92

    Starships czyli o okrętach z gwiazdką.

    Bo to jest coś o co Ujea prosił parę lat temu - tzw End Game tier. No i właśnie to mamy.
  3. MacArthur92

    Ghost of two brothers

    @SV_Kompresor is it your easter egg?
  4. MacArthur92

    WarGaming is alering player stats.

    The PR went down on almost all accounts in the first days of May, it didn't count you cause... You have very small number of battles and you literally don't play the game. The site deleted inactive accounts, many of those were having trash stats. It was in first week of May. So for example accounts with 100 battles on Kaga having 0 PR - it makes the average PR on Kaga go up, so those who have more than average then the PR went down for those. Nothing to do with skill based MM. At least not yet. Brawl stats don't count on your random battles stats. If they tested it - ok. But didn't introduced it in randoms.
  5. MacArthur92

    Opóźnienia w grze

    Niestety występuje desync w tej grze. Serwery są za słabe + silnik gry BigWorld za stary (na już około 20 lat! Był on modyfikowany kilkukrotnie w 2008 czy w 2012 ale mimo to - jest to stara platforma) Może coś się zmieni jak silnik gry się zmieni tak jak zrobili w WoT. Ale na tych serwerach to dalej nie będzie dobrze wyglądać.
  6. MacArthur92

    General Ranked Battles related discussions.

    Yes you need. Just because you played well in bronze doesn't mean you'll be good enough in silver. So it's fair enough.
  7. MacArthur92

    General Ranked Battles related discussions.

    Well if you wanna get qualified to the next league then yes you need to play with silver league players. Which is logical. Idk what's your problem here. You wanna qualify into silver by playing in qualifications with bronze players? That's dumb. And if you're in R1 and you don't wanna play against silver league players ... Just stop playing ranked ? And wait for the next sprint.
  8. MacArthur92

    The most frustrating game.

    It was insufficient even for early WW2 standards.
  9. Hmm this is the first time I see it. Because it's not hidden account. Server issues maybe.
  10. MacArthur92

    USS Kearsarge wpłynał na Bałtyk

    Oj żebyśmy się potem nie zdziwili.... Nic nie wiadomo z WG.
  11. MacArthur92

    Arms race in random

    For me it's better than epicenter.
  12. MacArthur92

    Looking for clan. (bad in random)

    Not everybody had good/decent stats when started. I had below 800 PR and 47% but now I have over 1700 with over 60% WR. It was a long way but it's doable.
  13. MacArthur92

    No Hunt for Bismarck event?

    Yeah a good question. Maybe WG forgot or gave up with that? No clue.
  14. MacArthur92


    Well there are older people playing this game. 10+ years older
  15. MacArthur92


    InB4 lock