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  1. MacArthur92

    One of those days again

    Imagine a Thunderer dying that fast.
  2. MacArthur92

    Question about Paolo Emilio

    Well they used the "old" concept of slow torps of Paulo in the new German DDs torps that go 50 knt....
  3. MacArthur92

    Server issues?

    Huh seems many have same issues as me. @YabbaCoe Can you investigate the issue tommorow?
  4. MacArthur92

    Server issues?

    I got kicked from battle 3 times in 1 hour. And from whatever reason it just says "Authorisation proccess...." and doesn't want to login. I need to terminate the game from Task Manager and start it again. Which means that my ship is 100% sunk. And it's not my net connection cause Discord didn't disconnect or anything. And this Autorisation process and gets stuck. Is there a fix for that?
  5. For now yes but they said after the testing they will figure out what to do with them.
  6. No idea yet. WG just goes around now how to implement those BBs. For me they can even be in the game, simply like Vermont or Colombo they can have long reload on their guns.
  7. The German super BB will have 483mm not 510mm. Although I thought WG will use the 508mm on it.
  8. MacArthur92

    WG = Worst Garbagde

    But sometimes you get to a point when it's enough and you get fed up. Some go make a break thinking it'll be few weeks, turns to be few months, go back to play again and it's even more crazy new mechanics and leave it permanently. I have a lot of friends like that.
  9. MacArthur92

    I don't get the dev blog (CC) outrage

    There were more useful skills than that. Georgia isn't Zao.
  10. MacArthur92

    Not naming and shaming but...

    This means that he paid a LOT of money for santa crates. Why only 77 battles no idea. Possibly he has 99% of premiums like Hood, HuangHe or Molotov but he dodnt bother playing them. Yes I think he did put something like 500-600 € into that crates
  11. MacArthur92

    Buły z Ap

    Dalej jest deadeye przez to salwy z BB są celniejsze.
  12. MacArthur92

    How to excel in Petro?!

    You jest need to do not damage. If you'll average on 90k at least your PR will be better.
  13. MacArthur92

    Nasze osiągnięcia

    Ale jeszcze nią nie zagrałeś (przynajmniej z tego co widzę) . Ja Kansasem nie zagrałem ani 1 bitwy nawet, tak samo jak Z-31 (tak wydałem duble żeby mieć GJ Merker i nie grać tym dziadostwem Z-31 a free PD potrzebuje na co innego)
  14. MacArthur92

    Nasze osiągnięcia

    Serio? 101 bitew żeby Minnesote zbadać? Bez kamo i flag grasz?