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  1. MacArthur92

    Problem z dźwiękiem

    Mi konsumable za głośno chodzą. Aktywacja zasłony dymnej czy boosta silnika. Dziwne.
  2. MacArthur92

    Suggestion about Thunderer

    They could also do separate line of US BBs based on secondaries. But hey, let's make them premiums.
  3. MacArthur92

    Kidd or Loyang?

    5.5 km hydro. Plus the option for faster torps (68knt) but you have 0.9km concealment window. Better to stay on 9.2km 55knt. In fact she's a mix of German gimmick (hydro) in American DD which is Pan-Asian. T8+ dull? Get the Friesland first.
  4. MacArthur92

    Kidd or Loyang?

    That early I world suggest some T6-7. You don't have T8 ship yet, you don't know what's on T10 MM. On T6 I suggest T-61. It'll be ok with 10 point commender. Pretty nice DD. After you get the Benson and you see how to play on such tiers - grab the Kidd. It'll be very useful for you. Great close fighter. The heal helps a lot that you can fight some (just some!) T10 DDs. Plus Def AA against CVs. Especially good against the lower tiers CVs.
  5. MacArthur92

    Suggestion about Thunderer

    Yep. Warspite, Vanguard and Thunderer are all the type of British BBs we all wanted to see.
  6. MacArthur92

    CV Rework Discussion

    More popular than now? You wanna get people ultra mad? They just pray not to get into CV game.
  7. MacArthur92

    CV Rework - Oficjalny temat do zbiórki opinii

    Torpedy jego to jakoś żart - to prawda. Ale ogólnie jest ok.
  8. MacArthur92

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yep. Hosho and Langley need torp dmg nerf . And it should be 2 attacks per squad not 3.
  9. MacArthur92

    4th Anniversary: MORE carrier battles in 0.8.8! Yippeeh!

    I think it'll be just normally available in the shop too.
  10. MacArthur92

    Whats SC ???

    Maybe because he doesn't own a lot of T10s. Edit : actually he has almost as much as I have - 27 TX. Idk why he thinks it's bad event.
  11. MacArthur92

    Can you increase the player numbers in a random match ?

    No that's too much
  12. MacArthur92

    CV Rework Discussion

    I think they aren't gonna change much. They added the AA defence expert achievement. That's all.
  13. MacArthur92

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    Well once there was 38 cvs in queue when I was resetting the cv line.
  14. MacArthur92


    They said it’ll be solved on 0.8.8
  15. MacArthur92


    Well I don't have kids to take care of. So I have plenty of time.