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  1. KillStealBoss

    disrespectful 0

    You can contact have support about this situation, yes we have some rude players but these things shouldn't be dealt with in the forum.
  2. KillStealBoss

    Free stuff, whats the catch?

    Sometimes it's good to make a break. Not a 7 month though, but 1-2 months. Max 3. Then you'll get some stuff as coming back. Once I did such a break (6 weeks) though WG didn't gift me anything. It was back in 2019, in the summer when the AA buffs came in and were pretty heavy. I even looked at my stats from time to time and see my PR on CVs increased (especially on Kaga) while nie playing the game
  3. KillStealBoss

    How to make United States work

    Superships are credit sink. Nothing more than that. Even if perform extremely well - with grey credit bonus and premium account you can make some profit. Very little. 6 kills and 300k+ dmg got me 100k credits.
  4. KillStealBoss

    Free stuff, whats the catch?

    My clanmate that was very active, stopped playing for 6 weeks. And received that message as an email. So he logged in and after some wins (can be done in coop) he got a T5 premium container (Gulio Cesar, I'm not joking) and from the T9 one he got Tulsa.
  5. KillStealBoss

    Bounty event

    In the article is stated that when you sink a bounty you receive the rewards after the battle. But there's no info when you'll get the rewards when you're the bounty. Is it after the event is over (after 12th of December) or in the next patch? @Seraphice
  6. KillStealBoss

    Chkalov Disease

    Chkalov is very easy to play. Having more planes than Pobeda and dive bombers to deal with DDs. Plus it's as B version much cheaper. Some people also got the B version from a black Friday container so they want to get 4k base exp mission done to receive the 2500 dubloons.
  7. KillStealBoss

    Battle Pass

    Z tego co Klopirat mi mówił to następny patch będzie też 5 tygodniowy, jeżeli nie 6. Więc jak będziesz grał w tym czasie to mimo okresu świątecznego da się wszystko zebrać.
  8. KillStealBoss

    Griefers in operations

    Well I don't like certain maps when playing randoms. Should I do the same when I get the Atlantic map?
  9. KillStealBoss

    Griefers in operations

    Seems like the support will have a lot of work. Imho their punishment should be taking off their account the credits and all exp they earned from that battle. And I mean the support can do it even after few days, they gave the exact amount of credits and exp.
  10. KillStealBoss

    Talk me out of buying the Graf Zeppelin B

    It's all about carry potential too. And Graf in that regard is nowhere near as bad as some other T8 CV - Aquila. If you would be talking about this one I would agree. Cause this ship has so fragile planes that Tirpitz AA is a problem for it. Even QE AA. And you have the slowest torps in the entire game going 30 konts. The rockets are good but again, the planes are way too fragile. Those are same planes as Napoli fighters having just a bit more hp. Aquila can do damage but it's extremely hard to carry and in some situations it's horrible, with bad armour and concealment, more fragile than Ark Royal. Oh and she has no flak so it's easy target for other CVs cause her mid range AA is way worse than Saipan. It's very close to be called trash. Possibly next year she could be in black camo - then I wouldn't recommend buying it. Even decent CV players struggle on it. And Mikoyan is similar. What can you do in it when even 203mm HE citadels you? Sit in the back and snipe with you 6 guns? And having 6 guns that reload every 13 sec is good against DDs. Yeah... No. This ship is only limited to deal with cruisers, with everything else = struggle.
  11. KillStealBoss

    Talk me out of buying the Graf Zeppelin B

    Yeah it's hard to play, it is situational. But not fully trash. Trash ship is when you almost never have any good result in it, has zero carry potential. I did carry some battles in Graf.
  12. KillStealBoss

    Talk me out of buying the Graf Zeppelin B

    if it was trash (like Mikoyan) then I wouldn't be able to perform at all.
  13. KillStealBoss

    British DD alt. tech tree proposal

    10 gun Cossack on T7?! Not with 5 sec reload. That's insane.
  14. KillStealBoss

    Hakuryu Secondary

    I do remember back in RTS days that A hull of T9 Taiho had such secondaries. Idk how to explain this one though.
  15. KillStealBoss

    Talk me out of buying the Graf Zeppelin B

    Just because the playerbase is dumb doesn't mean the ship is bad. Yes, it's harder to play than a conventional CV like Lexington or Shokaku. But when you master the basic CV experience - you go with things like GZ, Saipan or Indomitable. Those CVs are harder to play but the challenge is worth it, in some situations they can be really strong too (Saipan torping lower tier BBs literally smashing them feels like playing mini FDR in terms of alpha dmg, GZ with the secondaries when you can use them and the Indomitable when it gets 32mm all around BBs or less than that to smash then big time)