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  1. EnjoyingYourPain

    i got permanent ban

    The issue here that he can't even send a ticket to solve the issue. And that's the weird part.
  2. EnjoyingYourPain

    i got permanent ban

    So that's the question to OP if he did that (reversing payment) in the last months.
  3. EnjoyingYourPain

    i got permanent ban

    You have been playing for a while and you didn't see that there's a premium shop? Every F2P game has some monetisation.
  4. EnjoyingYourPain

    [X] Sewastopol

    Kupiony, jak na razie jest spoko, flankujący krążownik który ma dobry spot jak na swój rozmiar i dobre pociski jeżeli chodzi o balistyke, skupienie też jest dobre. Superheal trzeba rozsądnie używać i dobrze obserwować minimape. Nawet niewielki focus fire jest zabójczy dla nas, dlatego lotnia robiąca ciągły spot jest bardzo nam psuje grę. Coś jak Incomparable, ciężko podejść jak jest CV w grze. Tyle że tym trzeba jeszcze ostrożniej grać bo przeładowanie naprawki przywracającej hp jest długie i mamy ograniczoną ilość grup naprawczych. Także okręt tylko dla tych co ogarniają swoją pozycję i grających dość pasywnie. Agresywna gra = szybki powrót do portu.
  5. EnjoyingYourPain

    i got permanent ban

    Well be can't even contact player support to explain the issue.... Well that's an odd thing that I never saw. Might be that someone hacked his account, cause it says "security reasons", nothing about payment.
  6. EnjoyingYourPain

    Ohhh WG.... more spaghetti code?....

    I jest had a below average Stalingrad trying to exploit it, he wasn't getting much from it, focused on that thing so much that he was not shooting other viable targets, one of the reasons why we lost the battle... Great.
  7. Wow this is so bad.... And it's not only because of good players exploiting it. The average and bad ones will try to do it, they'll fail and lose time trying to do it being useless. Oh man.....
  8. I did a very little adjustment and it's fine. At least the ships are not squeezed like on PTS. On PTS the Repu was like a Charles Martel in size.....
  9. EnjoyingYourPain

    Nelson. Problem z...

    Czy używasz mody? Są pewne skórki które mogą powodować critical error.
  10. EnjoyingYourPain

    Japanese BB line - what is it for ?

    They're good at medium to long range. They have good sigma and ok pen. The armour is not great do it's also the reason not to push in them unless your team is also pushing with you. You don't use HE that much on this line, this is not British or French line. Your AP is decent enough to deal good damage, especially from T7 up. HE only for DDs or perfectly nose in NC or other 32mm BBs. With the T10 you don't worry even about that cause you overmatch the 32mm. They have one of the best sigma for their tiers from T7 up. Cause yeah, Fuso is different. Even Kongo is decent for its tier. The issue with the accuracy is the vertical dispersion which can be inconsistent. Still much better than the Italian one.... But other than that it's ok . Izumo accuracy is great. About this line and the suffering that you mentioned. In the past Izumo for example had 32mm everywhere. Now it has really decent armour, the penetration was buffed twice and the sigma went from 1.8 to 2.0 . Also every ship had the old A hulls that today are premiums, they had different shell types that had issues to pen even their own tier BBs broadsides and much worse reload than the B hull, they had zero AA and crap rudder (Ashitaka was Amagi A, Mutsu was Nagato A and Fuso A isn't present yet but I think it'll be raised as T5 premium Yamashiro, sooner or later). Now at least there's less grind because they were removed to be premiums at lower tiers. Today's line is really ok in comparison to what it was in the past. Nagato had much less armour and was citadeled from weirdest angles even by 356mm guns, it was improved in late 2016. Too bad I played it with the old platings and they was terrible. I did regrind this line few months ago. As I said - it's ok. Even the Fuso can work. @MrWastee is a big Fuso fanboy
  11. EnjoyingYourPain

    Sevastopol hits the Armory for 58k RPs

    That's why we don't need more of that....
  12. EnjoyingYourPain

    Sevastopol hits the Armory for 58k RPs

    I have enough RB points to buy 3 ships and I'm now doing another 2 line reset that will give me another 32k RB points. So even after buying the Sevastopol I'll have 162k (plus 4k from dockyard that's another 4200 with the clan bonus so 166k total. Enough for 2 RB BBs or 2 cruisers and roughly a DD xD)
  13. EnjoyingYourPain

    Sevastopol hits the Armory for 58k RPs

    Well you said that "you can't ignore the lack of overmatch". WG might do some stupid thing like a 4 gun cruiser with 457mm bow in....
  14. EnjoyingYourPain

    Sevastopol hits the Armory for 58k RPs

    So you wanna have an overmatch with a cruiser .... What? 18inch guns on a cruiser is the least thing we need in this game. C'mon....