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  1. Ungrim_Baraz

    0.9.1 PTS - Gameplay Changes

    AWESOME idea to offer more upgrade variety, specailly on the same slot as concelment system which is way too prevalent. sadly, I am araid none of the added upgrades is really worth it instead of the concelment upgrade on Battleships, and it is sad. concelment upgrade is simply too good, and the other two new options not good enough compared to the concealment buff PLUS disspersion debuff. I would personally buff the consumables upgrade to either a +15% instead of the current +10%, or preferably leave the current +10% duration and add a -10% reload time modifier. That would make it much more interesting to use on BBs hopefully reducing the stupid full concelment build which most BBs must use to be competitive. torpedo protection upgrade: tried it, not impresed and you loose a lot of protection by not using a full concealment build...
  2. Ungrim_Baraz

    0.9.1 PTS - British Cruisers: Part 2

    Totally fed up of the bollocks greedy time gated and intensive directives system chosen to distribute content. Use the campaigns, NOT the edited directives. Soviet, French and now British special commander locked behind time gated intensive grinds. You hate your playerbase. Not interested on grinding these lines becasue of the missing captain which is perceived as mandatory (specially the french one) Seriously, STOP with the time constrained intensive grinds, These are no longer "special events" when they are the usual events. Every single time time gated grinds...
  3. Ungrim_Baraz

    Christmas event directives removed ahead of end date??

    Thanks I was in a rush and could not do "my homework"
  4. So... Maybe I did not understand something about the event, but from the web description (see attached screenshot) the directives should be available for completion until, and including, January the 13th. But today I see nothing in my port´s event directives, just a message "Stand by for new instructions, commander". I had allocated time this weekend to finish the "small grind" for Gorizia as I never intended to commit all my Christmas time for it. I was around 10 games far from completing directive 3 and now it has vanished. I have already created a customer support ticket. Can anyone explain me what is going on? Thanks
  5. Ungrim_Baraz

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    BTW, try to be a bit more subtle with how you try to retain audience... It is clear everyone is quite upset with your policies... everyone complains... so I randomly remmeber to check PTS rewards still to calim, and I jsut got a free Bayard... I bet you just tweaked the supercontainer numbers during PR shitstorm... I do not want to be given more stuff, I want to be treated properly and not insulted and laughed at the face. I bet @Ev1n made you @Sub_Octavian and the others face this shitstorm on your own... I am sorry for your artists, historians and you guys, but Product managers deciding how to monetize and distribute content on the other hand... I could not care less, they are the guys actually promoting anger and misstrust among the palyer-base, and you know what a game with no playerbase is? not a good business.
  6. Ungrim_Baraz

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    I was not too interested on the ship, but had the premium booster been cheeper and the whole grind plausible, I might have gone ofor it... anyhow what I was indeed planning on doing was spending some doubloons on a "hips for doublooons" + discount... but, no more, I am not gonna spend any premium resources on WG out of spite. Weegee> Go F U C K yourself
  7. Ungrim_Baraz

    Carriers, Research Bureau, Puerto Rico... next?

    Don´t forget Benham and USSR + Fernch special commanders intensive and time constrained grinds... Why the hell WG is not using the capmaign system they creatd and everyone liked to grind "at your own pace"? (retoric question....)
  8. Ungrim_Baraz

    WG branching into stealth editing as PR effort kicks in?

    This is false advertisement, and I bet it is punishable by law...
  9. Ungrim_Baraz

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

  10. Ungrim_Baraz

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    BTW, nice false advertising... you know, the reasson why you post-PR-disaster editted the text on the official web announcement... I bet that is punishable. I also bet Ev1n is behind this PR bull s h i t as for NTC, Benham and on and on...
  11. Ungrim_Baraz

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    BTW +1 to this
  12. Ungrim_Baraz

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Hey WG, Go F U C K yourself. I am not mad because I am not getting that ship, I had no interest on it on the first place, it just happens I do not like being laughed at or insulted as you are doing with such an event, advertised as free to play dooable... Which is nothing but a total phalacy... you know, there is people around who like to self mutilate... hence I could suggest you to try it, as some people are willing to do so, so it must be good... well, that is pretty much the same argumentation you are trying to pull out... It is just dissgusting... I seriously wonder who the hell in WG is gonna take responsibility for the whole PR (you know, either Puerto Rico or Public Relation) problem you just created... It is just unfathomable why you would go to such lengthy efforts to claim this thing is not addressed just at the tiny X% of Whales who are gonna spend hundreds of Euros on this thing, while angering the rest of the community which you are blatantly laughing at, and missleading intentionally... And then you even claim the Gorizia, the reward which could actually be achievable for the normal guy, so the playerbase, is almost ten times harder to get than the PE, and you claim it is even easier despite being fact corrected by the community.... Disgusting, cruel... low... Who the hell is gonna trust you with anything? Go F U C K yourself.
  13. Ungrim_Baraz

    Concern about upcoming German historical commander Lütjens

    Small off-topic @Miragetank90, I just gotta say one thing, Up the Irons! Awesome signature m8 ,-)
  14. Ungrim_Baraz

    AA Defense Changes

    Well I do think the new sector thing is better than before, but still crap... AA should have MUCH more influence from the player actions AND the flak clouds as original intended, instead we get the same stupid base dps unavoidable, uncounterable... Again spreadshit AA dps vs spreadshit HP, ups Spreadsheet I meant... On top of that now crusiers and BBs have boring AA set ups and complete lack of AA skills... Long time ago you could opt for usingManula AA on German ships due to their 88 and 105mm, for example. And I even changed to Maual AA on Mpntana jsut because the HE spam meant no 20s or 40s would remain to profit from AFT... Now, the new Manual AA is exclusive for DDs (btw, DDs having a +5% insta dmamge thing is BOLLOCKs, why on earth should DDs be more dangerouns than a Monty to the squadrons??)... Why the [edited]?? What happens with ships like Musashi and Roma with pitiful AA, there is no way to buff it if the player so chooses, you even remark that the massive dmamge crap is not recommended for BBs... Plus AFT just buffs flak dmamge, which is totally usless vs decent CV players, and which can easily "waste" damage due to its big alpha, hence no need to buff if... AFT and the new massive damge thing for cruisers nad BBs are useless and boring. How you managed to make the system less tunable than the original one baflfes me... BTW, you could have used this opportunity to explore the possibility of making DP guns actually behave as such and either be controlled by the user to fight surface tagets, or (exlusive or) work in their AA role: Player involvment, decission making, less automation => skill on skill.
  15. Ungrim_Baraz

    French destroyers event: Part 2

    @HMS_Kilinowski jsut said what I said but with proper words (thanks m8!). Devs, you should bring this post entry as constructive feedback to your meetings (and answer whether Philippe will be available by coal as you said about Kuznetsov)