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    Battle ship strategy ; WWII ; Computer Programming ;)
  1. thebiggoliath

    German ship list

    Thanks for the information i didn't know this :DI know only what BB Tirpitz looks like Bismarck ^.^
  2. thebiggoliath

    German ship list

    xD indeed !
  3. thebiggoliath

    British ship list

  4. thebiggoliath

    British ship list

    I was inspired by the Pacific Battlestation game and I have to type the word keys of this game to find the picture and I thought it was fun so I'll have to post on the WoW forum ^. ^
  5. thebiggoliath

    German ship list

    Haha i play only the E25 in WoT like german tank but E25 x4 = E100 xD
  6. thebiggoliath

    British ship list

  7. thebiggoliath

    American Ship list

    I don't watch all of the topic it's probably a repost ;) And yes it's probably you who seen that picture on google ^.^
  8. thebiggoliath

    German ship list