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  1. Your right it does say 15 secs it also says 12 secs (info collumn on the right) so it would be nice if WG took a bit more notice of these web sites as they are the only source of info on the ships. My question is how do they know that the changes they make to ships just prior to launch will make it balenced and not under powered, since they don't like making changes to prem ships after release. The Exeter does seem to be a rush job to get it out and I feel that taking away the smoke option has 1. taken the specialization of the UN crusers 2. a rushed decision just to get the ship out 3. ruined what could of been a nice ship to play.
  2. Shady_runner

    152 mm gun penetration value, is it wrong ?

    Thanks to the fast reply, and for putting my fears to rest, I can now go ahead and get IFHE in the knowledge that I will do untold damage to those ships who dare to have 32mm of protection.
  3. Shady_runner

    DD tactics for 0.8.0, how do we survive?

    I think it is fair to say that as things stand at the moment no one knows with fluctuating hot fixes it is uncertain how good or bad DD game play will be. From what I have seen so far the initial hype has softened and there are a lot less CV players at the moment, most waiting to see how WG balences it all out before they try again, In the meantime it has given us DD players time to get to grips with different tactics to combat the new menance, turning off AA, not being in the usual spots, huging strong AA ships and so on. By the time WG has the balence right and CV players start coming back in the game they will find they are up against hardend DD plays with a lot of tricks ready and able once again to be major impactors in the game. One thing for sure, DD game play will enter a new style, which for my money is not a bad thing, just makes the game more interesting to play.
  4. Dear WG I have been working with the Boise to get the commander up to 14 points so as to get Inertia fuse. Using the formula to work out the penetration of the guns before and after, it comes out at 25.33 / 32.93 crossing the threshold to get damaging shots on ships with 32mm of deck armour. However in the drop down stats menu for the guns it says 24mm penetration and after IF that equals out to 31.20 below the threshold. So my question is which is right, the formula we were given to work it out ourselves or what WG has put in game. It might sound picky but as this is an inportant threshold and a 4 point skill some clarification would be nice. Thank you for your time.
  5. Shady_runner

    DD tactics for 0.8.0, how do we survive?

    Does this mean that DD play will have to change to a more passive role at the start, holding back like Khab and Asashio, if aggresive play only gets you noticed and focused by the CV then an early death awaites you. However passive play has a downside, your not getting the spotting damage or solo capture, 2 things DD's need to boost their XP, I have played lots of games in which I don't have an impressive damage ( under 40,000 ) but because of spotting and capture I still can end up in the top 3 on the team with decent EX points. Playing passively could have the potential to seriously affect your XP grind. Another thought occures to me that new players who end up being damage foder for the CV in game after game might end up sticking with BB's or crusers just so they have a chance to stay alive long enough to enjoy the game. The long term net results would be a decline in DD player base. Food for thought.
  6. Shady_runner

    DD tactics for 0.8.0, how do we survive?

    All you said is true and I and I am not being derogatory against the CV rework, just trying to think of ways to survive and be a better player in the new game style.
  7. I have been watching a lot of CC's tests of the up coming new CV gameplay and one thing that stands out is how big a difference it will make for DD's over the other classes, therefore I thought it prudent to explore the varrious types of gameplay that we might have to adopt in the early stages of the game to counter this change. Bear in mind that when 8.0 does finally launch most players will want to try it out so there will be a period of time with an over population of CV players all trying to figure out if they like it or not, this will unbalence the game for a while, untill players find their skill level and the volume of CV's settle down. it will be hard to extrapolate the most effective DD gameplay for each class of DD. However I am interested in what you all think will be the most effective way to play DD's after the new patch, what follows are my own thoughts on the matter. 1. CAP RUSH, the current standard meathod used at the start of every game, survival of this tactic relies on not getting spotted, sitting in smoke or hiding behind an island. Going unspotted in the first 2/3 mins of the game will not be possible, the new squads of planes fly over the map very fast so sitting in a cap long enough for capture will just get you killed, sitting in smoke as always will invite torp drops from CV's and DD's a like so still not an option, hiding behide an island used to be valid but now they have rocket planes designed to kill DD's so dead again. 2. BUM RUSH THE CV, This is a new tactic that I have seen players talk about and some trying in the game, this is a suicide tactic as you will get spotted too early, giving the CV plenty of time to react and send you to the bottom, plus the red team will mostly be in your way as BB's and crusers would not of moved too far from their spawn point, and even if you did manage to get through and get some torp hits you will still die early and be of no use to your team. 3. SPOTTING, NO CAPTURE, basically the technique of getting close to a cap but not entering to spot the enemy DD so your team can assist in killing them opening the way for you to then capure the point uncontested while at the same time spotting other targets for your team to unleash hell on, this is currently a very effective meathod of getting a cap with minimum damage to you. not any more, you will not be the one spotting the DD the planes will and if you are in the cap or not oops spotted again by their planes, focus fire ensues and dead again. 4. PLAY LIKE A KHAB, anyone who plays a Khab knows you don't go after the cap, or go near it, your not there to spot or get the cap at the start of the game, just to hold back and spam HE at range while ducking and diving enemy gunfire. So mabey this is the way to go, a dead DD is no good to the team, so do we hold back getting the benifit of other ships AA to stay off CV attacks waiting for the perfect moment to sneek in and get the cap. One thing is fact, the longer you stay alive the greater the chance you will help your team to victory. Like I said at the start I have watched a lot of new CV game play and what stands out is that the DD's are the first to die, if they are out on their own they are just too easy a target. How will we survive the next generation of CV's ? I open the floor to you guy's (and girls).
  8. Shady_runner

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned here so far is the 'surprise factor' of getting the Jutland and then finding out that it would require IFHE to fully fuction. As you work your way up a line you always need to plan ahead, know whats coming in terms ship statictics and requierments for capts, this will help you plan your capt skills better and be able to max out the fighting potential of the ships. Also it would seem from your comments that you failed to realise that different DD lines have very different play styles, if you check out you tube vids on the ship line you want to play you will find out what play style that particular nation requiers, from what you have said about your capt skills and the way you play your RN DD's it sounds more like you would be better suited to the Russian line, long range arrasment of BB's and crusers. On a final note please don't dismiss player stats, they are a guide as to how you are performing and can point you in the dirrection that you need to improve, don't look at the WR, rather look at the hit ratio, survival rate and average dmg, these are the stats that will tell you what you can do to improve your play and ultimatly your WR, improve your survival rate and your dmg goes up, improve your hit rate and your dmg and survival rate goes up. Use the stats to your advantage don't just dismiss them.
  9. Shady_runner

    DD tactics, an overveiw

    Let me first say that this topic came about because I have just had the worst weekend ever 15 defeats in a row and the common denominator with most of them was bad or poor DD play. As we all know the first targets when you start a game has to be the DD's, get them out the way and you greatly reduce the opposite teams chance of winning, unfortunately a lot of players don't get this and think that the first and most important task at the begining of the game is to GET THE CAPS. While capping is important, at the start it must always be to kill DD's, if they are trying to cap you will disrupt them or drive them off or at best take them out of the game. However the current meta seems to be try to cap and die. So, let me outline a few tactics that I have learned over the years that may help newer players achieve better team play. 1. At the start of the game figure out which caps the majority of your team can get to fast, ie, the ones that are closest to the bulk of the team, so often I see a lone DD going of by him/herself to a distant cap that the rest of the ships can't get to quickly enough to be able to help out, they nearly always die. If there are 3 DD's and three caps team up, always better to concentrate on 2 caps than try and get all 3, plus you double the chance of killing the red DD. With 2 of you the one with the better concelment can keep the enemy spotted while the other can smoke up and shoot, killing or driving him out of the cap. 2. Don't use smoke as a panic reaction. So often DD's will ask for assistance, enter a cap, see an enemy DD and smoke up. WRONG. The second you smoke the enemy dissapears and your back up ships that came to help you can't do a thing, worse if the enemy DD didn't smoke then your team mates are now exposed to enemy gunfire with nothing to shoot back at. Remember capping isn't the main target, so enter the cap, spot the DD, turn and leave the cap while keeping the DD spotted, high light the DD for focus fire, If the enemy DD smokes you are now free to enter the cap and send torps, keep in mind, who smokes first....looses. 3. RADAR, at higher tiers you will come up against radar in every game. Make sure you know what ships carry radar, see which ones are on the red team, now approach the cap with caution, try and have them spotted so you can ajust your approach keeping enough distance to not be spotted, don't go too deep into the cap rather stay on the edge giving you a better chance to be able to out run the radar, remember smoke is no option, just run away, better to stay alive and last the game than to try and duke it out hoping you will kill the DD and live, most time you wont. 4. Spotting, As a DD player one of the hardest things to do is have a ship in you sights and not shoot, think of all that lovley XP you can get. However, as a BB one the wost things is not having anything to shoot at, sitting there with guns loaded ...and no targets, your job, as a DD is to give them the targets. Spotting is frustrating as you don't feel like you are gaining anything but, it can be the best thing you can do for the team, with the current meta being to hide behind a island, if you can spot those, your team can deal with them. You might not come out with the most XP but you would of helped the team WIN and at the end of the day THAT is the ultimate gole. When all is said and done remember 2 things, as a DD player you above all other ship types can influence the outcome of the match and to do that you have to last the whole game, learn to survive and the wins will come. It is my hope that this has been of some small use to any of you out there and if it has improved the game play of just one player then it has been worth while. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  10. Shady_runner

    Honorable service mission bugged

    will do thanks
  11. Shady_runner

    Honorable service mission bugged

    yep, been trying this on the Mighty Mo and have this problem for a week now so restarted a few times....no change. seeing as no one else seems to be getting this I can only assume that it's due to my game load so now thinking about reloading the whole game...bummer
  12. I'm posting this here as I can't find a section for ingame bugs. Honorable service mission 1, task 3, destroy or incapacitate 15 main batteries. This task has been at 12/15 for a week now and although I have been in the right ship and destoyed or incapacitated main guns numerous times it hasn't registered. This is now getting anoying as I want to use all three slots for the Battle of the North Cape mission, it looks like my only option will be to close it and have to start from scratch when I go back to it, not good WG. Any suggestions please.
  13. Shady_runner

    Part Black Screen

    I get a total black screen sometimes durring gameplay in full screen, seems to happen if I fire just as I die, screen goes black but I can still hear the game going on. Only way out of it seems to be going back to desktop and closing the window, then restart the game p.s. just had a partial black screen in game, about a quater of the landscape just went black with one corner fixed to my ship, damm thing looked like a hugh ocean liner parked next to me, only happened once though .
  14. Shady_runner

    Economy gone wrong

    So open beta is here and I'm finding the balance of the economy a bit out of wack. I have a premiun acc so I can earn good xp and credits, but even with this I am finding it hard to get enough credits to be able to 'pay my way'. I find that after getting enough xp to buy a ship and pay for it in credits I am not left with enough credits to buy the upgrades, in fact I keep running out of credits so fast that I now have a tV DD resurched but not in my port as I can't pay the credits to get it and keep up with my other ships as well. This leaves me with just playing priemium ships to build up my credits so I can afford to buy new ships and upgrades that I resurched ages ago, and I am only at tier 5. The only reason I bring this up is that playing WOT I never had this problem, it seemed that by the time you had gathered the XP required to buy a tank you had sufficiant credits to buy and upgrade, the balence seemed right. I love this game and I'm not opposed to having to 'work' for a new ship or playing lots of games with them before moving on to the next one, but many of my ships still don't have upgrades simply because I can never get the credits to buy them as they are so very expensive. I hope WG redress this problem as it's very frustrating having resurched a new ship only to have it sitting in the tech tree unable to buy and play it.
  15. Shady_runner

    Clemson info bug

    Ahh got it now thx