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  1. Ambiorix1032

    Very old Vetran coming back to the game

    Hey all ! I'm coming back to WoWs after a long period of troubles. Is there anything I should know?
  2. Ambiorix1032

    French cruiser line. Did I miss something?

    OK thank you I just couldn't se the difference. But are they singled out as much as I hear ?
  3. Ambiorix1032

    French cruiser line. Did I miss something?

    I haven't played the game in some time now but I'm coming back. I saw that the French are introduced. I watched some videos from The Migthy Jibgles about them and they left confused. What's up with cruiser line in comparison to the British? Why did they buffed them a couple of hours after Jibgles first vidoe?
  4. Ambiorix1032

    Battleships ARE balanced at the moment (just)

    The size of the teams could be smaller as a result less ships of the same class (BB's, DD's etc.. ) and more variation if WG limits the classes. For example 2 BB's 3 CA's or whatever works for them.
  5. Ambiorix1032

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    I hope Cynd3r is going to respond in this thread or at least someone from WG
  6. Ambiorix1032

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Well the new Royal Navy cruisers are a little underwhelming in comparison to the countries they need to compete with. They have no HE shells, they have absolutely no protection what so ever, well the smoke could use a buff. I guess making 1 cruiser line different then the rest isn't necessarily a bad move , but creating a weak cruiser line for a nation highly waited for is a smack in the face. My suggestions are: 1) buff their survivability and armour 2) improve the AA on these ships 3) Or you take the line out and redesign them
  7. I agree on this in CBT CV's were a decent class to play just like any other class
  8. Well if WG would implement this , then it would have a bad a effect in general on the playerbase. There are not enough CV players in this game. Don't reduce the rewards for a class who already has difficult time to be in a game any how. Because they are so depended on their random teammates to stay alive. For example yesterday I played a match and we had 2 CV's 1 Hosho and 1 Langley. I was in my Myogi and I was supporting our cruisers together with a Kaiser. Then I saw on the minimap that our CV's where in danger by 3 enemy cruisers. I said in chat help our CV's the answer was " No those stupid clickers deserve to be sunk". I sailed back to help them for the Langley I was to late but I bought our Hosho some time to run away. So to conclude don't nerf the rewards of these players. Don't make their life more difficult as it is I would say adres the amount of DD's in a battle. That's a far bigger issue I had matches with 6-7 DD's per team no fun situation
  9. Ambiorix1032

    Hallo Deutschsprachige Community

    Vielen Dank für den herzlichen Empfang. Ich bin sehr glücklich, Teil dieser Gemeinschaft zu sein.Meine Muttersprache ist Holländisch, aber Ich mag mein Deutsch zu üben.Ich entschuldige mich für etwaige grammatische Fehler, die Sie sehen.
  10. Ambiorix1032

    Event Calendar for October

    All in all you did your job and I'm not blaming you at all. I've been critical for WoWS since the CBT and I know how people can be in this community.
  11. Hallo leute ! Ich binn von Belgien und ich grüs die Deutschsprachige community mit viel liebe und Freude. Ich hoffe viele freunden su machen.
  12. Hi all ! I just wanted to point out that's it's not a great idea to work your way through 2 BB's in the tech tree of the 2 nations ( US and Japanese ). The way it works now is that you need to grind through the Wyoming and the Myogi both Tier 4 BB's to get acces to the Tier 4 carriers. At the moment there are way to many BB's in the teams and this system basically forces players to play as a BB even if they want to. Thanks for reading !
  13. This post should be mandatory reading before entering Random Battles. I mean see more people going rambo style in a match and sink in the first minuts of the game.
  14. Ambiorix1032

    A Very Fond Farewell

    Good luck in everything you do
  15. Hi all ! After being aways for such a long time I missed the intro of the IJN CA's. I read some posts and watched some Youtube videos complaining how no one is having fun and how broken they are now. I'm surprised that there are so many people playing CA's to be honest. Secondly I was wondering what's the maine difference between the IJN and USN carriers in game? Thanks for reading