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    Penascola captains

    the pensacola didnt really get many kills in ww2 she damaged a few with help , destroyed some coastal guns , killed some planes , sunk the yura < the yuru she was used to destroy Japanese air power and shipping and islands (on land guns ect ) she was used in the battle of midway she should come with 4 float planes loaded with torpedo's and two catapults 10 × 8 in (203 mm)/55 cal guns (2x3, 2x2)4 × 5 in (127 mm)/25 cal anti-aircraft guns[3]6 × 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes
  2. ukimpact

    Toxic Behaviour

    this helps in videos as well i mean who wants to watch people rage in chat after you destroy them or lose a game
  3. ukimpact

    Sound Tearing horribly

    well few things i need check with you 1.sound , u say you using onboard as in the motherboard sound via jack and not the hdmi 2.ok go to playback devices you will see this volume . playback devices ok so what it is with this is nvidia are bit slow and this is causing problems so go device manager and check here you see i havnt got the nvidia HD installed this effected me badly in online games like arm3 so i uninstalled everything infact thats a lie my graphics updated like a few days ago and instead of just clicking continue , i went to custom install and unclicked 3d and the hd elements of the install therefore i dont have them, i then disabled them in volume as u see in the top picture , so what you can do , if you not using the HD sound from the graphics card is either uninstall and do a drive sweeper cleaner and reinstall with custom install and dont install the 3d sound and the hd sound elements or reinstall windows , i prefer the later uninstall everything enjoy hope it helps oh and i forgot it also made me white screen in window mode and crash right out in full screen mode in arma , i know not same game but i bet it would still cause problems on other games too ,
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  5. ukimpact

    Fix MM please

    isnt that ship going to be a premium buy with gold ship anyway ? matchmaker is sometimes troll . jingles has pointed this out
  6. ukimpact

    Sound Tearing horribly

    are you guys on Nvidia ?
  7. ukimpact


    my god no , and this topic prob make you eligible for any upcoming betas ......
  8. ukimpact

    going the same way as wot

    but theres no bush's to hide in world of warships btw Guess the tank and just a side note ,why not just join a clan you seem to be a team player rather than a loan wolf
  9. ukimpact

    the tragic lost of the beta key email

    ok cpt i try support maybe they can see there was a key or not and if its not used
  10. ukimpact

    Toxic Behaviour

    on another note , cant they just add /mute player name , then the chat makes message ukimpact has muted Twitchrebel13337 or just simple ignore the trolls dont feed them your anger ,
  11. as you can see i been a member since jan 2014 , i logged onto wargaming net recently and totally forgot to change my email to my new one which i changed along time ago , i thought damm of course my beta key must be waiting for me at my old email , so i go and log in and microsoft had deleted my email (deactivated it untill next log in ) i saw a empty email box , my heart sank as well as the beta key that was more than likely been lurking in my inbox for a long time ... sad face
  12. ukimpact

    Music to listen while playing :)

    you will love it just click play and play the game watch your mind get altered , not too loud just ambient
  13. ukimpact


    i feel ur pain , my email seemed to be reset so even if i got a code i wouldnt know lol
  14. ukimpact

    BUG: Ingame desync

    but it also happened when I continued to watch team mates was your teammates lagging too did you ask them whats everyone internet speeds , pings to US or Eu