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  1. ukimpact

    Update 0.10.5 - Feedback Survey

    one thing i did notice after coming back after a long time the AA is really bad on some AA ships . i know the planes have to get some action . but a AA ship really has to be shown a little bit more RNG i did notice CV change . . when i using the attack planes the camera moves all the way in its wierd . you know what i mean i dont really get to see where my shots hit
  2. ukimpact

    Armada: Tone

    it says we prepared a question for you . . . never mind . . you already did it Congratulations to the winners of the Armada: Ise | Guide for the new Japanese battleship: EU - CR1L3X ASIA -Lemondiamond COM - Tomori_Charlotte You will obtain the reward within the following week.
  3. i did it but i coulld not recreate what i did . now i know what i did i couldnt delete the quote . my bad
  4. ukimpact

    Most fun ships banned in CBs

    just silence the ships like you silence the content creators without actually fixing the game . if its not Good enough for Clan battles its not good enough for random battles . clan battles is basically random battles anyway
  5. ukimpact

    Most fun ships banned in CBs

    yes because no one wants to waste there life on the game just buying ships ships take years for some people to make because of time restrictions . i mean sure if you got no life just buy all the premiun ships to play the clan battles with your mates,. clan battles is not esports .
  6. ukimpact


    well they over estimate the power of a press account anyway . i understand twitch and its community very well , the dark and light side . what they will create is this guy to be a symbol . much like jesus lets take wall street bets as a typical example of twitch . the huge amount of people that collectivaly get together and push a stock to the moon , some losing thousands of dollars pumping stocks same people that over the years posted there loses on reddit for a laugh bets that where so stupid, they will sure to lose what wargaming forget is that Twitch is not controlled by them its controlled by us. the only thing wargaming has right to is . viewer count subs followers not Opinions in future i will ask streamer if this is a press account then X the stream if yes because im not listening to some dude thats is bias and is a Bot for wargaming
  7. ukimpact

    Most fun ships banned in CBs

    no i agree , if you buy ship you should be able to use it . think a second you spend your entire year building a ship making a captain to be told sorry you cant play your ship you paid for worked for the entire year now in clan battles . go buy another ship . i know people rather quit the game
  8. ukimpact

    1vs1 Brawls: the revenge of the snowflakes

    carefull they might ban you if you say bad things
  9. ukimpact


    ever heard of micheal moores subjective manipulations, where he only says one side of the story thats what we will end up with . a bunch of brain dead content creators telling us things Wargaming wants us to here and not the truth for fear of removal of a press account that is the life blood of the stream . oh no flamu said something bad about the game that the vast majority agreed with so we remove all his ships so he never make video again . well if you havn't now you have and this was the reason i quit being a media correspondent because i refused to lie to my audience . imagine a place your punting a product or ship that you hate but just say its GREAT end of the day we will end up with the 0-400 viewer andys on twitch as no good decent Content Creator would put the game before there community . So there you have it . congratulaions on killing the game on twitch , not because of the rules you put in place but the fact you publically then shame him in his chat without any warnings . i know a lot of streamers and i can tell you . no real popular streamer will touch this game now . wait and see
  10. ukimpact

    noob Question

    Do you have difficulty identifying enemy ships from a distance? Or perhaps you find it hard to discern friend from foe? If yes, this option will be right up your alley. Activating the alternative interface mode will provide you with more information on other ships in battle (both allies and enemies) when they enter your line of sight, as well as show you an array of additional numbers around your firing reticle: The distance between you and the currently targeted point. The time it will take for your shells to fly to the targeted point. Your detection range. Before By default, the only information you get on other ships is their class, distance, and health (represented by a thin bar). After With the alternative interface mode, you also see the ship's name, player's name, and the ship’s number of hit points. You have two choices for using this mode: "full" or "adaptive". The latter only shows extended information in three cases: when capturing a target, when in close proximity to a ship, and for a group of ships that fall into the viewing range of your binoculars, depending on the zoom. “Full” shows the info on all ships in your line of sight, regardless of their distance.
  11. ukimpact

    noob Question

    i think thats it
  12. ukimpact

    noob Question

    8. Minimap Tweaks The minimap, along with the crosshair, is one of the most important bits of the interface that you have at your disposal in battle, and just like the crosshair, it's important that you modify your minimap to suit your playstyle to the maximum. The first and most obvious tweak is to its size. You can make the minimap smaller (if you find it too intrusive) or bigger (to the point of the “mini-“ being questionable) simply by tapping your “+” and “-“ keys while you are in battle. Further changes to your minimap can be performed from the minimap menu. To access it, hold down the “Ctrl” button while in battle to bring up your cursor, then slide it over to the top-right corner of your minimap where you'll find an icon showing two cogs: click there. World of Warships ModStation Game modifications (mods) are special additional components to a game client, changing game settings, the appearance of interface elements, sounds, or adding new features into a game. There are many useful modifications, and it's no easy task to select and install each of them individually. This is why we've created some special software, World of Warships ModStation, designed specifically for the purpose of selecting and installing any and all desired modifications with ease. Download ModStation Main advantages of ModStation Prevention of incorrect installationConvenient graphical preview and detailed descriptions of modsClean installation of modsWide selection of modsEarly downloading of modsDynamic update of mod listHighlighting previously installed mods All mods installed using ModStation have been verified and do not contain any viruses, and fully correspond to Game Client Modification Policy. The menu that appears will give you several options. From top to bottom: Tickable boxes to activate/deactivate a series of “range rings” that are displayed around your ship, including detectability range by air/sea, AA firing range, or Hydroacoustic Search/Surveillance Radar action ranges, if applicable. Choose your rings wisely, as having them all active at once can lead to some confusion. Transparency sliders governing the previously mentioned rings and the water as shown on the minimap. “Last known position” markers for enemy ships show you where a ship was right before her status changed to undetected, giving you a general idea of who might be where when advancing into uncharted waters. If you stray into a seemingly empty part of the map, but you see a “last known position” marker of an enemy destroyer, stay on your toes and steer unpredictably. They could be watching from the shadows. “Range numerical values” displays a number (in km) representing the range from your ship to the edge of all activated “range rings.” “Ship names” will display the names of both enemy and friendly ships directly below their icons on the minimap.
  13. ukimpact

    noob Question