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  1. Fridarey

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Came here originally geeking for which container gives the best returns. A quick drunken maths on this thread (which is probably mostly NA in case that matters?) suggests that per pound spent, those HUGE bad boys are marginally better but have exactly the same return (per pound) on premium ships. So, nearly sixty quid of the kids' food money invested and... I seem to have pleasured the RNG gods in a previous life :) Twenty crates gave me: 60 Frosty Cammo 45 Type 59 Cammo 300 Signals (Hydra, Wyvern, Dragon, Ouroub, Red Dragon) Gallant Mutsu Lo Yang Blyskawica Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya And I'm pretty happy at that! Lo Yang, Gallant and Blyska are all ships I've wanted and the other two will be fun to mess with. I was hoping for a Kidd most of all but this lot is a great present. Still need to buy premium time tho...
  2. Hi there - we have two spaces remaining so I'm reserving these for you both.
  3. Hiya StressKip, see you in-game. Get yourself on to Discord and we'll sort you out o/
  4. Two spots now available for admirals who enjoy long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain and capping B in style :D
  5. Welcome in, see you for explosions and hilarity soon o/
  6. Recruiting salty old sea dogs partial to a lick of the cat!
  7. Bumping, a couple more spots now available for old sea dogs.
  8. Bumpy for those seeking retarded entertainment.
  9. Aaaand we're open again! 4 spots available for those brave souls who've not had their meds today. See you in-game o/
  10. Original post updated - Open for recruitment of borderline-Alzheimer's sociopaths again.
  11. [Press-ganging halted while we wait for WG to count beyond 30 ;) ]
  12. Some great new people in clan over the weekend, good to see you all o/