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  1. Really great place to learn from some of the best players. If you want to up your game this is a good place to do it.
  2. Fredetanker

    About Iowa

    Since the patch my BB stats have suffered as well. I still like the Iowa, but have the same issues as you. To counter this I am being even more aggressive than usual, as the ship still performs well at close range. At long range I get outmaneuvered by cruisers and burn up. At close range I get torpdoed a lot since the friendly cruisers always stay back, but at least I am able to seriously hurt the cruisers. As you state citadels against cruisers are way down, but I can still do heavy damage to cruisers without citadels. Against BBs I dont think there is much difference compared to before. So it is either close in and brawl it out or stay back with the cruisers and be bored.
  3. Fredetanker

    Should i go to Yamato or Montana first?

    It is true though. Angle her well and you'd be surprised. Bow and turrets (and unangled midship) is the main weaknesses. There is too much Izumo hate going on.
  4. Fredetanker

    Should i go to Yamato or Montana first?

    Izumo has excellent armor. Keep it angled and she will bounce a lot. Penetrations through the bow and deck armor will happen though. Because she is so big once you are committed it is almost impossible to turn out of a fight. In those cases it is better to keep your angle and slow down. Use the third turret when you can but do not expose yourself doing so and you should be fine. Hard-hitting guns with good dispersion and the strong armor is what makes the Izumo a good ship.
  5. Fredetanker

    Should i go to Yamato or Montana first?

    No matter which way you go you will not be disappointed. Izumo is great (I know everyone else hates it, but I loved it) Yamato is awesome I am enjoying the Iowa And I expext to enjoy the Montana as well so go the route you prefer the most and enjoy the trip to tier 10. It is a great ride
  6. Fredetanker

    How to fight Destroyers as Battleship.

    Ask nicely for a cruiser escort as they can finish off DDs at close range a lot better than you can. If you are alone either go straight at him like you did or go straight away from him. Either way it is a relatvely bad sitation to brawl with a DD in a BB. Focus your secondaries on him. Load HE if possible. Wait until he turns broadside to fire his torpedoes to fire your main guns into his side. If he refuses to show his broadside fire your main batteries at intervals to keep loaded guns ready at all times. As soon as he is dead break hard towards him and kill your speed so you have a chance to evade any torpdoes he might have gotten off. Since his torpedo reload is at least somewhere around 30 sconds you should be able to get off another volley if you fail to kill him ith th first volley. This seems to work decently for me. They key is to reload to HE at the right moment as AP will not get th job don in most cases.
  7. Fredetanker

    Worst Ship Fuso

    The second hull upgrade gives vastly improved firing distance. Don't unlock the range upgrade first, unlock the second hull (might be the third hull with the changes made to it, but I think it is the second that gives you the extended range). My fully upgraded Fuso that I have 183 battles in has a firing range of 21.8 kilometers at 2.1 rounds per minute. I do close to 74k average damage and have a 64% win rate in it. Take your time, get it upgraded, learn its strengths and you will prosper with the Fuso. I have only two Japanese BBs, the Fuso and the Yamato. Those were worth keeping. Buffing the Fuso would make it insanely powerful.
  8. Fredetanker

    Could you PLEASE fix the Izumo

    The Izumo is a great ship once you get used to it and get it upgraded. There is way too much Izumo hate going on for little reason. Cons: Insta-detected on most maps (I actually used the concealment module on mine because of this) Turrets get knocked out too easy Very large leading to lots of hits. Especially critical for plunging fire that penetrates the deck armor Turret placement. But this would also have been true had the third turret been placed at the rear of the ship Pros: Hard-hitting and very accurate guns that feels like they penetrate almost anything excellent armor when angled. You can basically come to a complete stop and still not be penetrated by anything if you are properly angled Mean secondaries with excellent range good speed and mobility (with rudder upgrade) for a ship its size I was sad when I sold the Izumo and never considered free xp'ing my way to the Yamato. It is a good ship and its bad reputation is undeserved in my opinion.
  9. Fredetanker

    Japanese paper BB

    Fuso, Nagato, Amagi, Izumo and Yamato are all great ships that I really enjoyed. You just have to play them differently. For the Amagi great speed means the chance of finding yourself in a spot where you cannot angle properly is small. Plus it has good guns with good accuracy. I like that Japanese BB line more than the US line which is also the reason I have not completed the US line yet.
  10. Fredetanker

    Izumo the defenitive thread

    Get the hull upgrade and prosper. Izumo is not a bad ship. T10 carriers will always be a problem. That is why WG invented cruiser support.
  11. Fredetanker

    Worst Ship Fuso

    Fuso is perhaps the single most powerful BB for its tier in the game once you upgrade it fully. It is the only BB that I kept after unlocking the next tier. I cannot open WoWS without taking out my Fuso at least once You can reliably one-shot basically all lower tier cruisers and take sig ificant chunks of health out of same or higher tier ships.
  12. Fredetanker

    Izumo the defenitive thread

    Paper turrets and being spotted immediately are other weaknesses as described above. My point is that from my perspective the Izumo's strengths outweigh the weaknesses. I loved the Amagi before it but get better results in the Izumo. And I do not fear the Iowas when facing them in an Izumo. I am aware that basically all other players think the Izumo sucks, but I really do not think it is as bad as people make it out to be.
  13. Fredetanker

    Izumo the defenitive thread

    The Izumo is not horrible. It is a great ship if you pay attention to the main weakness which is weak armor that requires constant angling. I like to get fairly close to my targets (around 10 km) which also allows me secondaries to join the fight. But she is also capable at range. Accuracy is not bad and reliad time is good. Guns hit hard as well. I dont get all of the Izumo hate.
  14. Fredetanker

    Yamato after the patch

    I didn't take a screenshot of it but it would have been a smart move as you suggest. It is sure to happen again so next time I will be prepared. Thanks.
  15. Fredetanker

    Izumo firepower.....

    Once I got used to the Izumo i really started to like it. Plays differently from the Amagi but hits harder. I also have the secondary upggrade and it actually does ok I think. Average damage compared to the Amagi is up 20k to 98k. And I am by no means an ace, so the ship can stand its ground for sure. As I posted in another thread my only gripe is constantly getting the turrets knocked out. Had a game where I lost all three. Now that was fun...