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  1. shrapnel_bait

    Changing Controls in Settings.

    Can anyone tell me how I swap around the buttons for 'Free Camera View' (RMB) and 'Artillery Camera View' (Shift), in the past I've always swapped the 2 buttons around, I prefer to have Arty view on my RMB, but nowadays I don't appear to be able to swap them, I can select (Shift) for 'Free Camera' but it won't allow me to select (RMB) for 'Artillery View'.
  2. shrapnel_bait

    Lots of events for October!

    Well done Wargaming EU, must have taken you all of 5 seconds to come up with these "event rewards", after all the community hype leading up to WoWS going live this is truly underwhelming, maybe it's time the guys promoting this game rethink their game promotion strategies.
  3. shrapnel_bait

    Too many tirpitz?

    The sudden increase in the numbers of Tirpitz BB's in the game might have something to do with the imminent arrival of the Kriegsmarine in the game, players may be trying to get a German captain trained up early.
  4. shrapnel_bait

    Dropping numbers of players.

    Apparently the Forum is the WRONG place to ask a simple question.
  5. shrapnel_bait

    German cruisers vs other nations cruisers

    An excellent nice and simple to read and understand chart, thanks, one helpful addition might have been a comparison of the various ships DPM, since in WoWS, unlike WoT, you could actually spend a couple of minutes shelling the same target.
  6. shrapnel_bait

    Dropping numbers of players.

    Has anyone else noticed that the average number of players in the game appears to be dropping, or is it just my imagination?
  7. shrapnel_bait

    250 gold / doublons for completing a WG survey

    Why all the complaints about the EU team, look at the wonderful free premium ship they gave us a couple of months ago, the ever so useful U.S.S. Albany. ( I'm being sarcastic here, honest).
  8. shrapnel_bait

    Carriers way too fast

    This is not a sarcastic or nasty comment, I admit I've only played about 160 battles since the CBT ended, but in those battles where carriers were involved it seems that 75% of the carrier drivers I have seen, up to and including tier 7, seem to move to the back of the map and then stay in the same location for the majority of the battle, even staying still while they are being shelled. They may think that being at the back keeps them safe but it also means that their aircraft have further to travel to reload which reduces the number of sorties they can fly and thus reduces their impact on the battle. I will repeat here a quote I have seen many times in the in-game chat " carrier, you've got engines for gods sake use them".
  9. shrapnel_bait

    Carriers way too fast

    Fast........ you mean you've actually played with carrier drivers who know what the engines are actually used for.
  10. shrapnel_bait

    Question about a symbol.

    Several times while playing the game I have noticed an orange triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre appear directly below the Random Battle mode indicator, can anyone tell me what the symbol indicates.
  11. shrapnel_bait

    Exchange rate dubloons to free xp?

    This begs the question, will WG be introducing "Accelerated Captains Experience" for Elited ships, in the same way that WoT has accelerated crew training for elited tanks? I mean who wants to waste all their Doubloons on converting XP to free XP, at the moment I have around 40,000 XP sitting with elited ships and I don't really want to pay to convert it, could be just a little bit expensive.
  12. shrapnel_bait

    Carrier Aircraft control.

    Now to make things clear, I am not nor have I ever been a carrier driver, the question is, if a carrier is sunk does the player still control the aircraft that were launched prior to the sinking? The reason for this question is that yesterday I sank a carrier just after he launched a wave of dive bombers and after he sank the bombers just seemed to fly around without attacking anyone, did he lose control or did he just go straight back to port?
  13. shrapnel_bait

    DONT forget to cap!

    Capping, what's that? Seriously, some of the teams I've seen in Domination mode have been ridiculous, seeing 8 out of 12 ships sail straight to the A cap seize that then spend the rest of the battle just defending that cap, as if holding that one cap will win them the battle.
  14. shrapnel_bait

    About RNG

    OP, I do agree that RNG seems to make playing the game a complete lottery when firing at enemy ships, but according to naval historians most battleships only managed to hit enemy ships with between 3% and 5% of the main gun shells fired. To me it's not the main gun accurracy that is the issue, it's the accurracy of secondary guns that need some serious looking at, these things are supposed to protect your battleship from close in attackers yet they seem to hit targets at between 1.5 and 3km away less often than the main guns at 20km.
  15. shrapnel_bait

    0.4.1 ruined the BB accuracy instead of making it better

    The close range buff for BB main guns does appear to be working as advertised, actually managed to hit a cruiser at close range with my Kongo's main guns, it's a pity they forgot to do anything about secondary gun accurracy, I noticed in the after action report that my secondaries had fired 105 shots for zero hits.