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  1. shrapnel_bait

    Soviet Carrier-Based Aircraft

    Nice to see WG openly admitting that due to the total lack of any sort of Soviet carriers in real life they did make up most of the aircraft for them (as well as most of the carriers as well), maybe it might have been better if they'd stuck to no Soviet carriers in the game at all. Since WG feel that just because something didn't exist in real life there's no reason to keep it out of the game can we please have the flying aircraft carrier from the movie ''Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow'' in the British line, at least we know what that actually looks like.
  2. shrapnel_bait

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Battleship Dante Alighieri

    Is this going to end up the same way as the American ''captured'' King Tiger in WoT, players got it for free through Prime and where told it was theirs as long as they had their Prime account, then after a while WG announced they were removing it from players garages and if players wanted to continue using it, which many did because it was a good tank, they had to buy it for cash.
  3. shrapnel_bait

    Catapult fighters?

    It's been a fair while since I was a regular player of WoWS but why were so many ships previously equipped with spotter planes re-equipped during updates with catapult fighters, to me a spotter plane on a cruiser or battleship is of far more use than a single fighter.
  4. shrapnel_bait

    Battleships with torpedoes.

    I don't know if this has been asked before but why don't the early, tier 3, 4 and possibly 5, battleships not get torpedo tubes, prior to the 1920's almost every battleship built was equipped with 2 or more submerged torpedo tubes, even if they aren't trainable they would be of use in battleship drive pasts.
  5. shrapnel_bait

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    Sorry WarGaming but this is one so called ''free'' ship I can do without, it's been worked out that to use gold to get this ship, unless of course you can play for an average of 10 to 12 hours a day every day in which case you might, just might, manage to get it for free, it'll cost around 300 Euros worth to speed up and complete construction of this ''free'' ship. What's even worse is the fact that if you don't manage to complete it before the end of the event you get absolutely nothing for all your effort, or gold, that you put in, thanks but no thanks on this one.
  6. shrapnel_bait

    Naval Ensigns, a question.

    This is something that does kind of bug me, it's not of major importance to gameplay but it still bugs me, why is it that Russian ships get 2 different Ensigns, pre-revolutionary ships carry the Imperial Russian Naval Ensign and post-revolutionary ships carry the Soviet Naval Ensign, yet German ships regardless of when they served all have to carry the games version of the World War 2 German Naval Ensign, why not give the early ships the Imperial German Naval Ensign?
  7. shrapnel_bait

    Tier IX for sale?

    Georgia, Jean Bart, Alaska and Azuma, all are tier IX and all are available from the Premium shop for cash.
  8. shrapnel_bait

    Tier IX for sale?

    It's been a while since I played this game so I'm a bit surprised to see tier IX Premium ships available in the shop. I always thought that Wargaming restricted Premiums to a maximum of tier VIII unless they were reward vehicles, when did they change this policy?
  9. shrapnel_bait

    Changing Controls in Settings.

    Can anyone tell me how I swap around the buttons for 'Free Camera View' (RMB) and 'Artillery Camera View' (Shift), in the past I've always swapped the 2 buttons around, I prefer to have Arty view on my RMB, but nowadays I don't appear to be able to swap them, I can select (Shift) for 'Free Camera' but it won't allow me to select (RMB) for 'Artillery View'.
  10. shrapnel_bait

    Lots of events for October!

    Well done Wargaming EU, must have taken you all of 5 seconds to come up with these "event rewards", after all the community hype leading up to WoWS going live this is truly underwhelming, maybe it's time the guys promoting this game rethink their game promotion strategies.
  11. shrapnel_bait

    Too many tirpitz?

    The sudden increase in the numbers of Tirpitz BB's in the game might have something to do with the imminent arrival of the Kriegsmarine in the game, players may be trying to get a German captain trained up early.
  12. shrapnel_bait

    Dropping numbers of players.

    Apparently the Forum is the WRONG place to ask a simple question.
  13. shrapnel_bait

    German cruisers vs other nations cruisers

    An excellent nice and simple to read and understand chart, thanks, one helpful addition might have been a comparison of the various ships DPM, since in WoWS, unlike WoT, you could actually spend a couple of minutes shelling the same target.
  14. shrapnel_bait

    Dropping numbers of players.

    Has anyone else noticed that the average number of players in the game appears to be dropping, or is it just my imagination?
  15. shrapnel_bait

    250 gold / doublons for completing a WG survey

    Why all the complaints about the EU team, look at the wonderful free premium ship they gave us a couple of months ago, the ever so useful U.S.S. Albany. ( I'm being sarcastic here, honest).