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  1. The booster is very situaional leaving the base dpm anemic and thus painful to play with for 10+ minutes, would not recommend to buy.
  2. Gelb13

    [OMNI]Fara: How to fix Graf Zeppelin

    Have you seen Farra's attempts at getting to those secondaries to work on his stream? Nothing more than a fun gimmick that takes way to much effort to make it work (read smoke screens and hard cover). I hope to heaven wargaming does not decide to neuter the air grp by justifying it with the secondaries as they currently are...
  3. Gelb13

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Speaking for myself...That sicking moment when I realize I continue to whore myself out for cheap...
  4. Gelb13

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    I had a nice evening lined up trying to knock out 200% daily doubles but this entire debacle/indictment of the Graf and WG has definitely sidetracked that... Edit: Chase loses his CC tags, understandable from WG's point... But please think on what it takes for someone who religiously plays this game and creates content for it to call out the hand that feeds him in such a way...
  5. Gelb13

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    To Paraphrase Farrazellah: Carriers tend to be balanced around a trifecta of strengths/weaknesses in the game's current state: -Air Control -Plane load-out -Strike As for the Graf: Air Control: 2 squads of fighters seem great on paper compared to the Lex's air superiority package 2/0/2 but both pale in comparison to the polyvalence of the Shokaku's Balanced 2/2/2 load out. But the Graf's fighters are abysmally fragile and have low amo which is further exacerbated by Graf players who chose the secondary battery range increase module that competes with the extra fighter amo/health module in the same slot. Ergo, your strafe's are limited/costly and the dpm during them is bad enough that a head on strafe with a shokaku fighter squadron will result in you downing one of their planes at the cost of 3 of yours. In exchange for all of that Graf fighters are faster than the opposition by 5-6 knots on avg... Plane load-out: Much had been said about the gimpiness of US cv air superiority builds and I will try not to rehash that too much here. At glance the 2/0/3 Graf build is similar to that of the Lex AS package's 2/0/2. The comparison ends their though as Lex Fighter squadrons carry 6 fighters by default to the Graf's 4. While Lex fighters are marginally inferior stat wise than the Graf's, the extra 2 planes per squadron demolish the Graf's in terms of raw dpm both in click engagements and strafes. While the the dive-bomber squadrons are fine in themselves in terms of size/load-out. In comparison to consistant dmg builds equipped with torp bombers (Shokaku's 3/1/2 AS build) the Graf is inevitably as limited as the Lex's load out when forced to use HE rng bombs to generate hits/fires to rack up dmg. More on the Wunderwaffen AP bombs in the next paragraph... Strike: And if the original 2/3/0 early monster torp build was any indication, the Strike component of the trifecta was what wargaming tried to buff in detriment to Air-control and Plane Load-out for balance. As it stands with HE bombers the graf is just another AS Lex clone with the added minor gimmicks of a circular aiming point for omni directional bombing and an extra bomber squadron to draw out fires compared to the Lex's setup. See the Lex's avg dmg numbers then compare them to other AS builds equiped with torp bombers (Shokaku 3/1/2) for added emphasis on the Graf's long run strike output using the HE bomber build. As for the AP bombs much can be said about them...As a concept of a time delayed skill shot comparable to torps im partial to it...However in it's current state I'm emphatically against it. Compare it to a torp drop, a not perfectly placed torp drop still does dmg in the form of 1-2 torp hits and the chance of applying the most punishing dot in the game (flooding). Furthermore, and forgive me if this next bit is somewhat abstract/devoid of direct facts as Im reaching back to my experience of playing CVs and the Graf in General. A torp spread is usally 1.5-2 the size of the manual Graf AP drop, with the torps themselves impacting 3-5 seconds after being dropped. While that 2 second difference between torp drops and the ap bombs might sound inconsequential, contrast it with the size of manual drop reticules and you can see how high the all or nothing dmg skill ceiling here is in comparison. Furthermore the bombs are situational/able to arm only when facing German BBs and thick decked cruisers a la Moskva, in any other situation they either overpen and do minimal dmg around 5-6K on non armored targets. Or most likely missing completely when it comes to targeting fast moving dds and cls. Compared to the universal threats posed by torp bombers you can throw AP build Graf 's polyvalence right out the window... Verdict: For the life of me I cant see why the couldn't switch 1 DB squadron out with a single one the previous good pattern torpedo bombers from the previous iteration...I suspect the Dev's were forced to go with an all or nothing approach to either TBs or DBs because they only had a single strike plane modeled and thus couldn't create a more balanced load-out a la enterprise(2/2/2)...But hey that's the cynic in me speaking, Born from watching the drip drip of minor mistakes and some large ones from WG and the EU office as a whole.
  6. Gelb13

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Beyond disappointed at this point...why on god's green earth would you release a ship quasi dependent on those AP bomb mechanics without the proper ui!? I had to watch a stream/read around online to realize that my computer wasn't lagging for 5 seconds after the dbs had dropped... Furthermore as for the HE bomber load out, I thought the community's feedback on gimped cv load outs a la Ranger/Lexington were crystal clear for 1+ years now... If you had intended to release her in this state you should have gone through with the cv re-balance first... Words cant describe how beyond galling this entire affair amongst others has eroded my faith in WG and the EU office as a whole. Sincerely, A fan that is tired of waiting
  7. Gelb13

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    For added emphasis: Summary of Day 1 playthrough
  8. Gelb13

    Graf zeplin in premium shop

    Bought the Admiral's package before work and came back to this hot mess... The ap bomb 5 sec delay is just painful as is. Although dont crucify me for saying this but a 2-3 sec delay instead of 5 would make me comfortable with the ap bomb load-out. As is though...time to play refund roulette with a WG rep...
  9. Gelb13

    Silly CV question...

    Much appreciated, the downside of playing at higher resolutions it seems...The ui can get pretty tiny...
  10. Gelb13

    Silly CV question...

    So I've finally given cvs a try in an atempt to better understand all the aspects of the game, but for the life of me I cant find anywhere in the interface an indicator of how many planes of each type are carried on board. Edit: To clarify, I dont mean the type/amount of squadrons but the exact break down of how many fighter/bomber planes are carried so I can get a handle on attrition during a game.
  11. Gelb13

    Failed to connect to the server

    2nd time in 7 days these server issues creep up...